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I love you, my commenters. I really do. Linda over at Bar Mitzvahzilla felt the need to remind me that for each one of these characters that I chose, I had to want to "get vertical with them." Well, duh. Ah, but of course. I knew that. That harrowing picture of Barbie and Ken said it all. Again, it is with the character and not the actual person. It is all in your head stuff. It's fantasy, not reality.

Let me remind you again of "Robin's rules." You are looking for PATTERNS among my crushes. Some are fairly obvious and some are a bit more hidden. And I have buttons or awards for your sidebar to acknowledge your cleverness. Since I don't have a blog topic today, we are just going to get down to it (that being the hot fictional deliciousness that has kept me awake nights). Don't forget to turn off my music player....

1) I am not posting youtube footage (again) for this one. I have already dedicated footage to this character on behalf of Linda and her crush. She named Danny Zuko of Grease, as played by John Travolta, as one of her five crushes, when she did this award. In turn, on HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY, I dedicated to her some footage. That was my first crush. I saw the movie at the theatre three times (and I wasn't even ten years old). It turns out, that it lives on to this day (the crush). I blow kisses to you, Danny. And it was love...

You can click here if you missed this footage from last week.

2) Angel first showed up in Sunnydale on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He was played by David Boreanz. After three years, it became clear that this vampire was a champion and needed his own show, appropriately called Angel. He moved to Los Angeles and put down roots there. Eventually, he picked up his own crew to help him ward off everything sinister and evil going down in that town. Angel, the vampire with a soul, is determined to save the world, can never know love, and is convinced that no matter how many lives he saves it will never make up for the number he took away (when he was Angelus and without his soul). Oh yeah, it was love...

3) Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, has stopped my heart so many times I am surprised I haven't gone into cardiac arrest watching 24. Fearless, dedicated, devoted, loyal, dangerous, smart, capable, strong, and brave, are only a few of the words I would use to describe the man. Each show has been about a terrorist attack of some variety coming down on this country; Jack Bauer does what needs to be done to stop it. It often gets really ugly and the body count has been high. His personal losses have been extremely painful. Youtube footage on this show is really tough to find. You either got a bunch of action that is a lot of stuff blowing up and gunfire or something like this. I cried when I saw it in real time. I cried when I saw it again. It was love...

4) Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring, on Veronica Mars, didn't steal my heart right away. In fact, he was something of a jerk at the beginning of our relationship. It turns out that all of that stuff I didn't like was covering up this amazing guy. Who knew? That didn't mean that he didn't act like an asshat every now and again, but he was in high school and then college, so there you go. However, I have to admit that I provoked him most of the time. I'm not the easiest person to get along with, either. Our story was "epic." It was love...

5) Gerry Kennedy, played by Gerard Butler, in the movie P.S. I Love You is the husband that every girl/woman wishes she has. And then he dies of cancer. I hope that I am not spoiling this for anyone. But he leaves his wife "surprises" by way of letters that keep coming for a year with instructions to keep her moving forward, so that she keeps going on. He knew her well enough to know that she would get "stuck" and just want to like down and not move. Grief can do that to a person. That is freaking love. If you haven't seen the movie, and I'm telling you that he dies in the beginning, I bet you're wondering how I even know the character of Gerry well enough to love him. She remembers him A LOT. It was love...

6) Luke Danes, played by Scott Patterson, on the oft-mentioned Gilmore Girls has it all going on. He cooks. He's funny. He's willing to go that extra mile. He knows how to do home maintenance. He has a romantic streak. He gives you things like coffee even when he thinks its bad for you. He takes an interest in the little things. It was love...

7) Zack Mayo, played by Richard Gere, stopped hearts everywhere in the movie An Officer and a Gentlemen. I know that I will never forget the first time I saw it. I wanted to stand up and clap at the end, except that I couldn't see anything because I was crying too hard. That was also the day I learned to appreciate a man in uniform. Dress uniform. Whew. I am giving you two clips. The first one is short and is dialogue. It is one of the "meat" scenes of the film. However, the other is a montage and gives you a sense of what the film was all about, with the added bonus of the ending. It was love...

8) Hawkeye Pierce, played by Alan Alda, on M*A*S*H was a regular fixture in my living room growing up. It was one of the only shows that my dad and I enjoyed equally. Hawkeye was the kind of guy that I always wanted to marry. He was funny, smart, extremely loyal (if he made a commitment), honest, empathetic, and able to make the best out a bad situation. I think I forgot handsome. He was also very good looking. Hawkeye was the person I wanted to have my back. That isn't to say he never fell down or messed up. Why am I explaining this one? Who has never watched this show and doesn't know who this character is???? It was love...


  1. Robin, you're killing me! Again with the exact same taste!! Of course Angel (you know what a Buffy fan I am - and I'd throw Spike on this list after he got his soul for good measure) and even though I never watched "24," Kiefer Sutherland HELL YEAH. I've also got a mad crush on Gerard Butler (check out the movie "Letters from Frankie" if you want to see the HOTTEST movie kiss ever, let alone hottest Gerard Butler kiss) and I've always been on Team Luke and Lorelai. (sighs happily).

    Girl, you rock.

  2. Oh, I don't know - I have crushes on girls, but I don't want to get all down and dirty with them! Jack Bauer? Now I most certainly *would* get down and dirty with him!

  3. Haha! The word verification for my last comment was phroar, lol!

  4. I love Kiefer, so hot!

    I am a new follower from Follow Me Back Friday, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  5. Following you via FMBT. Pls follow me back too @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/

  6. Great great choices. How hot was Angel when he first showed up on Buffy. One of the great classic romeo and juliet love stories on TV! My hubs played hockey with him a lot when we lived in LA. He was not a very good skater, but very enthusiastic!

    I'm a fan of Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights. I can't believe I've reached the point in my life when I like the Dad on a TV show. Though that Tim Riggins is hot as hell!!!

    New follower in the house from FMBT! So glad to be here, hope you'll return the favor!

    Lost of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  7. Gilmore Girls, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Hawkeye. You nailed those girl!

  8. I am your newest follower from follow me back tuesdays.

  9. I am your new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by.

  10. You were correct...more hunks....I definitely see a pattern here...more than one actually...and it really is scary how many shows we have in common!

  11. So - after watching "P.S. I love you" I totally fell in love with this movie. It made me cry every single time (and it was good kind of crying, it was sort of a relief) and I loved it so much that I bought the book on which it was based on - and the book was...and that's the first time something like this happened...so much WORSE than the movie.

    And, these patterns, you know...this is something I've never thought about. I may like completely different tv shows than you do, but thinking about these patterns is always helpful, it helps figure out certain things. Wow.


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