Saturday, July 10, 2010


Going to try the one word post again. It turned out pretty well last time, but I have no idea how it will work out today. The words you guys offered up are still written down on pieces of paper in my black sequin-covered top hat. Yeah, I have one of those. I bought it for my one and only choreographed karaoke number, Hey Big Spender. Ah... the good old days. Thank you, Liza, for contributing five words or the selection would be very slim. Since, the words were lacking, I pulled out my thesaurus, opened it up, pointed seven times with my eyes closed, and produced seven more words. Hopefully, this will spur you on to give me more words in your comments;-) I also pulled this clip so that you might get an idea of what you're in for with this exercise (don't forget to turn off the sound on my music player at the bottom of the page):

This is going to be fifteen minutes of me puking up whatever comes to mind on whatever word comes out of the hat. Okay, I am shuffling the words and pulling out a word now. The word is: aware.

Aware. Oh boy. What am I aware of today? Well, lots of things actually. Guys, don't read this post. My you-know-what started today, and I woke up at 9am all crampy, and migrainey, and very aware of how much today was going to suck. Yep. Awareness came at 9am and it felt like cramps and a migraine. I took meds for the migraine, but that did nothing for my other problem, so I have been "aware" of that all day long. Yippee.

Today one of the main library branches had local authors there to sign books. I pretty much knew/guessed that all of these local authors would be people who paid to publish their own books. However, I could be wrong and was curious. My aunt also wanted to go because she has written three books, one of which is a children's book. I think that all of them very likely need editing, and I don't want to be the one to tell her where her story has "issues," so I have not volunteered for this job. So, my mom, my aunt and I went. We all split off. As expected, I became aware very quickly that these authors were self published. That is not a road I am willing to travel.

However, there was one young guy in the back with a YA novel that didn't look self published. It wasn't. However, it was a small publisher, and they weren't willing to shell out the money to really publicize his book so that he would actually make any money. I asked him if he had an agent. No, he did not. He dealt directly with the publisher. Aha, says I. I am aware that this wasn't such a great idea. I asked him if this was a series. He says it is. I ask him if intends to stick with the same publisher. No, he is going to look for an agent. I tell him that shows good awareness and is a smart move. I suggest he get on blogger and start networking. Lots of agents here and sites that teach how to write a stand-out query letter, etc.

He thanks me and I leave. As I walk away, I ponder my own need to always be so helpful to other people. What is this intrinsic do-gooderness inside that can't help but want others to succeed, and pushes them forward whether they ask for it or not. Yes, I am aware of this. No, I can't seem to stop myself. Chances are good that I will get the whole world published before I get myself published by working very hard at getting them to their final destination. What is up with that????

My other plan for the library was to check out some YA books. I need to know what the muss and the fuss is about people. Well, as I peruse the YA room, all I am really aware of is the terrible cramping in my abdominal area. God help me, I wanted to hurt someone. That is probably stuff that happens in those YA books, right? People lose it over that kind of thing? Well, anytime I found a book that looked good, it was part of a series and they didn't have the first one. I was ready to throw rocks. Yes, I am aware that I was probably over-reacting at this point. However, my mom and my aunt are ready to go home. I know this because I am psychic and can feel their negative energy from the floor above me. I am downstairs. I am really AWARE.

Finally, I find the new books and the Barry Lyga book, GOTH GIRL RISING, is sitting there. You know what? It may be part of a series, but I grabbed it and ran. I have heard nothing but high praise about Barry Lyga for weeks now. There have been book giveaways going on and Barry Lyga Rocks, for those of you not keeping up (or who not AWARE).

I then wanted to reserve the new Janet Evanovich books for mom and me. Easier said than done. The computers were slow, my cramps were gaining ground, my migraine had hit the roof, and I was ready to cry at the terminal. Did you know that crying in the library makes you look really over emotional and a little crazy? I mean are you aware of this fact? Well, I am aware of this, so I decided to forgo the cry and take my request to the desk and have them do the reserving.

The woman at the desk was very aware that the computer terminals can be terribly slow and was very sympathetic. She reserved the Evanovich books, no problem. Well, then I asked her to reserve the Charlaine Harris books. The first two in the True Blood series (or Sookie something or other). I had looked them up online downstairs and tried to remember the titles, but didn't write them down. My memory is terrible and I am aware of this, so I should have written them down. I knew one of them at the time. Now, it eludes me. And she reserved it. It was the second one that I was completely wrong on. So, she tried looking on Amazon. The problem is this woman is a prolific writer and she doesn't limit herself to just this series. Sigh. Yeah, I am aware that I am now taking up time in the line while people collect behind me. My mom is now looking for me. I wave her off and tell her it will just be a few more minutes.

The woman at the desk calls downstairs to the YA librarian. I can only hear our end of the conversation.

Her: No, that title is from another series entirely.

Her: I am on

Her: I know it is confusing.

Her: We have already reserved the first one. It is the second one we are looking to reserve.

Her: You are on the author site. You are sure that is the second title. Thank you.

And that ended that. The line was completely backed up. I was fully aware of that. However, all of my books are reserved. Going to the library isn't as easy as it used to be. I wasn't aware of that before I left home. Now, I am.

*I appreciate your comments and a few more words to add to my hat. Thanks!*


  1. haha my uncle paid to have his book - sort of a memoir - published. I have this book at home but I just can't seem to get through it. I'm stuck at page 11. Which is stupid, because, it doesn't matter how bad this book is - I should be more curious about my family than I am...;/ This post was so cool you know? And crying in any public place, social situation (other than a funeral, a wedding, watching "Titanic" in cinema) will make you look crazy :) But that also applies to laughing (sometimes I suddenly recall something funny in a bus and I can't resist laughing and I think everyone thinks I'm a total lunatic!). And by the way that video of Gilmore Girls is absolute classis.

    if I were to suggest you one word it would be: whimsical. or ill-equiped. or cupcake haha :)

  2. The reason you likely can't get past page 11 is that self-published books are poorly written. They need editing in the worst way. There are many good "concepts" out there for novels that don't make it past an agent b/c the agent sees too much work to get it edited properly (meaning, they don't think the writer can do it and it would require an outside party to really whip it into shape).

    As far as crying in public... I have cried while reading or watching a movie too many times to count. I just didn't want to have a breakdown because I couldn't get the computer terminal to load the list of books to reserve. That borders too closely on the fringe of crazy. I was afraid I would launch into the explanation of cramps and migraines, etc. You know that really wouldn't have made it better....

    Thanks for the words. I have added all three to the tophat. Can't imagine what will happen when cupcake gets pulled. That could very well turn out a lot like the Lorelei video ending with the monkey underpants:-)

  3. My awareness of the first subject is completely on a timetable. I know the exact time every month, when my day will begin to go downhill. I am also aware of the whole agent thing and I wish it was easier to find one. Unfortunately, I am aware that as a first time author in a very popular genre, I better writer one kick a$$ query letter if I ever want an agent to request my manuscript! :)

  4. My brain shuts down when it gets focused on a tasks so it avoids the Monkey underpants situation.


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