Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is the day to stop in and see if you made the dedication list. That came out wrong. It made it sound like a contest. The beauty is that everyone makes the dedication list sooner or later. Some of you make it over and over. Yes, it is that day again. What day is that you ask? How can you have forgotten? Drum roll please. It is HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY, of course! The very best day of the blogging week. It is the precursor to the best day of the work week.

To recap for any newbies to this event: The best (or worst) part is that I am not going to explain why I chose "whatever" footage for each of you. If, you watch your footage and are scratching your head at the end, well that means I didn't do a very good job. However, all is not lost. You can email me at and ask me what I was thinking when I chose that particular piece of footage off of youtube and connected it to you. And then I will tell you. Then I will start sending up prayers that I haven't offended the crap out of whoever is on the receiving end of that Because, honestly, I will tell you right now... I admire all of you enormously so I really hope that doesn't happen.

Also, this is not an exclusive venture by any means. I hope that you will take the time to watch ALL of the footage because I don't pick bad footage:-) I also hope that you might check out the blog of the person I dedicated the footage to because they are pretty darn awesome. If you haven't figured this out yet... I pick the footage based on something that you've written or something that I've gleaned from your personality. Think on that for a while... Lastly, don't forget to turn off my music player at the bottom of the page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, let's get this PARTY STARTED!!!!

This one is for everyone:

This one is for Kim at Saving My Life: A Weight Loss/PCOS Blog:

This one is for Kate at The Cow Jumped Over The Moon:

This one is for Yenta Mary at Food Floozie:

This one is for Miss Angie at My So-Called Chaos:

This one is for Linda at BarMitzvahzilla:

This is for Becky at Farmgirl Paints:

This one is for Liza at Middle Passages:

The embed feature has been disabled. Click here to watch the video.


  1. I get it and it made me smile. I loved the others too, the hugs, the coffee. I've traveled to a few new blogs. Thanks Robin!

  2. LOL! I started laughing before I even began watching when I saw "Tweet Your Feelings". lol! Yes, it is perfect. I'm still laughing and you know what? I DO feel like people care when I tweet. lol and I only have 8 followers!! hahahaha

  3. Okay, am I really THAT transparent that you not only know that I've been compared to the hyper-verbose and eternally perky Lorelai, but that I also own a shiny red travel mug for the coffee that every good insomniac can't survive without??? That was priceless! I always love to see what you've written, because you possess great wisdom and self-awareness. But I have to admit that the Thursday videos have a special place in my heart ... :)

  4. Well you did good girl. I get it...God working through me and so the chain goes. What an honor to be on your dedication list. I loved that Free Hug video. I may have to use that someday. It was so sweet...and so are you. Thank you for making me smile today:)

  5. I loved Joan of Arcadia! What a great clip. One of my favourite episodes. :)

    And the "free hugs" clip was amazing! Couldn't stop smiling when I watched it. :D

  6. Hi Robin! I just got your comment on my blog - I did leave a comment yesterday about my video, I thought you had to approve it as it didn't show up on here.

    (I love the video you chose: I know exactly why you chose it for me!)

    I popped back last night and wondered why my comment wasn't on here. Huh. How strange!

  7. Robin, thanks for the video! And here's what I have to say 33 years later, I think, after Grease came out: John Travolta was just HOT in that! The 17-year-old in me still has a crush on him! And I still think that Olivia Newton John doesn't cut it for Sandy!


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