Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, my matchmaking idea wasn't the resounding success that I was picturing in my mind. However, I am hoping that once you guys see how this works, you will want to participate the next time I give it a whirl. I figure I will give it ten days or so for the idea to settle in and we can try it again. I did have three people that committed to the project. Image found here.

So, that means that I have some suggestions for those three people to follow among the people that I currently read. Don't forget to tell them I sent you!

Ro Magnolia at Soft Winds and Roses
Elizabeth Downie
Juliana at A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

Chris at A Deliberate Life
That one girl at What Was I Saying Again?
Chelsea Talks Smack

Purple Cow:
Liza at Middle Passages
Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla
Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy

Now that you see the end result, I hope that has cleared up any confusion for those of you wondering just how this all worked. I also hope that means you will play along next time. It is so much fun finding blogs you enjoy reading without wading through a bunch you don't!

For those of you scratching your heads, this is the result of yesterday's blog. I copied and pasted it, so you wouldn't have to do the work and go look for it. Here is what you missed:

The Rules of This Matchmaking Event:

1) If you decide that you want to participate, indicate in the comments that you are "in" by saying so in your own unique way. That lets me know that I need to start thinking about your blog/writing style and come up with at least two of my friends that you are not following to suggest that you start following on tomorrow's blog. In other words, I am saving you some work (by not having to scroll through my blogroll) and matching you up to some like-minded writers. Or at least some writers that I think you will enjoy. If I give you more than two blogs that means I am suggesting someone that I think you will enjoy reading, BUT they very well might not follow you back because they have a LARGE following. It is strictly for your pleasure.

2) As soon as you commit to this matchmaking project by saying that you are "in," your first step is to copy/paste this blog and post it on your blog. This thing only works if you pay it forward. Obviously, my name is the first name you write down on the list you are keeping beside your computer. Each person who comments that they are "in" gets added to your list and the same rules apply as above (they copy/paste this to their blog).

3) Tomorrow there will be a post for everyone who participated in this matchmaking project. Each person will now have a couple of new blogs to check out. Comment me back and let me know how I did on my matchmaking. In other words, do you like this concept or not?

(I know this has been confusing because people keep telling me that they don't understand it. So, here's the deal peeps. Copy/paste the blog. Keep a blank sheet of paper beside your computer and write down each person's name who decides to particpate. Think about who among your friends that you follow that person would enjoy reading. Keep thinking until you come up with two of them. Write those two names down beside your friend who is participating. Make sure my name is at the top of your list. I get two names, too. Keep in mind that I am doing the same thing at my house and all of your friends who are participating are also doing the same thing. Tomorrow I will post a list of each person who said that they were "in" with my suggestions of whose blogs they should check out. You should do the same. Your friends should do the same. Look at all of the new blog suggestions you just received from the people who know you best? That would be your blog readers.)


  1. :) omg I was going to paste&copy this but I must come up with the rest of entry (so it's not like I'm going to ignore the rules, trust me). AND thank you for these links, in fact you know what's funny? I was thinking already about who would I chose for you and the first blog that I thought about was Chelsea Talks Smack. You two could be a very successful motivational speakers :) I'm certainly going to look at the other two blogs :D

  2. because I unfollowed her maybe a week ago, lol :) isn't that ironic? (I mean for me, because it's kind of a sign that I maybe should't have)

  3. Very cool idea, Robin. I'll write what I wrote on Kate's blog which is that my blog time is slowly being sucked away from me as work picks up and gets super crazy, so I'm gonna pass this time...but I'd love to participate in the next one if I have more time by then.

    Great comment on my blog, too... I get it. Breaking up with friends certainly does hurt more than breaking up with lovers sometimes.

  4. OK...my experiences are on my blog... what do I do now...find people for you?


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