Thursday, April 29, 2010


Blogging to you about my doctor appointment is nearly as frustrating at the appointment itself. The reason I went to see this doctor is because someone that I know who is on Social Security Disability got their benefits through this website: I looked up the website online and then I called them, and decided that using them is the best way to go. Filing for SSD is a challenging task all on its own. In other words, pretty much anyone who actually needs SSD is too sick to deal with the paperwork. It's one big circle. The allsup website had an 800 number and I talked to a live person about this process. It was very enlightening. If allsup takes your claim, they fill out all of your paperwork and chase down all of your medical records. That is a blessing. Right now, they won't take my case because the say-so of my primary care doctor isn't strong enough to assure me of a win. That was the reason for seeing a "specialist" yesterday. This was an important appointment. If the specialist wasn't in agreement with my doctor (that I need SSD), there could be problems.

Turns out that the specialist wasn't completely in agreement with my doctor, but wasn't in disagreement either. In other words, he agreed that filing for SSD was the right call, and that I wasn't capable of working right now. In fact, I was right to sell my car, because I had no business driving. I am doing that because I feel the same way. (I don't think I blogged to you guys that I was doing that, but it will be gone May 5-6. Then my mom and I will be sharing a vehicle. She will probably drive me most places. Doesn't that sound fun?) He is not sure that I have fibromyalgia, but he's not sure that I don't. It is a tricky thing to diagnose. He is more worried about some neurological stuff that I have going on aside from the migraines. I see more tests in my future.

Of course, for me that is a good/bad situation. I am thrilled to find a doctor who is all about getting to the root of the problem and acknowledging that the "fix" is going to likely come in small steps. My problem is that since I have no job, I have no money. This is financially killing my parents and I hate that. My health insurance plan doesn't cover a lot of this stuff. I am going to talk about that and see what I can do to change plans. I know that will spike my premium. If it offsets my other charges enough, it will be worth it. Talk about medicaid has been tossed around and I am willing to talk to someone. My gut tells me that I can't apply for it unless I am already uninsured and that is risky. Throw in how long the application process takes and the possibility for being turned down... ugggh. I loathe government red tape. That is one big ole bureaucratic elephant right there.

The biggest "victory" was that he listened to me. In the end, we both agreed that I had a lot of different problems at work here. That meant that it was going to take a long time "win it" because it was going to be a one thing at a time deal. And there might be some problems that we never actually "solve," but we can put a leash on them. So... I will take that as a win. Plus, he didn't prescribe me anything new. How about that? Not many doctors really want to get to know your situation, think about it in between your visits, run some tests, wait on those results, and then make a decision before they start writing on their prescription pad. I think that we just might get along fine. If he starts suggesting vitamin supplements.... well, then I know that I have hit the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


  1. My friend is going through similiar tests for constant migrains. I know through her struggle how frustrating it is that no one can tell her what's going on. I'll pray for you both!

  2. I'm so glad you had a victory of sorts, even if it was only to be heard. I hope that you will find your way through this. How very painful and difficult this much be for you. I wish you strength and peace and healing.


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