Friday, September 3, 2010


Yes, today is the day I am guest blogging for Miss Lira, The Struggling Actress. I hope you will drop in and read that post. I think it might actually be one of the better things I have written. *sigh* I do believe that post will go up at 4:00 Eastern time. She lives in CA, so it will probably be 4:00 here, to her 1:00 there. Time zones are confusing. I don't even try internationally.

However, I got this 3 question challenge from Chris, over at A Deliberate Life, after I passed on eight questions to her. She lives in the Chrisaverse and felt like she could pass on her three to whomever she wanted and that included me. Since I live in Robinland, I could see her point. I like how she rolls on her blog. It's kind of how I roll on mine. It's pretty much anything goes over there, so I am respecting her wishes and answering her questions. I will tell you what, though, her questions were hard. Were my questions that hard???? Anyway, here they are:

1) If you could Ask God three questions, what would they be?

Do you see what I mean? HARD. This question made me think of the TV show, JOAN OF ARCADIA. For those of you scratching your heads, God approached Joan. Let me see if I can't find the clip I want to illustrate my point here. Don't forget to turn off my music player at the bottom of the page.

If you watched the clip, you noticed that God really wasn't about answering questions. That totally made sense to me. Jesus wasn't a big question answerer either when he was around. He had a mission and he didn't set up somewhere and ever say, "Okay, I am taking questions." In fact, if I recall correctly, he was one of those people who tended to answer a question with a question. However, in the spirit of the thing I will come up with three questions.

a) What can I do to improve my heath?

b) What can I do now to prepare for the future in terms of my career (aka my project)?

c) Will you give me clearer vision so that when I am faced with obstacles, I go through, around, or over them with love, kindness, and compassion, rather than anger, hatred, and resentment?

2) If you could go back in time and have dinner with a famous person, which person would you choose?

I am going to cheat on this one. Misery asked in her eight questions about inviting five famous people to dinner, living or dead, and asked me to specifically weigh in on that one question. That was a time-consuming question. So, I am going to copy/paste that answer here. I know you only asked for one, Chris, and it is implied that one is dead. I do have one dead person at my table, so that should satisfy the dead

So, if I were to have an opportunity to sit down with five people I would want five people with whom I could share this amazing idea that I have. In turn, I believe that they each possess some knowledge or resources to help me get it off the ground. So... I would choose Bill Gates, Jesus, Oprah Winfrey, Michael J. Fox, and Machi Laziridis (I found out about him through Purple Cow. He is the founder of a non-profit organization in Greece called The Smile of the Child. It started out with the mission of finding missing kids ~ I think ~ and has expanded to so much more.) Bill Gates can help me with computer knowledge that I need and he is a big philanthropist. Jesus can help me to do this thing with love. He knows a lot about big missions and carrying them out with love. I hope mine ends better. Oprah is a freaking force of nature. She came from nothing and now if she says you should read it, do it, buy it, well people rush and do it. Oprah talks and people listen. I am hoping that she will endorse my project. I think she will because it is all about helping people and that is something she can get behind. I think she can also teach me a lot about how to talk to people. Michael J. Fox has raised more money for Parkinson's than any other individual. He understands fundraising and he understands illness. I think he is another amazing person. This is a cause that would walk hand in hand with what he is already doing. Yeah, I can see him getting behind this. I would love to work with him. You get enough people working on something and things actually happen. And the guy that founded The Smile of The Child knows how to run a successful non-profit. He is already doing what I want to do. I can learn tons from him. His non-profit became what I envision mine becoming.... more. It started out doing one thing and it just kept evolving until it now does TONS of things. Why? Because there is so much need. There is so much suffering and people kept coming to him and he found a way to fill it. That is amazingness in action. And that is what I see. So much suffering and I want to fill it. I would band-aid the whole world if I could. Except that I know that a band-aid isn't enough. In order to really do any good at all, you have to make a difference and that means getting at the root of the problem. And THAT is what I really want to do. And that requires finding a whole bunch of special people to step up and say "yes" and commit to helping. And I believe that they will. You just have to give them a forum in which to do it. I want to provide the forum. Because despite it all, I believe that people are really good at heart. At least some of them. Enough of them. So, you got a very long answer to your question...

3) What was the mistake you learned the most from?

My last two disastrous relationships. One was with The Operator and the other was with Flash. I see them both now as teachers. The only reason Flash came into my life was because I didn't learn the lesson from The Operator. Until you learn the lesson, the teachers continue to come. You can blame the teacher, but it really isn't their fault. I signed up for the class, after all. What was this class? Recognizing That My Needs Have Value 101. Another possible name is My Needs Are As Important As Your Needs 101. Or If Your Partner Isn't Looking Out For Your Needs, You Better Step Up and Decide That Your Needs Are Important 101. That lesson was followed up by The Importance of Leaving An Unhealthy Relationship 101. Or Do Not Allow Another Person To Use Guilt, Threats, Apologies, or Make You Responsible For Their Pain To Stay In A Relationship 101. Yep. These were some pretty tough courses, but I learned a lot. I am ready for some new lessons. Taking these same classes over and over is tiresome.


  1. I specialize in difficult questions.
    I always have. Answering them is my life's work.
    Good answers.

  2. Oooh, not me. These would take me a while to answer, but you did a great job!
    I am here from Over 40 follow!

  3. Hiya! stopping in to say HI from the 40 and over Follow Friday blog hop!!!

    Stop over and say hi!
    Susieqtpies Scraps of Life

  4. I read this yesterday, and I don't know why I didn't comment. I loved the clip from Joan of Arcadia...which I have never seen and thought to myself: "Well, there's another good show that I missed." And I laughted at your anti-climatic-climactic comment. Go for it on Thursday girl! Earl was, anti-both...thank goodness. Have a nice rest of the Labor Day weekend.

  5. 10-year-old Andreas Yannopoulos founded the organisation shortly before he died. The title "Child's Smile" is in reference to him as he went out on TV always smiling and urging people to help this effort after his death. His father Costas Yannopoulos runs it...The person you refer to...Machi (woman) is involved in administration. I don't know about your other dinner guests but I will introduce you to Costas when you come to Greece.


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