Sunday, June 20, 2010


Going to try something new and different today. I have no idea how it will work out. That is what makes it new and different. I took the words you guys offered up, wrote them down on pieces of paper, and them tossed them into my black sequin-covered top hat. Yeah, I have one of those. I bought it for my one and only choreographed karaoke number, Hey Big Spender. Ah... the good old days. Thank you, Liza, for contributing five words or the selection would be very slim. Yenta Mary, I googled "happify" and the online OED couldn't give me a definition for your word, so if it gets pulled that will be interesting. And very likely incorrect usage of the word will ensue. Since, the words were lacking, I pulled out my thesaurus, opened it up, pointed four times with my eyes closed, and produced four more words. Hopefully, this will spur you on to give me more words in your comments;-) I also pulled this clip so that you might get an idea of what you're in for with this exercise (don't forget to turn off the sound on my music player):

That was only thirty seconds. You watched it and thought "train wreck or totally cool." Either way, it could go like that. Or, I might actually latch onto an idea with your word, producing something cohesive with my fifteen minutes of writing time. Anyway, I am mixing up the words and pulling one out now. The words

I know a lot of people really like to shop. I am not one of them. When I was a teenager I loved to shop. For clothes. For me. It was really all about me. Me and my clothes. I really wasn't interested in shopping for anyone else. In fact, when I would go shopping with my best friend in high school that about drove me nuts. I loved her to death but shopping with her was a nightmare. She is a Libra. It was constantly, "Should I buy the blue one or the pink one?" It was always a debate. It could go on like that forever. I was like get them both for crying out loud. Whatever. It was the Libra. The scales. "But I really like this one. But I also really like this one." Egads. Somebody shoot me. Usually I would just grab one and say, "Buy this one. We're leaving." I'm Aries. I don't have time for that crap. Just choose already. Yeah, probably not the nicest friend. But I did pick the one that looked the best. Moving on...

Shopping. I still don't like shopping. I really don't. Not even for me. I really don't like it. I went through a phase of catalog shopping. I got a gadzillion catalogs just to avoid shopping. The mall. The worst of all shopping. If I never went into another mall I would be a very happy person. My last mall trip was with H-Girl to a Build A Bear Birthday Party. Awful. Terrible. People everywhere. Where do all the people come from? They are all insane. It was around Christmas and the insanity was dripping off of people like sweat. Eeeks. Terrible place.

I do sort of like Kohls. And Target. But it has to be in and out. My mother says that I should spend time at Lowe's and Home Depot if I want to meet a man. I should just walk around and look lost. Well, I can master that easily enough. I have that look down pat. Lost in a home supply store. Done. Woman without a clue. Except I did sell maintenance supplies for ten years so I sort of have a clue. I just don't know exactly how to do the job, but I do know what a lot of the stuff is and the general concept of how to do the job. But I can act clueless really well.

My best case of clueless is at the air fill up for your tires. There I really am a woman without a clue. I cannot do that no matter how hard I try. I have that down to an art form. I can stand at an air pump at a gas station ~ any gas station ~ for a matter of minutes and look helpless enough and some man will help me. I mean he will put the air in my tires. Sometimes it is because he wants to use the air hose, but still it will happen. It is surefire and without fail. I have never in 42 years put air in my own tires and that is no lie. I am excellent at looking clueless at the air hose station and it is because I am truly without clue. I let more air out of the tire than in. I hate that air hose thing. It must radiate off of me. My disdain for the air hose filler.

What were we talking about? Shopping. Have you ever noticed how cold it is in the grocery stores? I hate that. In the summer I always forget to bring my jacket in the store and then I freeze the entire time I am in there. My teeth are chattering by the time I hit the checkout. I am sure my lips are blue. You would think it would just be the frozen foods area, but it is everywhere. Cold cold cold. In the winter it is so dang hot that I am sweating to death. What is the deal with that? I think that they are trying to make people sick. Just a thought.

I still have two more minutes and not really anything more to say on shopping. I still don't like it and avoid going whenever possible. Make that one minute because I became lazy and stared at the keyboard. So, do you honestly like to shop? If so, you are demented. I mean someone to be admired. Time's up. Yay!

**Well, that was fun. I didn't go back and do much fixing by way of grammar and such. Just let those run on sentences run on. It was part of the process. Let me know what you thought of the exercise and throw some more words my way. I will add them to the hat. It, once again, has a purpose. It is thrilled to no longer be tucked away in the corner on the top shelf of the guest room closet.


  1. Target is FREEZING. I've been known to buy a sweatshirt while shopping just because I'm cold!

    Anyway thanks for the tip about the driver's license thing. I never thought of that...whew. Bullet dodged!

  2. Wow, I thought *I* was the Queen of Clueless in these areas! But I've had to put air in my own tires, so I guess I will relinquish my crown ... :( "Happify" is a fabulous word; it means simply "to make happy." Not sure why it fell out of use, but I read it in a book about a guy who read the entire OED. How geeky does that make ME -- I read books about people who not only read books, but who read dictionaries!!!

  3. I despise shopping ... with the exception of garage sales and farmer's markets both of which I ADORE. So I'll throw out another word for you ... sorry, missed yesterday's post.

    My Word: junk

    Have fun with that one! :D

  4. um, I spend waaaaaaaaaay too much money at kohls...and therefore should avoid it at all
    With the air really have to push.
    I suck at it too.
    Good concept.

  5. what I hate is when people tell me - "you feel bad/depressed/etc? go shopping for clothes, this will make you feel better!". and that's SO untrue. I need to feel AMAZING to go shopping, otherwise it won't work out. In general, the only kind of shopping is: for books and food (but I like only one big store where they have loads of really expensive food and what I like to do is to just watch all these coffees, teas and ecological products haha). and I might be weird but I prefer to go shopping alone.

    aaand: yes, steal "where the hell is mat", actually I think that the more people see it the better, because it IS amazing. it made me cry, too. and about my nickname 'misery' - maybe I should make a post about where it came from haha, because it's not really because I'm so...eer, miserable? and, haha, that thing about my hair colour was directed at you - but it is because, you know, I often don't make myself clear (because English is not my first language and what's obvious to me is not obvious for others). so I though I'd clear that up :) and, by the way, I love your comments as much as this blog of yours :)


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