Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A couple of days ago I won a contest! Yes, you heard that correctly. I entered a contest on Yenta's Mary's page (the Food Floozie) and won this dish.

Isn't it precious? It is in the mail as I type. I am very much looking forward to its arrival.

I made the rounds of blog reading and happened upon something disconcerting at Java's blog (Never Growing Old). Apparently she got a comment from a brand new blogger that her page had too much distracting stuff on it, and they were not coming back as a result. Java was, at first, offended, and then wondered if this person had a point. She received many encouraging comments that her blog was fine. However, it caused me to ponder my own. One of the points that Java brought up was the length of a blog. Apparently, if your blog takes longer than five minutes to read it is too long. Woah. No wonder it is taking me so much time to pick up followers....

Then there was this video that Misery posted a little more than a week ago on her page. I hate hip hop music. Actually, hate just isn't strong enough to indicate how I feel about hip hop music. I don't like Eminem AT ALL. However, since I post a lot of youtube footage I tend to watch other people's youtube footage. It seems only fair. I watched this video twice on her page, and three times on youtube since. I am reading your blogs and it keeps striking a chord. I think about the oil in the gulf and I think of this song. I think about lost keys, feel overwhelmed, and I think of this song. I think about the people we love dying and I think of this song. I think about life being a marathon, not a sprint, and I think of this song. Now, you're thinking I should have saved it for tomorrow. You're probably right because my footage for Thursday is lousy. (Write more peeps.)

I know what he's talking about in this song. However, life is messy. And there are a lot of situations that need "cleaning up." If Eminem can MAN UP, then I think it is high time that some other people do it, too. Yeah, that is directed at all of you high powered yo-yos wanting a bailout. At BP for not getting the job done. At Mr. President for not jumping in sooner and putting your foot in some oilman a**. And the list goes on.

Don't misunderstand me... I am not lumping my blogwriting friends in with BP and President Obama. I think of my blog writing friends because they, too, are not afraid. I think of the others because they aren't manning up. They are on opposite sides of the same coin ~ worlds apart.

Don't forget to turn off my music player at the bottom of the page.

By the way, I freaking love this song and video. Now I totally have to rethink Eminem.


  1. There's nothing wrong with your blogs - and, may I add, you have way more followers than I do! My problem is that I tend to write the way I talk; and boy, can I talk? :-)

    Congrats on winning the dish, it's really pretty, and I love the color!

  2. Way to go!!! I love your blog and I don't think your posts are too long! It is your blog after all and you have such a way with words, that to try to shorten your posts would indeed not do them justice.

    I did however change my blog :-)

  3. Ok. So, your the one who won that dish and took it from me!! ;) ;) HA HA. And only two words coem to mind when I read your latest blog entry: HELL YES. I completely agree about the "President" and BP. Ugh. Anywho. Great entry! ::Kristin::

  4. Congrats on winning the dish Robin!!

    You do not need to change anything here! From what I have learned from all the comments is that your blog represents YOU and I just happen to love your blog and wouldn't want you to change a thing because it is YOU!!


  5. I love that Eminem rap, mostly because it's got the combination of a rap and a great chorus breaking it up. Have you heard "Airplanes" by B.O.B.? Check it out, Robin, both Part I and Part II, definitely amazing. Part II, once you can make out the lyrics talks about never taking a chance, words that mean a lot to me.

  6. Hey, I meant to ask what part of GA your from? I live in the GA too! :)
    And no problem at all with not commenting on my blog. I really am just glad to have followers! ::Kristin::

  7. Be yourself...
    there would be NOTHING worse than everything being the 8 year old said something like that the other day....she said "wouldn't it be boring if everyone had the same voice"

    I thought that was pretty profound.
    It would be so don't do it.
    Oh, and I puffy heart rap...

  8. haha, I am so HAPPY that you liked this song even though you hate rap!!! :) This is cool. But the song really DOES have very inspiring lyrics and Eminem must be at least a little bit brilliant to have come up with that. I think that the strenght of the message in this song is because he's so blunt about it, you know? And also because everyone knows he's really been into drugs and still, he managed to overcome it. I was just listening to this song today before going to training for a new job and it really works - I wasn't nervous at all. Oh, one more thing about the song: it's so brilliant because - it is about being on the bottom but it also gives hope. AND thanks for that really sweet comment on my terrible post yesterday. It meant a lot. Thank you.

  9. Don't change your blog - be yourself. look at mine - can it get any plainer? that is mine- yours is GREAT.
    Java's is great.
    on another note - being burned by an L3 is so hard isn't it!!! Pain button... i get it.

  10. Yes, please do not change ONE THING! Your blog is are great just how you are. :)


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