Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am going to do another one of my 15 minute one word rambles today. I thought about doing Pay It Forward Tuesday, but one of my people from last week still hasn't checked in and gotten her links. And I haven't gotten any feedback on it, so I am setting it aside for a week. I think I might not be a very good matchmaker. That's okay. We all have gifts. That might not be one of mine. I can deal.

The latest real news is that my parents arrived home safe and sound from their vacation. My mom has a cold. Ick. The dogs are thrilled. Yay! And I did go to the doctor. First time ever that it was an in and out visit. I was wrong about the weight. 113. Well, I said my pants were loose. That is true. I am thinking that tomorrow I might pull up all of my skinny pictures with clothes that I miss the most and put them on here. It can be my a picture tribute to the clothes I miss the most. You can let me know what you think about that idea in the comments.

I also still need words from you people to put in the hat. Give me words please. In the comments write down words and I will add them to the hat. As much as I enjoy randomly opening up the thesaurus with my eyes closed and dropping my finger onto a word, I would prefer you to throw your words into the mix. And no more words from the OLD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. I don't care if you want to bring them back to the English language. I still want people to start using the word that I made up and contributed to the English language: pissabilities. However, it hasn't attained the status of common usage. I am not hearing it at the supermarket, on TV, at the mall (well, I don't go to the mall), but you get the idea.

I am not posting the funny Gilmore Girls video today. If you want to watch it go to yesterday's post.

The word today is: planter.

Well, I was asked to water all of the plants in the planters while my mom was on vacation. That is as close to any planters as I have come in years. I am just not a flower person. Or a plant person. I don't do well with plants. They don't talk or bark so I forget about them. Then they die. It is when they turn that horrible shade of brown that I remember that they need water. Uh oh. Well, by then it is really too late. I do okay with desert plants because they don't need much water. They can exist for long periods of time with no water. I tend to kill those less often. They, in fact, are pretty hard to kill. That isn't to say that I haven't done it. Because I have. There is no plant that I can't kill by sheer neglect. Yep. If it doesn't talk or bark, it is likely to die under my care.

Planter. I suppose I would do okay if I had an actual planter to take care of my plants. In that case, I would want a really good looking one. You know strong and cute and likes to walk around without his shirt on. That kind of planter. I might even sit outside in the heat of the day to watch that kind of planter. Definitely would. There is nothing going on at this house, so that would be the only entertainment I would get. So, there is 100% chance I would drag my sorry ass outside to watch. Ooops. We just left a comment about cursing. By we, I mean I.

I have tried to leave cursing of all kinds out of my vocabulary. Shit, damn, and ass have crept back in. I want to push them back out.

Now, back to my cute planter. That was hot. In a good way. Yeah, we have a porch swing thing out there. It doesn't really swing. No, it is more of a glider. That would be good. And there are ceiling fans. I think a lot of really cold water would be necessary, too. I think that a planter of that sort would really go a long way towards helping my migraines. Something to think about besides a really bad headache. Of course, we don't have anything going on in our backyard right now, so it would be a really big job. A time consuming job. I bet he would have to be here every day. For hours.

I have to get off this topic. I am feeling a bit dizzy. And my mouth has gone dry. Like I have been sucking on cotton. That can't be good. But my brain is a total blank. It is full of planter man. Planter man who doesn't exist. Well, there is a reason our backyard is void of everything. It is because of the dogs. We have three dogs. You can't plant anything out there because they will trample it good. They tear up a yard quicker than you can fix it. My step dad does have a little food garden going. We have gotten some veggies out of it. There is also an herb garden out there. I think the dogs have stayed out of that. But they would destroy bushes and flowers. So, no planter man is necessary. Dogs defeat the purpose of planter man. Oh well.

Speaking of fantasies. Or really more like things on the brain. What hasn't been on my brain is my novel. I am stuck there again. That is frustrating. What is on my brain is Marshall Mathers. Still. People that I can't figure out stick in my head. He is like this puzzle that I can't figure out, so he is stuck in my head using up what little brain activity I have. I don't particularly like that. Mostly because there are no answers there. The one thing that I have figured out is from Lira. He has personas. That is like glamours or characters that you play that aren't really you. So, that means he draws from personal experience to play these characters. But, who is actually the real guy? And that is what has my brain spinning. Sort of like a hamster on a wheel. Marshall Mathers isn't any of those people and he is all of them.

It was more fun thinking about imaginary planter man.

Time's up. Don't forget to give me some words.


  1. Words:


    Hmmm, a planter for the backyard. That's an intriguing idea.

  2. "Pissibilities"??? I love it! I'll start putting it into usage -- that would be a good time ... :) New words, new words ... um ... gestalt ... mannequin ... sot (I initially came up with "sod," but thought this might actually be more fun) ... graffiti. Are those better than my Old English word???

  3. formidable.

    And If you want to know who m. mathers is...he is every poor kid who ever dreamed of breaking free from the sh*thole he was raised in. He dreamed it, and he did it.
    Does that mean some of that sh*t didn't cling to him on the climb out? No. It's just more stuff he has to work through.
    He is just a normal guy who made it through a lot of crap, has a unique perspective and unique challenges because of it, and is that much more admirable because of it..in my book.

  4. Thank you for the words and keep them coming. Some of them I am going to have to look up in the dictionary. That is sad. I thought my vocabulary was better than that. I also added a link to my pissabilities blog so that you can familiarize yourself with the word if you want to start using it actively. I highly encourage that:-) Thanks again for the comments and the words.

    @Chris ~ if you come back, check out Phoenix's comment on my MARSHALL MATHERS I AM TALKING TO YOU blog. She explains a lot about his personas and his style. It helped put it into perspective for me. So, hopefully, my brain won't be all Marshall all the time anymore. At least he isn't in my dreams. If that starts happening, I might want to email him, and then he'd think I was a nutcase. Boy, that would be fun.

  5. Thank you Robin. Those videos were great.


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