Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dear My Big Idea,

You are taking up a lot of space in my head. I know that technically you are not a someone; you are more of a something, but you are BIG. Last night you woke me up four hours into my sleep with more ideas for a name. It has been really tough just nailing down a name for you. The name needs to encompass a broad spectrum of all the things that I can see you doing right now, and it can't be already taken by another business. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. I have a couple of pages of ideas for names. The ones I really like, I run through to see if they have been taken on the web. If they are free as a .com, .net, and .org (aka The Big 3), I feel much better about their availability as a business name. Pretty much every business these days also has a website. Last night I just kept writing variations on names I already had until I came up with this: Forging Hope For Wellness. It took nearly an entire page to get there, but once I did, it felt right. I turned off my light and went back to sleep.

I checked and it is available in all of The Big 3. What a relief that turned out to be. That isn't a sure thing on it not being a business for someone, but it makes the odds better. I have a link from a friend to check it out in the state of GA. What I really need is an attorney who specializes in non-profits and doesn't charge much of anything, since I don't have much of anything. That is me sending a rocket of desire out into the universe. (Wheee!)

I am still reading Peter Drucker's book on managing a non-profit. I do have my mission statement and feel good about it. Forging Hope For Wellness assists people in their journey from illness to wellness. Mr. Drucker says that your mission statement should be concise. It should also be something that anyone in the non-profit can say, and have it be true for them, from the volunteer to the President.

I spend a lot of time visualizing this project like it already exists. In my mind, the website is something that has already happened. It is full of doctor's names that people have emailed to us from all over the U.S. It all started with an email that I created asking people to send in the names, addresses, and phone numbers of doctors who 1) listen, 2) treat the root of the problem and not just the symptom, and 3) think outside the box. The site is looking for any and all kinds of doctors. That means traditional and non-traditional medicine. If you know of someone who has helped make someone better via acupuncture, we want their information. The site is looking for people who are interested in helping someone who is ill become well. In my mind, that email gets copied and pasted better than spam. It just keeps getting thrown like a net. Everyone knows someone who is sick. Even if you don't know of a doctor, you have 50 people on your email list and they might. Copy and paste. In my mind, the website takes care of itself. I write the email, and I post it here and all of you copy and paste, and sent it on your email. I send it on my email. Everyone emails. Done.

There are doctors who are invested in getting their patients well. Those doctors are the ones that NEED to be on this site. People need to know how to find them. People are misdiagnosed and undiagnosed. If this goes on long enough, they will lose their job. If they lose their job, they lose their health insurance. If they lose that, they eventually will lose their house. I call that falling through the floor. Ideally, someone will find this site and get help before they fall through the floor.

If they don't, well that is where I spend most of my time in my visualization. That is what pesters my mind. There are people all over the United States who have fallen through the floor. I am one of them. I was lucky. My parents caught me. There are a lot people who aren't so lucky. There was no one to catch them. They are sick and they are homeless. They can't even afford the prescriptions that were making their life somewhat bearable before they fell through the floor. They don't even know about our website, because they don't have computer access. They need help.

In my mind, I can see people hearing this, getting this, and sponsoring this site in order to really make a difference. In my mind, I visualize HGTV deciding to do something totally new for them and helping us build houses for these people. We, meaning me, will have to fundraise like crazy for it to happen. However, when people understand that they get to actually see where their money is going, it is a gamechanger. Most of the time when you donate money to something you don't get to see the results. When you donate your money to building a Hope House, you will get to watch it being built on TV, and be able to say proudly, "I had a hand in building that." When you watch the people move in who have been living on the streets, you will see the lives you are changing. You will be able to say, "I am making a difference in those people's lives." And it will be the truth!

I visualize this project going on for a very long time. I visualize the American people embracing this with love. I envision them supporting these houses with their time, service, and dollars. The goal with the houses is the same as the website. The mission never changes. It is to assist people in their journey from illness to wellness. When someone is well enough that they are able to move out, and go back to work, then someone else will get to move in. The job of aiding people in this journey is never-ending. There will always be more sick people than we have houses. Of course, it is my goal to have as many houses as possible. The more houses there are, the more people we can help.

This next part is for the readers of this blog if you are still awake...

If you believe in visualization, spend a little time each day visualizing this project, if it something you believe in. The more people who can get behind it and support it, the stronger it gets. If that came off as sounding crazy, let me say it another way ~ Jesus called it having faith. Faith is believing in something before it happens. By having that unwavering belief, it is certain to come to you. I have prayed about this and already thanked God for it in advance. Now I am living in a place of faith that it will come to me. The visualization is my active belief of what will come. My sharing the project with you further activates my belief in this project. Asking you to visualize it is yet one more step in solidifying my faith and belief that it will come to pass.

With Love,

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  1. Robin, that website sounds like a stroke of genius. I love your mission statement. Good nuff.

  2. Robin: Two comments. First, nothing is impossible to the willing mind. Second, when I return to my home planet, I will save you a seat on the mother ship.

  3. The idea is SO big and SO perfect and SO needed that it's a wonder it doesn't consume you. Like a boiling tea kettle that squeals to get your attention, this is going to keep pestering you until it is realized ....

  4. sounds so awesome, I knew I was right about you, your a very caring person..keep on visulizing and make this a reality I will pray everyday that it becomes sooo big you can't handle it and the project helps so many people I have encounter some awesome doctors along the way after my car accident and some not so good ones but the good out weighed the bad if it where not for great doctors who really care and get you on the right meds..well lets just say I would be in the nuthouse, I missed it if you already have a website if you do let me know I would love to check it out or let me know when it goes live..this could take you so far in life..I absolutely love your mission statement!!!!

  5. There is not a website yet. I have to make sure the business name is not taken. After that I can buy the domain name, create the email, and get that started. I will also need to do the paperwork to establish the business as a 501C, which is a non-profit. Hopefully everyone will KNOW when that email exists and be willing to send it out:-)

  6. I can't wait to see it and I wish you the best!! I visulize this a reality in no time....


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