Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I didn't have as many pictures of the now gone, but much loved clothes as I thought I had. This is all the fault of not owning a digital camera and my camera not working. Therefore, I am dependent on other people and their pictures. Uggghhhh. However, I did find some clothes yesterday that I held back for H-Girl because I liked them so much. *sigh* I probably shouldn't share this because it is indicative of how gaunt I was, but when I was down to my all-time low (and stayed there for quite a while), I discovered that I could buy H-Girl and I matching clothes at Children's Gap. Yeah, that meant I fit into a kids size 14 top. Anyway, it was sorta cool to wear our same shirts on the same day. At least, it was back then. I am sure she totally wouldn't go for it now because I have moved into the uncool grid. I don't know how, when, or why, I lost my cool factor, but it has happened. Personally, I think I am cooler today than I was yesterday, but not so says she. Not in actual words, but in actions. Moving on. So, I saved her the matching shirts. I thought it might be a nice surprise when she became a 14. And a few other things. Unfortunately, none of my actual favorites. Well, some of my actual favorites I would not let her wear. I suppose that says something. And it probably isn't good. But I am an adult and she is a child. Is that rationalization?

Anyway, one of my favorites was just this t-shirt. It was soft. I LOVE soft cotton. Don't know why I get such a charge out of a soft t-shirt. I meet a man wearing a soft t-shirt and I just want to start rubbing him. Yeah, that one is tough to explain. It really isn't you, it's your shirt. Moving on again. Anyway, it was soft cotton and it was a dyed out red. And it said, "YOU ARE MUCH CUTER WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED." I loved that shirt. That shirt cracked me up whenever I wore it. The looks on people's faces when they read it. Hehehe. Especially the men. Hilarious. Of course they read it because it was written right on my boobs. Men always look at your boobs. They can't help it. And then, of course they don't say anything. Because they are cuter with their mouths closed. I miss that shirt. I really want it back. And I don't have a single photo of me in it. That is why you are getting the story and no picture.

I also love pink. Don't ask why. I don't know. I hate wearing orange. Won't wear it ever. Never. I look jaundiced. Sickly. Terrible. I love pink. I will wear pale yellow. Not much for bright yellow. I get to looking jaundiced again. I had *sniff* this really cool butterfly shirt. I am giving you two shots. One is full length, but you can't really appreciate the butterfly. It is me at the karaoke bar. It is proof that I actually do sing karaoke. I know you all wondered if I was a big, fat, fibber. You are about to see me and a microphone on a stage in a hole in the wall karaoke joint. Question answered. Followed by a close up of me and an ex-boyfriend who has been cropped out. Why? Because I don't want to look at him and I don't want anyone else to have to look at him either. I have been drinking in the second (closer) picture. Yeah, he was a good influence. I hadn't yet figured out that alcohol and migraines were not mixing well. I can be a real idiot. Anyway, if you are thinking that I look drunk. I probably am. And delusional. Someone really needed to talk some sense into my head. I hear a Beatles song playing. I think it is called "Yesterday." So here are the pics....

Pretty shirt, no? I wish I had put that shirt in the guest closet. It actually did hang in the guest closet up until about 2 months ago when my mother stuck a cattle prod up my butt and forced me to go through all of my stuff and just pitch. She said I would feel better. I don't feel better. This is why pack rats hate to pitch. They get rid of their best stuff and then they are mad. Moving on again. Another pink top that was a favorite. Well, this one H-Girl can wear when she is 25. Or 30. Yeah, it is a great top. So, there is another drunken picture of me with the ex who has been cropped. I want to gag. And then there is a picture of me at the karaoke joint where you can't see the shirt at all. What you can see is how happy I am without the ex. This is pre-ex. This is just me and two of my favorite guy friends hanging out and being happy. I also probably was not drinking. I drank a lot of water back then. No alcohol. How does a person get more stupid as they get older? Anyway, I like the picture because my hair looks good and I look happy. And I have my hot shirt on. Right now my hair looks terrible, my shirt is gone, and my migraines are kicking my a$$. I was in bed until 6pm today and I have no footage for tomorrow. Yeah, that is how my week is going. Anyway, here are the pics....

Well, I gave this shirt away thinking I would never be able to pull it off again. It is only because I am sitting down that it covers as much as it does. It is a half shirt. Yeah, you got that one right. I was able to wear a half shirt. I was so proud. There was no pinching an inch on me. And it has a motorcycle on it. Do you see that? Well, there is a story there, too. I hung for a while after my divorce with this guy who was a little bit wild. In other words, he was too wild for me. But, he bought me the shirt. And we had fun for the couple of dates we went on. However, I knew that our worlds were not the same. How to describe this? He was like Evil Knievel (I know I spelled that wrong) and I am like Carrie Bradshaw with fewer sex partners. We totally live in different circles. Plus, if I was Carrie I would have chosen Aidan and Mr. Big would have been HISTORY. Let me pick a different parallel for those of you scratching your heads. He was like The Fonz in Happy Days and I would be someone smart and hip, but not willing to just go on a few wild rides whenever he decided to call my number. In other words, with this guy you had to be willing to take a number. That so isn't me and we parted amicably. And I got a half shirt. Well, I had a half shirt that I wish I still had. Now, some girl got it for a steal from Goodwill. She has my half shirt and all I have is this photograph. Yeah, it, too, has been cropped, and I am probably pretty drunk. I am a dumb a$$. The cutting the real life cursing is working fairly well. I am having trouble here in my blog.


  1. You take a fabulous photo whether you've been imbibing or not, whether you're singing or not, whether you have a twit of an ex-boyfriend next to you or not ... truly, I'm jealous. And pink is a GORGEOUS color for you! You do look happy hanging out with your buddies ... you need more of that, instead of those migraines and all the other stuff going on. You deserve it ....

  2. I totally agree with Yenta Mary! You are so lovely and happy in these photo's, and pink is definitely your color!


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