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Well, it is Saturday, and that means on this blog that we get to have a music appreciation day. Once again, the 80s pick wasn't all that difficult. It seems like my own inspirational choice of the day seems to be the toughie. However, once I do find the right thing, there is a click of satisfaction, and all is well.

I think that I kept getting hung up, because I really wanted to pick a George Strait song for this day. For those of you who follow country music at all, George Strait is the icing on the cake. He has a voice that I call a "cool drink of water." It is just smooth as can be. I suppose if I were actually drinking it would be the finest whiskey money could buy. In other terms, George crossed the Great Divide. He started singing in the 70s, when artists like George Jones were still the Big Names in country, and survived what I call the Great Shift in country. All of the old greats went down and the new kids took over. George Strait didn't go down; he survived the Shift. He survived and is still at the top of his game. The other thing that fascinates me about George Strait is this: he won't tour above the Mason Dixon line. Well, that bit of news was terrible when I was living in Ohio and Michigan. When I moved to Georgia, it got a lot better.

He's a family man. His family comes first, and they live in Texas, and he never wants to be too far from them, so that he can't get back if needs to, in case of emergency. He also wanted to be there for his son's life growing up. He is that guy who managed to have a career as a country singer, made a movie, has I don't know how many #1 hits, and still managed to be there for the big events, and some less big events, in his son's life. He and his wife are still happily married. He arranged his life so that he managed to have it all. He wouldn't tour anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line and he still is considered one of the best in country music. He never caved on that, not even when he was just starting out. When it is important, you make a stand and stick. I guess you can tell that I admire not just the songs, but the man. It was an honor just to see him and hear him sing. However, George is not big on making videos. I guess it is just not his thing. He has some, but not for my favorite songs. So...

Let's talk about Reba. Reba understands the power of the video. Actually, country singers still have their version of MTV, by way of CMT and AMC. Those are two country music video channels that mostly play country music video like MTV did back in the 80s. So, it is in the best interests of today's country music stars to make good videos and THEY ARE. Actually, CMT has been around for quite a while. I know this because my dad and I got pulled into its lure back in the mid 90s when I was living with him. At night we would watch it, and it would get later and later, and we would both say, alternately, "Just one more and then we're going to bed," or "This is the last one and then we're calling it a night." It really got to be ridiculous. That made me smile. Silly great memories of my dad.

Anyway, Reba knows how to rock a video. I was so impressed with her in concert. She has a full voice. Powerful. I felt the same way about Natalie Merchant when I saw her in concert. What a powerful voice. You just know that in a smaller forum (like a bar) they would blow it out because they wouldn't hardly need a microphone. Reba has also been around for a long time in country music. She may have been around as long as George Strait. There are so few that crossed the bridge of the 70s to the 80s. Or she may have arrived in the early 80s. I don't know. I wasn't a big fan then. Anyway, she has so many hits now that there is no way to get them all into a concert. However, this was her encore performance, and I think it might have been the song that rocketed her into superstardom. Don't quote me on that because it is me speculating.

Don't forget to turn off my music player at the bottom of the page.

Why is that inspirational? I think it's inspirational, because it is saying that you can take a bad situation and turn it around. If you're smart, you can move beyond where you started and into another, better place. That is what she did. She then came back to turn that property into something that could help other people ~ in this case runaways. Life is what you make it.

Okay, let's move on to the 80s, and our ongoing look at artists in that time period. I have been focusing on those who had two things: successful songs and interesting videos to go with them. I am trying to keep boring concert vids out, because all that does is shine a light on singers or bands that didn't really know how to work MTV. Although, there might be a lesson there. The better the video was, the higher it rose in the ratings on the radio. The two walked hand in hand with each other. It is a shame that it took so many artists so long to figure that one out.

Today we are looking at Tears For Fears. They actually had quite a few videos to choose from, so it was difficult to narrow the field on this one. I didn't come across any footage that was strictly concert footage. They did like to mix it up a bit. Just listening to their songs was a very pleasant step back in time for me. Same goes with the video footage. I confess I was watching some of it thinking I was going to know what would happen next, and I would get a surprise. Yeah, after twenty years, a person forgets stuff. Who knew? I am going to post several of their videos and you let me know which one YOU think is best. I just can't decide!

Everybody Wants To Rule The World @ Yahoo! Video

Head Over Heels @ Yahoo! Video

Mad World @ Yahoo! Video

Do you see my problem now? I couldn't decide AT ALL. So, what do you think? Which one is the best?

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  1. I left my vote earlier...I guess blogger is acting crazy and moody again. My vote goes to Mad World.

    Carol-the gardener

  2. of my favorite songs and when you were in your first or second paragraph that was the first song that popped into my head. I love that the same way I loved the movie evita. When she is standing on the balcony and people are calling her name and she wins them over...the fact that she slept her way up to the top didn't matter.
    She was smart enough in that day and age, and in the confined role that women were pull herself up out of the crap hole that was her life and triumph. The balcony scene makes me weep like a baby.


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