Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today is the day that I lift my glass and "toast" you, my fellow bloggers, in celebration of the yumminess that you contributed to blogland this week. Yep, it is that day again. What day is that you ask? How can you have forgotten? Drum roll please. It is HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY, of course! The very best day of the blogging week. It is the precursor to the best day of the work week.

I notice that I actually have some newbies for this event. How exciting! Well, here is what is going down. This is a weekly event. The best (or worst) part is that I am not going to explain why I chose "whatever" footage for each of you. If, you watch your footage and are scratching your head at the end, well that means I didn't do a very good job. However, all is not lost. You can email me at and ask me what I was thinking when I chose that particular piece of footage off of youtube and connected it to you. And then I will tell you. Then I will start sending up prayers that I haven't offended the crap out of whoever is on the receiving end of that Because, honestly, I will tell you right now... I admire all of you enormously so I really hope that doesn't happen.

Also, this is not an exclusive venture by any means. I hope that you will take the time to watch ALL of the footage because I don't pick bad footage:-) I also hope that you might check out the blog of the person I dedicated the footage to because they are pretty darn awesome. If you haven't figured this out yet... I pick the footage based on something that you've written or something that I've gleaned from your personality. Think on that for a while... If you are having trouble watching the entire video (meaning it is being cut off on one side), click on it a couple of times and it will take you straight over to youtube. If you click on the four squares at the bottom corner of the video, it will enlarge it to fill your screen. The escape key will bring it back to normal size. The back arrow will bring you back to my page.

Now, let's get this PARTY STARTED!!!!

This one is for everyone:

This one is for The Chronicle of Linnn:

This one is for Kimber at Under Re-Construction:

This one is for Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy:

This one is for Shoes at Red Shoe's Chronicles:

This one is for Corrine at Everyday Gyaan:

This one is for Leann at From Chaos Comes Happiness:

This one is for JJ The Disconnected Writer:


  1. Good choices!! Love when you do these!

  2. awesome songs I really love Chris Daughtry thanks for posting it, I am gonna have fun checking out all the blogs you posted songs for!!!

  3. Thank you, Robin!! You always make such great selections!!! I liked the ones you selected for others as well...

    I hope this has been a great week for you!!!

    ~shoes~ :o)

  4. Yeah, the Daughtry video totally made me tear up. I'm getting too soft these days...

    Love that Eminem song but I'm trying to figure out if he advocates solving violence with violence. In the wake of all the bullying that's coming to light these days, I'm wondering what really starts bullying...and what really stops it.

    Awesome picks, as always!!

  5. Brought back scary memories. You "bearly" got me to crack a smile!

    BTW, you can set your music player to respond to your wishes. Let me know if you are unsure how, and I will see if I can send clear directions.

  6. Robin, I always appreciate the thought and time you put in to this. I look forward to every Thursday...though of course, I'm late this week. Thank you for the fun...and the inspiration.

  7. You make me want to see who these great videos are for- seem like some interesting people. Thanks for the fun break.

  8. Robin- Thank you - I'm so touched. You're one real 'wow' lady! Hugs....

  9. I think we go to more drastic lengths when we are younger and planning to attend a reunion. At my age right now, we're just lucky to have PACKED a bra at all, much less get fitted for a new one! I am so flattered that you made a mention here of my humble writing place. Thanks!


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