Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am really beginning to enjoy these Inspirational Song Saturdays. It has taken a couple of weeks for them to really grow on me, but here we are. I don't get the same kind of joy from them that I do HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAYS, but every day can't be Thursday. Seriously, every day can't be Thursday. It takes me a solid week to come up with that material.

This Saturday thing is totally different. I don't even start thinking about it until the end of the week. And that is the 80s video featurette portion. The song that is inspirational to me often doesn't even become a glimmer until the day of the event. That means today. Although last week's song was kind of sticking with me all week, so that does go to show that there is no real formula to this thing.

As always, we shall start with the song that is sticking in my brain. In other words, we are starting with the song that is speaking to me. Ever since I heard Coldplay's song, The Scientist, I loved it. It spoke to me on every level. Of course, once I watched the video, it all clicked into place. The one thing that everyone has wanted to do at one point their life is to go back in time and get a do-over. They just want to go back to the start, so that they can do it better, or different, or something. So, when you listen to the lyrics of this song he first says why he wants to go back to the start. Then he makes note of the fact its over and how hard it is, so take him back to the start. But that's when he starts talking about questions of science, science and progress, because he realizes that it is all just running in circles, and chasing your tail. You can want it more than anything. Want it so much that it hurts with the wanting of it, and all you are doing is running in circles, and chasing your tail. There is no such thing as going back to the start. Not even if you are a scientist. The best you can do is live with things the way that they are right now. DON'T FORGET TO TURN OFF MY MUSIC PLAYER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

If you are wondering how that was inspirational, a reminder to live in the present is a good thing sometimes. Particularly, when you are frustrated with the choices that you made in the past. Since you can't undo them, you just have to ride it out.

Now, let's talk about the 80s and video. That is ever so much more fun. Honestly, I believe that Blondie came on the scene in the 70s. My memory is vague on this one. I think the late 70s. Again, I could look this up, but I don't want to, because that isn't the point. I am fairly certain that her song Call Me was in the movie American Gigolo, which I never got to see, because it was Rated "R," and I was like 12. That being said, maybe it was the early 80s. In any case, I think her first big song was pre-MTV. I looked up most of her songs on YouTube, and it wasn't all that exciting in terms of video. What I am saying is that she didn't get creative with video like Madonna and Duran Duran and some of the others you will see here.

That said, Blondie got lots of radio play, and her most creative video was probably Rapture. I just personally don't care for the song. That is hilarious because I had a Blondie Greatest Hits cassette tape that I practically wore the sound off of, but I always fast forwarded over that song! So, it is likely the only song that still plays!!! Another interesting side note, I had a music professor in college make a disparaging comment about Blondie. He said that the only reason she was successful was because the music industry was looking for someone with her "look" and she fit the bill. I didn't say anything, but I thought he was off his rocker. If all they wanted was a pretty blonde, they could find someone with the talent he didn't think she had, and put some dye in her hair. Curiously, that is all I remember from his class.

Here are a couple of Blondie videos. I hope that they bring back some good memories. Or, if you are a young one, you shall know what you missed out on by not being a child of the 80s. I pity you. MTV will never rock like that again.


  1. Loved the Coldplay video. I've never seen the video before today. Keep em comin'.



  2. My oldest daughter loves the scientist, she made me watch it over and over and over again.
    As for blondie being talentless..the most telling thing about that class is that is the only thing you remember. I am hedging my bets and saying that was because he was talentless at teaching and you spotted the hypocrisy inherent in that statement..

  3. Yeah, great choices! That professor did not know what he was talking wonder you didn't even remember anything else from his class. If something has lasting power, evidently it speaks to people. Blondie continues to rock...

    Thanks for this post!

  4. I have to admit that I've never really been a huge fan of favourite song of them is probably "Fix You" (Chris wrote it for Gwyneth after her father died and she was depressed). As for Blondie - did you hear the cover of "Call Me" by band called In This Moment? If not, you should listen to this haha. It's an example of how to make a nice but not-good-enough-cover. Also, I was thinking how in fact admirable it is that you stick to writing certain things on certain days (like Here's to You Thursday, Snaphost Wednesday and this). I don't think I could do that. The moment I know I'm supposed to do something (even if I was the one who came up with this), is the moment I start coming up with excuses not to, ha! So stupid. I know. But it also applies to replaying to emails (I mean, this is my way of saying that I'm lazy and terrible but I will reply haha).

    By the way - I hope you DO realize that I didn't ask how you find time for these tv shows to make you upset or anything, right? Because I totally don't DVR anything and it never even occurs to me that other people do :)

  5. I blogged about the Coldplay song a few months ago; love it!

    I haven't heard Hanging On The Telephone for years, but it's another great song. Great choices!


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