Saturday, October 23, 2010


These Saturday posts are killing me in a totally cool way. I thought that I was completely prepared for today. I had my stuff all ready to go on THURSDAY. I was actually organized and prepped in advanced. This week there was not going to be the usual scrambling at the last minute. Turns out that I was half right about that. It turns out that a song can be inspirational to me on one day and then not so much two days later. How about that? Who knew? So, my 80s stuff was set and ready for blast off, but the jazz me up or speak to me music... that was no longer happening. Huh. So, it was back to youtube.

I am going back to the regular format for today. That means we are starting with my song. The one that speaks to me. Yeah, the one that I just spent about 40 minutes looking for on youtube. Make that 30 minutes on youtube and ten minutes sitting here staring at my computer with a dumb look on my face. This is yet another case where some of you will only appreciate the song, and that is totally fine because the song ROCKS. I didn't go with the original video because I might pull it out and use it when I finally get to this artist as my 80s pick of the week. This is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs. Yeah, I am tipping you off on purpose.

However, I picked the clips set to a totally awesome TV show that was cancelled way too soon. In fact, the fan outcry was so loud that they tied up the storyline by turning it into a major motion picture. I don't know when the TV people will just learn to trust that Joss Whedon is a freaking genius and give his shows at least two seasons to make it. Each time they cancel his shows without giving them two full seasons it is like shooting themselves in the wallet. They did it most recently with DOLLHOUSE (FOX network, you are a bunch of dumbasses, pardon my language). And before that they did it with FIREFLY (SCI-FI channel, same goes for you!). FOX, you are a bigger group of idiots than Sci-Fi, because you should have learned from their mistake. I don't know who is running that network, but you need someone to shove a high heel up your rear. Just sayin'. I know I already said it. I felt like it needed reinforcement.

Rewinding back to the fan outcry... if you watched the movie SERENITY, but missed the TV show FIREFLY, you missed out. It was an amazing show. It lasted one season. I am feeling the need to curse again and I am really trying to quit. It is not coming back. Nathan Fillion's amazingness is now on ABC's very successful show, Castle, on Mondays at 9pm or 10pm. I can't remember because I DVR it. Anyway, it is a homerun. Love love love CASTLE. But I miss FIREFLY. So, this is to cheer me up. One of my favorite Bon Jovi songs set to FIREFLY/SERENITY clips. It just doesn't get much better than this...

Wasn't that a treat? It was better than ice cream. Seriously. Joss Whedon is pure genius. How could anyone doubt the man? He created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. What is wrong with these network yo-yos? I feel myself moving backward instead of forward. Let's really move backward, like into the 80s backward, so that we can move forward. Are you still following me? Good.

I have been wracking my brain trying to remember exactly when I heard U2 for the first time. I think I was in junior high school and the first song was Sunday Bloody Sunday. However, The Joshua Tree was the first cassette tape that I bought and Rattle and Hum got so much play that I wore the music off in places, so that certain songs would no longer play. Yep, I really loved U2. As you might imagine, I had a great time surfing youtube looking for U2 videos. I hope you enjoy them as much I as I do.

I miss MTV when it actually played MUSIC!!!! Plus I forgot how SMOKIN' HOT Bono was in the 80s. I think I was too young to fully appreciate him then. That has to be it.... Wow. I think I burned my retinas. I need a cold washcloth for my eyes. I will have to read ya'lls blogs later... when I can see again.


  1. I loved them then, (u2) and I love them now.
    after september 11th, they played the superbowl and sang where the streets have no name. Up till that point I liked them. After that I decided they would always have a place in my heart. always.

  2. smiling :)

    me ... thinking of you...

    Carol-the gardener

  3. Ha! What a blast from the past.... Nobody rocked a mullet quite like Bono in the early years! I also miss the days when MTV showed nothing but music videos. I mean, HELLO! M.T.V.= Music TeleVision?? That was the whole point. I suppose in their defense, MTV 2 is mostly vids, but I usually forget it even exists. On our cable carrier, it's way up in the 1500's channels, kind of mixed in with the pay-per-view. It's sort of ironic that the very first video played on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star, by The Buggles...

    I didn't watch Firefly but hubs was addicted and I think he's seen Serenity about 30 times. We are both total Castle fans, and we watched the first and only season of the Dollhouse too. I'll never understand what these network asses are thinking. We were furious when they cancelled Swingtown too. Idiots!

    Thanks for the blast back to the true MTV days! (and Bon Jovi is never a bad choice either) Hope you had a great weekend!


  4. I totally love U2! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Joss Whedon is one of the coolest people on this planet, of that I am sure. I miss Firefly so much. (and Buffy and Angel and Dollhouse, while I'm at it.)

    And Wash... rest in peace, you kind, gentle man.


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