Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Dear Norm,

I didn't even realize how much I have missed our talks until I started this letter writing challenge. Today's letter is to someone I've drifted away from, and that would definitely be you. I miss our monthly lunches that we had back when I was living, and working in Augusta, and South Carolina. Of course, things were changing even before I moved to Florida. I was working a lot less because the migraines had gotten a lot worse. The company that you worked for was going out of business and you had no idea where your job was going to take you. We actually drifted apart even before I left the state. I have no idea where you are living now.

I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated our friendship. I am going to make an effort to try and catch up with you. Into each life come a few really good people, and I was lucky that you were one of the really good people that came into mine. You were always willing to listen to my "crazy" ideas. You have a kind heart, a gift for telling stories, a great laugh, and are just a good friend. A person can't have too many good friends. I am really sorry for letting our friendship slide this long. I am going to pull the sick card... just sayin'... but we can still email, and maybe have lunch sometime. Unless you moved out of state or something. Then we can just email and have a nice phone chat every now and then. And I will give you my blog address, of course. That way you can keep up with what I am thinking at all times. I mean, doesn't everyone want to know that? Most importantly, I will do my best to carry my weight in this friendship deal. I've missed you, friend. I hope you answer, because I am going to be ringing your phone soon. Or sending you an email. If that doesn't work, I am not sure what I will do. Carrier pigeon?

Miss you,

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  1. Oh, I so hope that Norm has found your blog. It is so hard sometimes to think about friends that have drifted away and you have no way of knowing how they are doing. I had a friend in high school who became a Marine sniper and I worry about him all the time. Yet after 15, I have no idea how to find him. I hope one day you reconnect.

  2. I guess people just naturally drift, don't they? What's really weird/cool/amazing is connecting with someone from the past. :)

  3. awe....I hope Norm gets the opportunity to see this! What a sweet, heartfelt letter!

  4. Well ladies, it turns out that I have Norm's number in my cell phone and I dialed it. I got the answering machine, but he is still here, so he did NOT move. I did leave a message and I hope he calls me back. I am actually being proactive about contacting old friends from whom I've drifted apart!

  5. Okay ~ contact has been made. Norm now has the address to this blog. We have also discussed the possibility of going out to lunch sometime soon. His wife, Margaret, and my mother will probably also be going, but that is awesome. The more, the merrier.

  6. Ya know, technology SHOULD facilitate keeping in touch; and to some extent, it has. But more often, there are so many distractions and things to keep up with that I simply feel as though I'm behind and frazzled and distant despite all the toys and tools at my disposal. That is wonderful that you've taken this upon yourself and are actually watching it come to fruition!

  7. hey robin, I thought I left a comment here but blogger has been buggy all day. I am 36 soon to be 37. I am thin now, but I didn't get pregnant easy even when I was younger. I just don't think it's in the cards. Some days I am okay (or think I am) somedays I am not.
    I am glad norm and you are back in touch. I just got back in touch with a good friend today as well.
    Thanks for the support.

  8. Robin, thanks so much for "reaching out to me" as everybody seems to say these days. I too miss the regular talks with you. I am sure that, for many years, without my even completely realizing it, you were my best friend and the person I enjoyed talking to the most. You are a great conversationalist and are very good at understanding challenges others face in life. I remember very well when we first met, at a church scavenger hunt where, for whatever reason, you asked to ride in my car. I will look forward to Margaret and I getting together with you very soon, and will be in touch. All the best, and God Bless, Norm

  9. We all have these people in our lives. SOunds like Norm was great fiend. You should definitely reconnect and not lose touch. Great friends are so few and far between!

  10. Great letter even in these days. I understand how sweet your friendship was,. Hope norm will come to know about this site soon and get in touch back to you.

    Friendship letter to best friend


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