Sunday, August 22, 2010


You are going to be thrilled to discover that this is another Random Post from me. This one might be even more random than most. I can actually feel your eyes glazing over. Scary. The problem is too many topics rolling around in my brain. Of course, that is usually the case with these random posts. If I could settle on one thing it wouldn't be random.

I started reading THE OUTSIDERS today. I can't believe how much I forgot. The feeling I remembered, but most of the actual plot, I forgot. I am about halfway through.

I had a really terrible migraine yesterday that kept me in bed most of the day. I kinda sorta dozed. I thought a lot about my celebrity crush who shall go unnamed. I haven't had a celebrity crush since I was teenager. Fictional crushes. All of the time. Pretty much any book I am reading, there is some sort of crush going on at least until the book ends. Characters in movies, TV shows, etc. But not the actual person. It's the character. For instance, I crushed on Angel for ten years. And now I have a crush on Sealy Booth. Yes, they are both played by David Boreanz, but my God, could they be more different? No way. And the crush pretty much lasts the duration of the show and then I forgot them until next week. Why is this? Well, because Clark Kent, Dean Winchester, McSteamy, McDreamy, and Alex Karev are all taking up space in my brain in between now and then. I think you get where I am going with this. They all get their hour in the sun and then lights off until next week.

So, it was me, my migraine, and my celeb crush. You know what I discovered? My fantasy life sucks. Do you remember that scene in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, and Harry and Sally are discussing fantasies? And he asks if she has them and she admits she does, but then says the only thing that distinguishes one from another is what she's wearing. It's her outfits. Yeah, mine were kinda like that. I think it's why I kept falling asleep. My fantasies were boring me. Well, it could have been the medication and the migraine. But still...

I am fairly certain that I have not confessed on here my personal connection to Ally McBeal. I felt like that was the show that "got me." Ally and I were the same. For the most part. In the ways that counted. I didn't have hallucinations, I was never a lawyer, I didn't have to work with my first love (and his wife), but we felt the same way about things. In other words, we were financially independent women whose lives were one dating disaster after another. She just had more sex and she said what she thought. I just thought it. So, I related to her in a fairly major way. Getting back to yesterday...

Anyway, after I got up last night all groggy and really annoyed. And still migrainey. I took a shower. For those of you not in the know, it is also called The Think Tank. While I was in The Think Tank I remembered the season opener (at the time I couldn't recall if it was 2 or 3) of Ally McBeal when she comes into the office all wet over the weekend. Turns out she went through a car wash. The kind where you are supposed to stay inside the vehicle. Well... there was this really hot guy in the car wash giving her the come hither look, so she got out of the car and they had sex in the car wash. She never knew his name but she looked really.really.really.happy. Of course, that didn't last. She ended up taking this case for some woman and won it. Woman was so happy that she asked Ally to be a bridesmaid. Ally is walking down the aisle and guess who the groom is? You can see this coming now, right? Car wash guy. Of course, Ally speaks up at the point where you can stop the wedding and it all goes down the tube for the bride and groom.

One would think, that would be the end of that. It was either the next episode, or a few later, they reappear. The car wash guy shows up at Ally's office asking her to try and convince the bride that it meant nothing (or something like that). Well, they end up having sex again in her office. Jeez. This time, Ally is the one saying let's keep this on the down low. In the end, Car Wash Guy and Her Client got married and Ally attended the wedding, but not as a bridesmaid. However, the best part of the show was the end ~ and I cannot find it on the Internet anywhere ~ which stuns me. Of course, I can't remember it exactly. However, it is total Ally. She and Renee and Whipper are talking about this crazy wedding and Ally's involvement with Car Wash Guy. They know that she slept with him twice. And Ally says something like, "After thinking about this for a while I have decided that he wasn't so fantastic in bed after all." Renee and Whipper just stop and stare at her like she's nuts b/c Ally has gone on and on about what great sex this was. Ally continues, "I have decided that it was me. I am amazing in bed and he, you know, kept up."

On the positive side, I think I have completely let go of the man formerly known as Right Guy. Since he clearly is not Right Guy, his handle will have to change. I am thinking Mr. Electric or Speed of Sound. You can cast your votes on that one. How did this happen? I implemented my plan like I would for forgiveness. I just had a strong desire to let him go, and I woke up one day and realized that it had happened. It feels good.

As for me and my fantasy life, I think I just have to use the aforementioned above plan and see what happens. I hope I don't catch on fire. ;-)Laters peeps.

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  1. I guess that's good right?! Maybe the headaches will get better. I miss Ally McBeal...cute show.

  2. Hope your migraine disappears!

  3. The more we work at letting go, the harder it seems to be. Time and distance are the great cure-alls ... magically, without even realizing it, there's the "aha!" moment when we are suddenly aware of being free ....

  4. hahaha who needs television when there is YOUR blog that fills us in on a whole week's worth of TV with just one post!

    Sorry about the migraines though.

    Maybe Mr. Right Guy is just Mr. Right Guy at the Wrong Time. I think there are a lot of right guys out there...not just THE ONE. It's all just a matter of timing. And I don't think any guy is a right guy (nope not even Brad Pitt) when you have a migraine or when you are married for that matter.

    PS I always love reading your blog!

  5. I LOVED Ally Mcbeal...I mean loved it, it was one of the few appointment television shows I ever had.
    my fav was john who needed a clean bowl to go...and then when barry white would pop up randomly...or how's about when the got Robert downey jr. on...and fyi..I couldn't stand ally's first love, what a douche.
    glad he croaked. I was rooting hard for mr. downey.
    loved the dancing baby...I miss that show something fierce, almost as much as I miss northern exposure and quantum leap. If they would bring those three shows back, I would actually watch tv again.

  6. I have this habit of reading your blog in Google Reader and not stopping by to comment, and I come by today and see that you've changed your layout! Nice!

    And I still have fictional crushes all the time and I'm 22. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it.


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