Monday, July 19, 2010


I have an idea for a variation on the blog hop. Many of you have participated in blog hops. Many of you have not. I have. I have found a few really wonderful blogs via the blog hop. However, as you know, there are a lot of people who participate in blog hops just to bump their numbers (in terms of followers). In other words, they don't come back to my blog after that initial visit and they can't possibly read the 600+ blogs they follow every day.

So what is this idea? I think that as writers we all want to find new blogs that we would enjoy reading and we want other bloggers to find us (who will actually read our blog). I have discovered some of my favorite blogs by meandering through my friends' blogrolls. In other words, if I like what YOU write, chances are reasonable that I will probably like some of the people that you read.

If you participate you are to copy/paste everything below this into your blog. You can copy/paste the entire blog if you want.

The Rules of This Matchmaking Event:

1) If you decide that you want to participate, indicate in the comments that you are "in" by saying so in your own unique way. That lets me know that I need to start thinking about your blog/writing style and come up with at least two of my friends that you are not following to suggest that you start following on tomorrow's blog. In other words, I am saving you some work (by not having to scroll through my blogroll) and matching you up to some like-minded writers. Or at least some writers that I think you will enjoy. If I give you more than two blogs that means I am suggesting someone that I think you will enjoy reading, BUT they very well might not follow you back because they have a LARGE following. It is strictly for your pleasure.

2) As soon as you commit to this matchmaking project by saying that you are "in," your first step is to copy/paste this blog and post it on your blog. This thing only works if you pay it forward. Obviously, my name is the first name you write down on the list you are keeping beside your computer. Each person who comments that they are "in" gets added to your list and the same rules apply as above (they copy/paste this to their blog).

3) Tomorrow there will be a post for everyone who participated in this matchmaking project. Each person will now have a couple of new blogs to check out. Comment me back and let me know how I did on my matchmaking. In other words, do you like this concept or not?

(I know this has been confusing because people keep telling me that they don't understand it. So, here's the deal peeps. Copy/paste the blog. Keep a blank sheet of paper beside your computer and write down each person's name who decides to particpate. Think about who among your friends that you follow that person would enjoy reading. Keep thinking until you come up with two of them. Write those two names down beside your friend who is participating. Make sure my name is at the top of your list. I get two names, too. Keep in mind that I am doing the same thing at my house and all of your friends who are participating are also doing the same thing. Tomorrow I will post a list of each person who said that they were "in" with my suggestions of whose blogs they should check out. You should do the same. Your friends should do the same. Look at all of the new blog suggestions you just received from the people who know you best? That would be your blog readers.)


  1. I like this concept! I'm in - although if you mention me to someone, then I would just like to say that I'm not as tempermental as I come across in today's blog, I promise I'm not! I doubt very much that you could find someone similar to me, which is only a good thing, I think!

    I shall blog about this in the morning!

  2. Kate - I am going to suggest two bloggers that I follow that I think you will like. I am going to leave you a longer message on your site so that I know that you actually my message. But I am so glad that you decided to participate!!!

  3. OMG I don't get it at all! Am I supposed to copy&paste this entry into my blog and also do the same thing, which is the whole finding blogs for people and etc? You know what, you must LOVE (note the irony) having such a follower as me: I don't understand most of the things and I'm constantly whining. I'm like one of these irritating anime characters that are jumping all over the screen, they're loud and stupid and yada yada yada :) Okay. I'm done with this rant. I think I like this concept, or to be precise, I like the first half of this concept that I actually get :P But don't be surprised if I mess everything up hah

  4. what am I supposed to do...say "I'm in!" and now do I copy/paste this onto my blog? How exciting...I've never done a blog hop before.

  5. @Purple Cow ~ I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but you still haven't done a blog hop. This is a creation by Robin.

  6. see? now this makes much more sense and even someone like me gets it :) as far as I'm concerned, I think it would take me some time to come up with all that's there to come up with (ha. ha.) because we follow a bunch of the same people.

  7. Hey Sunshine....I have been delayed responding to you because I've been at the Dr. all afternoon....I am one very sick puppy! Going to HP in the am for more as much as I would like to, I can't commit right now...but if you decide to do this all means COUNT ME IN! It's a given

  8. Robin, this is so true. This is how I found most of my favorite meandering through my favorite blogs blog roll.I do agree, most blog hops are to boost numbers and who could possibly follow all those blogs. They have their place but to find blogs that you really enjoy reading, you have to do some leg work!I'm a little confused on the concept of this though.I'm going to have to reread in the morning, with my full capabilities..not half asleep:)Happy Tuesday!

  9. Hang on...I wrote about someone who died today and it would not be respectful to do a cheerful copy/paste of this message for blog hop under today's post (sorry, I'm not as groundbreaking as Misery). I will do it tomorrow...or do I miss the train...?

    By the way, I still don't get the hopping bit of the blog "hop".

  10. Been out of the loop on personal business, so my blogging has been sparse, to say the least. That said, I'm really rather a contradiction. I'm reclusive and don't have the "social networking" gene, but I blog - humm. Awards and blog hops probably won't get passed on by me. I am who I am and I accept myself.
    I love to read your blog, Robin. I love your comments on mine. Thanks for including me in the past.


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