Monday, October 18, 2010


Dear Teachers,

This letter is supposed to go out to a person going through the worst of times. Here's the thing about that: everyone goes through the worst of times at some time. It is you, the teacher, that doles out the pain. Granted, it is we, the student, that signed up for the class. You must understand that sometimes you sign up for a class not knowing how hard it is going to be; in theory, it looks not so bad, but the reality is that it slices you open, and you just don't know how you will ever get through it. I know that there are no takebacks once you sign up for the class; no drop/adds. I get it, but teacher, I have to tell you that sometimes your class is a biotch.

For instance, right now I am aware of several people grieving the loss of beloved family members. One of them is grieving the loss of a child, and the other is grieving the loss of a matriarch. Another family is struggling because they have a child who has a very rare disease. At this point, there is no cure in sight because the disease is so rare. Each day is a struggle that transcends tough time. There are so many families who have children with ADHD. For those families it is a tough time all of the time. Another online friend posted that her husband was laid off from his job and she was very worried. Their belt was already very tight. What were they going to do? Times were already tough.

Insofar as I know, there is an online friend who still hasn't been diagnosed, but has been in unbearable pain for months now. She described it as being on fire. I would call that a tough time. A friend of mine in Florida lost four family members to various death/accidents within the last year, two of them were her children, and now her grandchildren live with her. She has a brain tumor, and worries about who will take care of them when she passes. I consider that a tough time.

My mother's best friend has Parkinson's disease and it is getting worse. She also has cancer. The cancer seems to be getting better, but the Parkinson's is not. She is convinced that her husband and children are conspiring to kill her. For the record, they are not trying to kill her. They love her very much. My mom's other best friend's son also was diagnosed with cancer. He had surgery and is now going through chemo and radiation. The cancer was a very aggressive one and so is the chemo and radiation. His ex-girlfriend is taking him to court to try and take away his business and home since he is in this weakened position. Yeah, she's a prize.

My brother and sister-in-law have remodeled the first floor of their house so that her parents could move in. Her mother is ill and was living in a nursing home. Her father was not doing well living alone. This solved both problems. However, it will make life very different for my brother and sister-in-law. My mom talked to him yesterday. They moved in this past weekend and he was already stressed to the max. I really hope things settle down for them soon.

I know that all of you heard about the miners in Chile who were trapped for months and finally were rescued. All of them were rescued! For a long time they had it really tough, but people refused to give up hope. In fact, people were brought in to solve this problem and those miners were saved. The only thing that gets people through a tough time is hope. That is it. You lose that and you have lost the war. So, when the tough time finds you, and it will find you, hold on to Hope and don't let go.


image pirated from Miss Angie at My So-Called Chaos


  1. Robin: You seem like such a nice person. It's life. It is not good life or bad life. It is just life. Enjoy yours, darlin', because it's yours! And I am wishing you well.

  2. I always try to remember someone has it worse; I will say many prayers for all of those people.
    When you get a chance stop over for a visit; I have a prize for you..

  3. hey this post.
    I see you follow Noah.
    I read that and marvel at their resilience.
    I am grateful daily for my life.

  4. Hope is everything... it's what keeps us moving sometimes even when the wheels come off..

    Reading this post reminded me that I am in pretty good shape... I have nothing to complain about... you know?


  5. Robin - You are such an inspiration. What a beautiful post. And I hadn't heard this song before. Love it.

  6. Dear Robin....this was such a warm, touching, heartfelt post! Completely beautiful and so true to you...Love ya...

  7. Robin you inspire me to be a better helps to remember when you think life is rough on you someone somewhere has it so much worse, I don't like ti but its the cold hard fact of life..what an awesome post

  8. When I think of the people whose days are ruined by lost earrings or broken fingernails, I always want to point out stories like these -- there is SO MUCH to be grateful for, if we only manage to keep our perspectives. And you're right -- there still has to be hope, however elusive it might seem, or else the rest is lost ....


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