Saturday, October 16, 2010


Happy Saturday, blog friends. I took the plunge this week and bought the domain site for my Big Idea. It was a very serious moment for a number of reasons. Of course, the biggest was it meant I had settled definitively on a name. Wow. That was Huge. I ran through several sheets of notebook paper to get there. Clearly, a great deal of thought went into that alone. Once I made that decision asked for one more. How about really securing your name and buying the others so that no one else can? So, for an investment of $40/yr, I now have the .org, the .com, the .net, and the .info, and I kinda sorta know how to direct them all to the .org site once I figure out how to get it set up on the hosting network I want. This is all super-challenging for someone with my computer ability. I am still coming down from the excessively bad migraine imposed by the stress of three weeks ago. It is amazing how long that takes. I figure that any day now, things will improve.

I am also getting close to the end of the letter challenge. It is a 30 day event and tomorrow's letter is 24. I haven't even checked yet to see who it goes it to, but I probably will before the day is out. I like to let it percolate a little. I have to say that it has been therapeutic. I laughed and laughed over the comments from yesterday's letter. Purple Cow, you just about had me rolling on the floor. I suppose I should have qualified about Mr. Last Kiss. He was the Ideal Man in theory. He just wasn't the Ideal Man for me. We simply didn't have any chemistry or common interests. It was like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. It just wasn't happening. So, yeah, the relationship got stale pretty fast. That is why it wasn't even sad when we broke up by way of garage door opener. Had I really been into him, that would have been devastating. As it was, it was hysterical. Moving on....

Once again, the toughie for this Saturday is my inspirational song. Since I am still feeling yuck, I had to go with something upbeat to counterbalance the yuck. I kinda sorta feel like I am cheating now because I am going with an 80s song for my inspirational song, but this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. Isn't that fantastic? This is the one place where you get to make up the rules as you go along. Basically, there are no rules. It's so freaking liberating. Back when I used to go to the clubs and whatnot this song got old. Why? Because it got played all of the time. Why? Because it has a great beat to dance to, and the goal at a dance club is to get people to dance. Anyway, it got tiresome for me. Just like any song that gets too much radio play. It becomes Enough.Already. You are making me hate a perfectly wonderful song with overkill. But I am not 20 something anymore. Okay, I am just past 30 something and migrainey, so I am not hanging out in the clubs. Ergo, I don't hear this song all the time anymore. And I kinda miss it. So, kids, we are off to the races. Let's dance it out.

Now, that was sweet. Nothing like getting a little groove on to make you feel better.

I spent yesterday evening trying to decide on the actual 80s Spotlight pick for today. As usual, there are so MANY choices, that it is hard to pick just one. This band had so many videos to choose from that I didn't even try to watch them all. The other thing was that they had good videos. This was another group that made videos instead of just shooting themselves in concert and calling it a video. My ex-husband really loves this group, which is one of his better qualities, and goes to see them in concert whenever they are close by. They played at Chastain Park in Atlanta when we were married and so I saw them in concert. I have to say that they were AWESOME wrapped up in musical deliciousness. Definitely two thumbs up. Insofar as I know, they are still on tour. The music was great and Huey Lewis is entertaining. Not everyone can sing and entertain the crowd. He is flawless at both so it was well worth the price of the ticket.
I give you Huey Lewis and the News... they were a Force de Jour in the 80s and still going strong today!

This is one of my all-time favorites:

This video will not embed. You will have to click here to watch it.

This is another creative video and another all-time favorite:

This video will not embed. You will have to click here to watch it.

Who am I kidding? I like them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all, it's hip to be square!

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  1. Robin: Just let me know where you are and what you're called so I can blog with one of the most interesting people I have met online. The rest is fluff.

  2. I think that you are mistaking someone with tons of "life lessons," which is a nice way of saying poor judgment calls, for interesting. Well, I suppose you could call it interesting. It did lead me to right here: illness. Which has made me realize where the system falls down and the need for my website fits in. blah blah blah. My email is posted every week on my Thursday posts.

  3. Congrats on buying your domain names! Yay!

    ....and on another note - since you post so many videos and songs, have you thought about getting rid of your automatic player at the bottom? It'll make it easier for your readers....


  4. Congrats on choosing your domain name. That is HUGE!

  5. How exciting!!! It IS going to happen, truly! And I haven't heard "Wild Wild West" in ages ... thanks for the smile ... :)

  6. I hate huey lewis and I have no idea why.
    I loathe him. He makes my skin crawl. I expect someday that someone will come out and say he sleeps with taxidermied animals or something.
    I also hate Dick Van dykes voice and apple pie.
    I am unamerican.
    I am glad you bought your domain name. And you are interesting.

  7. LMAO @ cmoursler...

    Hmmm... sounds like she has a Dick Van Dyke infatuation... ;o) I do like some of Huey Lewis' music...

    Re: Robin... Congratulations on buying the domain names!!! Way to go!!! Sometimes when we are unsure about something, we just have to step out there on that ledge.

    That's where we discover somethings weren't as skeery as we thought they were...

    Here's another vote for the 'Wild Wild West' song!!!



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