Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last week I tried something and it didn't work out very well. I am sure that has never happened to any of you. I have had a week to think about where I went wrong. I think that the whole thing went south because I used the words blog hop when it wasn't a blog hop. I wanted to use terminology that people would understand and relate to, but that was a bad idea in this case.

Here is a better example of what this was intended to be: I have a friend at work and a neighbor who are a lot a like and I think they would get along really well. I know them both, but they have never met. I want to arrange an introduction. After that, well it is up to the neighbor and the work friend to see how it goes. If they do get along, they might introduce me to some of their friends and their new friend to some of their other friends. And so on.

Here's the thing about this little party that I have thought long and hard on for a week. I don't want to hear about whether or not you are in this go-round. That didn't work. It has occurred to me that the only way that this is truly going to work is if you read this blog and you like the idea. At that time, you decide you want to PAY IT FORWARD. You make that decision whether there is anything in it for you or not. I did it last week and got NOTHING out of it in terms of personal gain. I received ABUNDANCE out of it in terms of enjoying the delight that my friends got in discovering new blogs.

I haven't made a definitive decision on how often I will do this thing. Maybe weekly, if I can. I am going to have a PAY IT FORWARD day. I will select a few bloggers and match you up with some of my friends that I think you will enjoy reading. Hopefully, that arrangement will become reciprocal. If not, I still think you will enjoy reading them. I have some blogs like that. They have a large following and I just enjoy reading them and it's all good.

What do you have to do? Nothing. You can choose to PAY IT FORWARD on your blog or not. You can do it once a week, once a month, or never. There are no rules to this thing. If I select you and give you blogs to read, do you have to give me blogs to read back? Absolutely not. It is a gift. That is what paying it forward is all about.

Debra Schubert at Write on Target:
Lucy March
Phoenix at Res Ipsa Loquitur
Purple Cow at Australian in Athens

Mitzi at ~Southern Style~:
Ro Magnolia at Soft Winds and Roses
Kate at The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
Sharon at Musings of a Mercurial Woman

Red Shoes Chronicles:
That one girl at What Was I Saying Again?
Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy
Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla

Let me know what you think about the blogs. I, obviously, like them all. But they might or might not be a good fit for you. I am curious to see how it all turns out. And make sure you let them know I sent you if you leave a comment. Thanks! Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. Ok, so this sounds very intriguing... it did last week, also, but I wasn't sure how to do it! I'm feeling very... dense!

    I would like to participate. So do I need to go on my blog and do this? Or should I just post here a few blogger that I think you would enjoy??


  2. This is now a PAY IT FORWARD thing. If you like the concept, pick a couple of your friends. Explain the concept sorta like I did, then match them up with a few blogs that you think they would enjoy reading. They may decide to PAY IT FORWARD on their blog. Or not. If people like this idea I will probably keep doing it. I like to spread happiness and love:-)

  3. OK... I'm game.... you will have to tell me if I screw up though... ;o)


  4. I was like, THIS IS SOOO CUTE! Then I saw you picked me as a read. Awww!

    Okay I'm going to try this though I am TERRIBLE at setting people up. I'm like the girl that introduces you to someone you eventually hate. Yeah, I'm talented.

  5. @Shoes ~ Your part is pretty easy. I have made three suggestions on blogs that I think you will like. You will either like them or you won't;-) Then, you can decide if you want to embrace this idea on your page. Finding blogs you love is wonderful. This is just a way to help your friends out. You can do it as often as you like (or not).

  6. I'm looking forward to checking out Debra and Lucy's blogs. I know what you feel like when you have two friends that should totally meet and become bff's and it's hard when that enthusiasm feels like it's met with crickets.

    I wouldn't say you tried something that didn't work; what I would say is that a lot of bloggers are inherently a little shy, and are so busy combing through the blogs they already do follow that to feel like they have an assignment to get to know more bloggers might be a little bit overwhelming.

    But I think your idea to make it a consistent thing (like you have with Here's To You Thursdays) will help people catch on and realize it's not that overwhelming.

    Your heart is so generous and lovely, and people can't help but respond to that :)

  7. I went to the lucy march site. I like her.
    Good idea robin.

  8. My matchmaking skills are disastrous! I'm lousy at making choices for myself let alone others when it comes to setting people up. But I will check my grouping out and of course you know that I already know and love Phoenix...

    Come to think of it...I have met some of the nicest people from your blog! So thanks!

  9. Well done my friend. I am now following Soft Winds & Roses, (not the first time I have found myself on her blog) and Musings of a Mercurial Woman...


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