Monday, February 27, 2017

I Won't Dance... Revealed

Stephen T. McCarthy said in the comments that this battle was C-L-O-S-E, and I knew that, but I've been struggling with a stomach bug for nearly two weeks (since I posted this battle). It's been one of those crazy things that is bad, then is good (deceptively better), and then WHAM, it comes back. I think I might finally be past it, but I must say it's been energy depleting... big time!

All that said, I was excited to finally having a rousing battle on this here blog. In point of fact, this battle was so close that in the end your votes came out 8 for Frank Sinatra and 8 for Jane Monheit and Michael Buble.

What's that? I get to break this tie!!! I can't remember the last time that happened. Has it ever happened? I'm not sure. If so, it's been so long I don't recall it.

So, what are MY thoughts on this song (since they are actually important)... for once. Or maybe twice.

Sit back, and I'll tell you a little story. When I was in high school, the choirs performed a nearly gala-like concert in the spring. It was really something. There were song skits. People wore costumes for their "specialty songs". There were always four solos (two men, two women). Everyone wore formal attire (usually your prom clothing). It was da bomb. It wasn't just a concert; it was an event. The concert choir sat on glass boxes (2 people per box) when they weren't singing. I realize I'm not adequately describing this thing, but it was classy. Seriously. That is not my usual dose of sarcasm. Our high school was 10-12 grades, so I remember very clearly staying after school in the 10th grade just to watch the rehearsals leading up to this thing. I remember sitting in the front rows thinking about when this would be ME. Of course, I wanted a solo (that didn't happen), but that's okay. I was in a song skit. I was also in Swing Choir. In other words, I achieved most of my goals for senior year.

Anyway, one of the senior guys (his name was Mark) was a soloist my sophomore year. For the record, he was NOT the senior I had the worst crush on (a crush which began in 7th grade, fizzled out when he moved on to high school, and resumed full force my sophomore year). No, that guy was the OTHER soloist. Ironically, I can't recall what he even sang. But, Mark, my not-crush, sang the song I Won't Dance. OMG. If I wasn't fully in the throes of my crush on the other guy, Mark would've been my new crush simply because of that song. I loved that song. (Sadly, this is the sort of reasoning behind many of my crushes as I've traveled through this thing we call "life.")

That story told you nothing about Sinatra or the duet, but plenty about me and my history with the song I Won't Dance.

So, moving on... I think Buble is a fantastic singer and entertainer. I really love him the more I hear him. I thought Jane Monheit was just okay on this song. In some places, she struck me as nasal-sounding, which I didn't care for much. I think their VIDEO is wonderful. Entertaining as all get out. Such big personalities. I am a fan of personality. But, Frank Sinatra kills this song. I thought that McCarthy's comment about RING A DING-DING was particularly on target. I'm going from memory here, but he said something like, "How can you not vote for the guy who effectively uses Ring A Ding-Ding as a lyric?" Ironically, every time I get to that line in the song I smile. I just love it. IMHO, Sinatra does everything right. He's upbeat. Jazzy. But, oh so smooth. It all just glides off the tongue. So sweet. Ring A Ding-Ding, we have a winner.

Take us home (but we won't dance to get there)...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Anti-Valentine's Day BoTB... You're Welcome

Hey all. Once again, I dropped off the face of the blog. It's a bit like falling down in heels, but not quite.

Mich over at The Bastard Henry sent me some artwork that she painted:

I will post another photo once I find a frame. To that end, I really should post a picture of the card and bookmark that Birgit made me. Maybe it'll be a two for one photo once I get my rear in gear. That means I will also have to figure out how to download the pictures off my phone onto my computer. (Can we all say it together? NOT TECH SAVVY.) Thankfully, Mich sent me this photo or I'd be trying to describe the artwork. This also explains why Birgit's lovely card and bookmark are still not on this blog...

Let's move on to why you're actually here. I'm back for Battle of the Bands.

I debated how to proceed for this battle. I've come to not care so much for Valentine's Day. I think that probably has a great deal to do with spending the better part of my life single. However, I have come to appreciate February 15 a great deal. That's when all the Valentine's candy goes on sale. There really should be TWO holidays. The 14th lands in the maybe column of happiness, whereas the 15th is a slam dunk. Anyway, I thought about all manner of song styles to try and help me decide on this battle. I was afraid if I chose anything too anti-love you'd think I was also terminally depressed. Let's face it, I have an inexplicable love for horribly depressing songs.

I present to you with a great deal of fondness (drum roll, please) I Won't Dance. It's the perfect amount of upbeat paired with my anti-Valentine's Day sentiments. I think I've found two worthy contenders for this battle. Your comments (aka voting) will confirm or deny this theory.

First up is Ol' Blue Eyes with his rendition of this spicy song!

Another fabulous rendition comes from Jane Monheit and Michael Buble! This video is super fun, but if you think it might sway your vote close your eyes. You can watch it AFTER you vote. Totally worth it as they are ever so enjoyable to watch. But this is a LISTENING contest.

Please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

For more Battle of the Bands fun, check out the other BOTB bloggers to vote on their battles. I've stopped trying to keep up with who is running a battle and who isn't. To see who is participating, go here: Stephen T. McCarthy's Battle of the Bands Blog.