Sunday, August 1, 2010


You know how some people are perpetually a day late and a dollar short. Well, I suppose that would be me today. I am not saying that I qualify as "perpetually" a day late and a dollar short. Just today. It would seem that many people have embraced Saturdays to post an inspirational song. Unfortunately, I already had my Saturday post half written in my head, and was already committed to it, so I felt the need to go with it.

However, I can always get down with a reason to cruise youtube for music. Or for any footage actually. I am a youtube junkie. If I didn't know it already, I would never try heroin or crack, because it turns out that I have a highly addictive personality. Or meth. No meth for me. Thanks anyway. I learned in 7th grade health class that you can't really get off these drugs once you start, so there is no point in starting. People can rationalize that they are the exception, but that is a big fat lie. Or cocaine. I forgot the cocaine. None of that either. All it gets you is to spend your money on the drugs until you run out. Then you steal, lie, and do even worse stuff, until someone throws your stupid self into rehab, (if you live that long) and then the really awful part starts because you go through the withdrawal period. So, I made the decision at twelve that "No," to all of that stuff was the right choice for me. Turns out that was pretty smart because once I do decide on something, I am freakishly committed to it. We have rolled back around to the aforementioned youtube. If youtube were actually crack in disguise, I would be a goner.

I forgot what we were talking about. Inspirational songs. Right. Anyway, since I missed that for yesterday, I will not use their cute little logo and just do my own variation. Besides, I am not really a follower. Have you noticed that? I am an Aries. Aries is the Ram. It is the 1st sign on the zodiac. It is the leader. Let me give you an idea of the personality of the Aries. Let's say there are a group of people (me included) that get stranded in the desert. Maybe we are in a small plane and it goes down. Pilot is dead and we have no clue where we are. Lots of arguing about what to do. After two days and no one comes to find us. We all think that surely we will be missed and they must track us because of that box thing all planes have; it begins to dawn that our plane didn't have the black box or it somehow malfunctioned when we crashed. Our supplies are low and everyone has an idea about what we should do. I would be the person who stands up and says, "Everyone shut the fuck up. (I apologize for the potty mouth. But I would probably use the "f" word after two days stranded in the desert.) I don't give a rat's ass what you do. I am going to take a bottle of water and my provisions for the day and start walking. I am picking a direction and I am going. If I am going to die out here, so be it. But I am going to die trying to get somewhere, rather than die sitting here listening to you argue." That is pretty much how Aries rolls. I never said I was nice. In a crisis, I can be a mean little biotch. I'm a lot like Jack on the show LOST. Pretty much think I know everything and, once everyone decides that I am the leader, well I will die for the group when push comes to shove.

How do I keep getting away from my goal? Inspirational songs. This first one is a song that I often will sing in a karaoke bar. Particularly if I am in a karaoke bar I have never been in before. I once landed in a bar outside Nashville, where there are a lot of really good singers. A lot of rising star wannabes. It was probably the most nervous I have ever been singing karaoke. I chose this song because I know it backward, forward, and upside down. I have been singing it into a hairbrush since I was in elementary school. My parents had an extensive record collection. This song was my favorite (Don't forget to cut off my music player at the bottom of the screen):

You might be wondering how that karaoke experience went in that bar outside of Nashville. Pretty good actually. This guy I was seeing, who I later lived to regret dating, but that is another story altogether, was standing at the bar talking to his ex-girlfriend. Yeah, you read that right. Anyway, she is this really good singer. I know this because he talked about it ad nauseum. The more I type, the more I want to kick him in the nuts. Alas, he is safe because he lives far away. Anyway, he tells me that as soon as I started singing, she said something like. "Finally, someone who can sing in here tonight." She lived to regret those words when she craned her head around the bar and saw it was me. So, I guess I was pretty good.

On a totally different note, I grew up in one of the coolest eras ever. The 80s. I saw the launch of MTV. Matter of fact, I can't tell you how many hours I sat and watched MTV. It was addictive. I think we've been here before. The thing was you got a new "snack" every 3-4 minutes. So, if you didn't like the previous song, well it was only a few minutes of suffering before you got something else. Because it was new and different, the bands and singers went out of their way to come up with interesting videos. Every now and then you just got the band playing a song live in concert, but the bands saw the opportunity to break out, and really use this medium to stretch, and make a name for themselves. This is one band that did a FANTASTIC job with the song and the video and then nothing. I go on record for saying it is one of the best.videos.ever.

Okay, well that definitely wasn't in the spirit of the Inspirational Saturday Songs that I read yesterday, but it was a typically random Robin post with some (hopefully) interesting stuff thrown in. Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I absolutely ADORE that video -- 25-30 years later, it is still one of the very best. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent in front of MTV; I even considered a television/video major, then thought better of it 'cause I'm not exactly either mechanically or technologically inclined. Christopher Walken in "Weapon of Choice" is another excellent one. I just found one from Nina Simone the other day ... lemme find it ... ....

  2. Yeah, I totally got lost on where the inspirational songs started?

  3. Those two videos were the Inspirational Songs....

  4. ah ha...i nevaer really got them but my freind tammy is a huge fan, or was a huge fan.
    Cool that you can sing. I only ever sang one song at a karaoke bar...somewhere over the wasn't dreadful, but I didn't land a record contract either lol.

  5. I was in love with A-HA! I played my tape to go to sleep every night.Ah, the 80's:) On another note, I LOVE your playlist. I love every song on there.I can come here and get my music groove on! You rock, Robin!!!!Happy Monday, sweetie!

  6. we Aries are definitely a force all our own, that is for certain. Not to worry about being perpetually late my friend, I always seem to be a day late getting to your posts (not always I suppose, but often enough)

  7. Take on Me is STILL one of my favourite songs after all these years!!!! Love it!!!! :)

    And good on you for having the guts to do the karoke thing. I'd never have the nerve. But you sure can't go wrong with Tammy Wynette - classic lady.

  8. P.S. And let's not forget, her go-go boots totally rock!!!

  9. I used to be a youtube junkie when I first found this page. I just couldn't get enough of it :) And I envy you SO MUCH that you had the chance to grow up in 80s. This was the best time ever. I wish I was OLDER (omg that does sound bad doesn't it?), but of course 80s were only cool out there, not here behind the iron curtain...As for A-ha I quite like this video, I hate this song, but I like their "the sun always shines on TV". And Mtv these days is a total crap with all these reality shows and next to no music

  10. Personally, I think Reality TV is crap. All of it. And MTV sucks now. However, in the 80s it was COOL. When it first came out it was all music all the time and it kicked ass. I loved it. I was an MTV addict. Now, I can't stand it. Sometimes people should catch a clue. If something was great, they should take a look at when it was great and why and then maybe... do it again. But that is just me. I am suggesting that someone plug in their brain.


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