Sunday, September 5, 2010


This is going to be one of my last posts for a while that is me choosing the subject matter. Of course, I do have this knack of inserting my variation of what is on my mind into themed subject matter. Ah well. I suppose we all have our vices. Ironically, today I really don't have any one thing that is scratching around in my mind desperate to get out. I will admit that I have gotten lax about reading my Lucy March posts daily like I was. For those of you wondering about that one, I found Lucy March's website and was going to treat it like all new websites I find. Start where you are. Turns out that was impossible. So... I had to go back to the beginning of when she started blogging (turns out it was Jan. 2010) and began reading about four posts at a time. That was all my mind could take in at one sitting. It inspired me to do some internal cleansing of my own. Cleaning your emotional or mental house, I suppose. I am still not done. I have a feeling that this 30 day letter thing will unearth some more of that. It is why I took it on.

If you are scratching your head on the 30 day letter thing, I will post links on all of this stuff. I forget that I am constantly getting new people or old readers who have lives and don't read my blog daily. What? You don't find me fascinating and hang on my every word? Well, the world just stopped spinning. I can definitely see the need for those links.

Lucy (yes, Lucy March)... I hope that you are back for this Purple Cow... she isn't a big Lucy March fan. I think she's jealous. Anywhoozle. Nah, can't leave it there. Seriously, Purple Cow, if you would read her blog, I think you would like her. To be fair, I think all of my followers should read Purple Cow's blog, too. She is on vacation right now (or was), but she is a fairly regular blogger. She is very smart. That scares some people. I just tell her I don't know what in the crap she is talking about. But then she says that about my writing, too. But she keeps reading it. So, there you go. I'll post a link to both blogs. Problem solved.

Back to Lucy (my mind is so easily diverted that it is scary)... she made this list of 50 things that she liked. I can't remember why she did it. I know it was because someone that she admired did it. At the time, I was thinking "50 Things, Holy Crap, I could never think of 50 things. I have a hard time coming up with ten." And that is exactly why I need to think of 50 things. 50 things are really not that many things. I am a huge believer of positive thoughts building on positive thoughts, and negative thoughts building on negative thoughts.

In fact, one of the blogs that I just started following, Destination Unknown, written by Nicole, dedicated an entire post to visualization. That is something that I believe in with my whole heart and soul. Have I written a post on visualization? No. Why not? I don't know. But you believe in it with your whole heart and soul. I know, I just said that. Then why isn't there a post about it? I DON'T FREAKING KNOW. Have I ever mentioned that I talk to myself? The conversations go a lot like that. I will post a link to her blog, too, on visualization.

One of the ways to build on positive thoughts is to focus on the things that you like. The more you focus on the things that you like, the more that other things that you like will come to you, and it builds on top of itself. The same holds true for negative thoughts. However, before we start this list, I have to share this with you because it is so funny. Have you noticed the stats link on your dashboard? It is riveting with all of the information it provides. However, none of it is more hilarious than the keywords people have entered into a search engine to find your blog. Here are the funniest words people have entered into search engines to find mine:

beanie baby collecting freak

had sex in the car wash

here's to you, for grammar

blogspot your daily gay dose

dream meaning-i was on fire had to stop drop and roll

ill have a vodka, valium, saying

marshall mathers overdose

password for your southern belle

carlos ricardo manoso aka ranger

daily hot word

i am not afraid

breaking up love

catching cab in st. maarten

Doesn't that make you think and rethink what you put in your tag line at the bottom of your post? It makes me think I want to get really creative with it now. Who knows what might show up in my stats if I go for it with gusto? I haven't really been trying before now. Who knows what would happen if I gave it my full creative attention? I am feeling just a little bit wicked. That would be a great word for the tag. Wicked. I am writing it right now. It made me happy.

Okay, now moving on to 50 things I like:

1. Apparently feeling wicked.

2. A soft mattress and clean sheets.

3. Really great sex. Hey, I am being honest. That means multiple O's for those of who don't know what really great sex is. Oh, and a guy who knows how to kiss. Man, there is nothing better than a great kisser. If he can't kiss, there are no great O's in my future.

4. Sandals.

5. A really good book, TV show, or movie. Something with a great story It can be happy, sad, or both. It just has to be written well.

6. A fantastic haircut.

7. Clothes that you know you look hot in.

8. Singing a song at the karaoke bar and nailing it.

9. Theatre: feeling the character in the audition, becoming the character during the rehearsal, being the character during the performances. In live theatre, you know when you have them and when you don't. There is nothing more gratifying then knowing subliminally they are yours. And you are the character. Robin is gone and Whoever has taken her place and you really are that person.

10. My dog. She is always honest. Dogs just love you. They don't have to think about it or put conditions on it. They just love you. So refreshing. (Note: this is not me or my dog.)

11. Paying your bills online.

12. Television on DVD.

13. Cell phones.

14. Youtube.

15. Facebook.

16. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

17. The Breakfast Club (that would be a movie ::she shudders::).

18. Camp Cherith.

19. Robin, my next door neighbor growing up.

20. My current doctors.

21. C-Man and H-Girl.

22. Watching the ocean.

23. Pink and Purple. Together or Separately.

24. Music.

25. Painting. Not the arty kind, but painting rooms in a house. But I've only done it in MY house. So, I am not sure that it extends to general painting or just the satisfaction of painting my own home.

26. Writing. This blog and my novel. Though my novel is riding in the backseat right now.

27. Playing board and card games.

28. Fall and Winter in the south.

29. Leaves when they change colors (I know that sounds like 28, but leaves change color in the north, too.)

30. Christmas.

31. Corduroy. I have a jacket that I love in brown that I have almost lost too many times. And a pair of maroon pants that probably don't fit anymore since I have lost all this weight. (all this weight being like 10 lbs. That would be a pants size, folks)

32. Pictures. I love looking at pictures dating back to when my grandparents were kids.

33. Air conditioning. I hate being hot.

34. Hot tub. I would love to have one in my house. (I know this sounds off after the hating to be hot statement. But, it soothes my aching muscles and joints caused by the fibromyalgia pain. After I get out, I lie underneath a ceiling fan. It works for me.)

35. Fleecy blankets.

36. The smell of vanilla.

37. The smell of puppy breath.

38. The salmon salad at Longhorn Steakhouse. Yum.

39. TLC's show WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Man, that has been a learning experience.

40. People who are honest without being mean.

41. Moisturizer.

42. Illusions by Richard Bach.

43. Michael J. Fox for not allowing his disease to define him, but boldly stepping into the spotlight to show people how far we still have to go in order to really help people. You are inspirational.

44. All of the amazing comments I get from YOU each day. Sometimes those comments are the BEST part of my day. Other times they are just icing on the cake. Either way, you took time out of your day to read what I had to say and then more time to formulate a thoughtful comment. It means a lot. A lot isn't strong enough. If no one has told you today that you are amazing, I am telling you now. You are amazing.

45. I like shoes. I have lots of shoes. I need to get rid of some shoes. I am surrounded by shoes. Nuff said.

46. In the same vein, I have clothes. I need to get rid of some clothes. The problem with this is that I don't know what size I will be wearing next month. Or the month after that. So, I guess that means I need to box clothes into crates by size and season. And just get rid of the stuff I just don't wear. I have this Halloween shirt that I like that says "Spooky" on it. I like it. I know it really isn't "my color." It's in an olive green. My mother took one look at me in that shirt the other day and said, "That color looks terrible on you." Hmmmm. I suppose that it should be put in the To Go pile. I knew it wasn't my best color. But I already ditched my favorite Halloween shirt because I thought I would never be a small again. Guess who will be at Target looking for new Halloween shirts? We pronounce that Tarshay around here to class it up a bit.

47. I like cutesy underwear. I still prefer cotton because it breathes. But the plain colors bore me. Give me something with a pattern, if you please. Oh, and those Hanes no ride-up underwear really don't ride up, if you wanted to know. Was that TMI? I am down to the nitty gritty here....

48. I like my soaps. I always have. I am an addict. I think the appeal is in the longevity of the show. Well, that is the appeal now. When you have been watching something for 20 years you are invested. You may find this hard to believe, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons from soaps. Don't lie. (It always comes back around to bite you in the end.) Don't cheat. (It always comes back around to bite you in the end.) He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. (If you live dangerously, chances are good your life will end bloody.) Time is too short to waste on being angry with someone you truly love. (Things happen and people die and you might not get to tell them how you actually feel. That is a hard pill to swallow.) See what I mean? In between everything else, there are some good lessons.

49. I like people who have nice teeth and who don't touch their face all of the time. I know that is odd. I don't know what to say about the whole thing with the teeth. I just know it is true. In truth, when someone is touching the face all of the time, it is likely a nervous habit, but it makes me crazy. I just want to grab their hand or hands and hold them in place.

50. I like people who go against the grain. What does that mean? I am so glad you asked. Turn off your music player at the bottom of the page. This little recording takes two minutes to explain it better than I ever could.

51. This isn't a like, but more of a wish. I wish that Marshall Mathers smiled more. I am one of the recently converted and I am really impressed with all that he went through in his life. He has this strong inner core. Most people wouldn't have made it; he did. I know that a lot of crap has blown his way in his personal life. A lot of crap has blown his way professionally, too. But, he still is shining. Despite all of it, he is still shining, so I wished that all of that inner sunshine came through just a little bit more on the outside. I know that you're a rapper. You have an image. You're also a human being and smiling makes a person feel better. Try it out. You just might like it. I mean all rough and tough is sexy. I grant you that much. But smiling is sexy, too. You just gotta trust me on that one.

See, we got the message and it has stuck. Now, you can smile to show that you came out on the other side. Unless your teeth are nasty. Then, it would be best to keep your mouth closed until you spent that hard earned money on a good orthodontist. Then you could smile. That would be so hot.

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  1. Apparently feeling wicked? Isn't that the same as almost being pregnant? :-)

  2. lol, too funny robin.
    I have strange teeth and no way (meaning money) to fix eye teeth are fang like. That being said I never touch my face with my hands because the oil rubs off and clogs your pores.
    And my favorite pair of underwear are black silk ones with silver polka dots and lace edging. No more granny panties for me ever.

  3. Now I know 51 more things about you. I'll have to do this one day. I don't think I'll be as good as explaining why as you are but ...hey as long as I love them, I guess that's all that matters. Hope you are having a great weekend.


  4. @Jeff ~ I think you are implying that my wickedness was sadly lacking. Ah well.

    @Chris ~ The irony about the teeth: I don't have perfect teeth, either. I am just uber-appreciative of people who do. It's like I have this little voice that says, "Oooh, what lovely teeth. I like it. Grrrrrr." I only do the grrr thing if it is a guy and he's got other attractive qualities other than the teeth. However I hear ya on the undies.

    @Carol ~ I bet you surprise yourself when you do your 50 things. I only did 51 because I wanted to throw a wish in on top of my likes. Like I said, I don't play by the rules so well!

  5. 1. that Lucy March blog...I kind of understand how someone might NOT like her, you know? As much as I like thing she writes about, I'm not the biggest fan of the way she writes. Most of the time, I just find her narration annoying..
    2. for some reason, I haven't noticed this 'stats' feature. until now. and comparing to you, my search keywords are so innocent :) the 'worst' is: "somebody mixed my medicine I dunno what I'm on" :)
    3. You're like Kurt Cobain, you know? he did that list too. I read that in his journals (when they were published and I ran like crazy to a bookstore to buy them...or actually it, because it was only one volume). He did the list of what he likes and what he dislikes. I was kind of planning to do a similar post because of funny article about A. Christie but I don't think I'll do it now. I'd feel too much like a copy cat :)
    4. breakfest club is pure BRILLIANCE.
    5. I think everyone loves really great sex :)
    Ha, I really enjoyed this post and I have to say that in many ways your answers were more creative than Kurt's ^.^

  6. hello!
    jealous of Lucy March! What a wicked thing to say and while I'm on holidays, too!
    actually, i am worried that if I started to read Lucy March I would catch your addiction.
    i like your wicked things and actually share a few...some of them sound more saucy than wicked, though.
    I think you are too nice a person to truly be "wicked" in the "evil" sense of the word.
    Thanks for thinking of me while I was away. I love you too!


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