Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Dear Flora,

I am sending you this letter because today's letter topic is "someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to," and you were the first person who came to mind.

I find it ironic that I talked to you more when I lived in Florida than I do now, when you live thirty minutes away. When I was in Florida, we emailed frequently. As you know, I don't know how to do a short email. I always have all of these ideas swirling around in my mind and they must come out! Of course, that made for a great deal of conversation. Email conversation and sometimes phone conversation. Every now and then the subject matter became so insane that one of us would pick up the telephone and make the call. We usually talked until one of our batteries died. I remember that my phone was usually so hot that it hurt to the touch after a while. That is what I call burning up the phone line!

I appreciate how you opened up your home to me all of the times I came to visit during the years I was living in FL, but my doctor was still here. I always stayed a few extra days so I could visit with you, C-Man and H-Girl, my aunt and uncle, and any other friends who were available. We had some really fun times during those visits. We also had some serious drama during those visits. Not you and me drama, but other drama. I am really glad you aren't seeing the guy you were dating back then anymore. He was nothing but drama. I am also really happy that you have found someone better for you since. I always knew that you would.

I only wish that we saw each other more and talked more. It is like since I live here we can see each other anytime and the pressure is off. The thing is this: we never see each other. I have seen you once at a planned group event, and once by accident when I was out with another friend. We have talked a couple of times on the phone when I have called you. Each time I suggest we get together and you say that you'll call me next week and plan something and... nothing. I have sent you email follow-ups and... nothing. I know that you are busy watching your grandkids, so I don't want to pressure you, so I don't. I know that a big part of the problem in this scenario is that I don't drive at night anymore. My memory is too messed up for me risk it. Getting lost in the daytime is one thing. Getting lost at night is a whole different thing.

Anyway, I know that you are busy. You have tons of things on your plate. I just wanted you to know that I missed you. I really wish that I saw you and talked to you more than I do.


image purloined from Miss Angie at My So-Called Chaos


  1. Robin, I have been through this. When I had my accident my best friend in the entire world was there for me. She saw me through my wedding etc..

    then when the pain cycle and the doctors appts and the head injury began to take their toll on me...I just couldn't keep up with her. She lives a fast pace life. I used to as well. I was hurting, confused, missed lunch dates with her etc.

    I have felt a loss from our friendship because she was the kind of friend that WAS there. i just wasn't...I couldn't be at the time. Now ...I wonder how to put it back together again or have I just changed too much? I don't know...I'm still the same person but I have shifted. Now I hear she is going through a divorce, her choice, and I guess I just don't know what to do or say. I send her a Christmas card each year, we use the same stylist but that is about the extent of our current connection. I'd be there for her in a minute though if she needed me, that is just how I am...a freind for a lifetime. I feel guilty that all of this "stuff" came in between us and wish it hadn't. I was just so overwhelmed and people don't know how to cope with someone NOT coping...ya know?

    Anyway...you made me think....again. :)

  2. You should send her a link to this post... If she doesn't read it already.

  3. Love your blog and went back and read lots of your letters....so glad that I stopped by....

  4. Friendships, now that's a very hard one. When my BFF had a mental breakdown it was hard. I was there but mental and physically she couldn't be. I held up to the best friend part for always. Now she's much better, back to a differeny normal and at times I look back and wish and wonderful but I love her too the fullest possible point and even though she's back it's different. I wouldn't trade her for a million other best friends and am glad we (I) stuck it out. Life throughs lots of curve balls and sometimes we catch them but sometimes they just miss the mitt and we have to run after it. Run after your friend and keep trying. It sounds like she's more then worth the effort. Good luck. Oh and like Miss Angie said, I'd send her the link just in case she doesn't read your posts.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.


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