Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have several thoughts running circles in my head, but I feel certain that they are related. We shall see if they meet at the end of this post...

I have a stack of bills that I have been meaning to pay for weeks now. Every night when I get into bed I have a variation on the same conversation with myself, "Tomorrow you really need to get those bills paid." I can see the stack from where I am sitting. They are still unpaid.

Before my life completely disintegrated back in 2006, my mother came to my house for Christmas in 2005. She nearly keeled over. I had unopened bills (and other assorted mail) scattered throughout the house. The dining room table. The kitchen counter. The couch. The coffee table. The end tables. The office. And the list goes on. I think she might have found some in the laundry room. Could I explain this behavior at the time? No. My migraines were off the charts and I was about to lose everything. But why I was decorating my house with the mail? Not a clue.

A few months later I went to a Divorce Recovery Class, at a local church, and one of the things that they indicated was common after divorce was behavior like the above. It happens a lot if you are financially sinking. It is a defense mechanism that your brain turns on to fool you. Or for you to fool yourself. Whatever. It doesn't really work. When the electric company turns out your lights, and you find yourself in the dark because you haven't paid your bill, reality sets in quickly.

Some of you have embraced my week of crushes and others have gnashed your teeth, waiting for it to end. For me, it was a coping mechanism come out to play. My migraines have been cranking up the volume. We are in a season of thundercrackers. The changes in barometric pressure do not help. However, it is really my personal stress that is getting me. I have to take this online course and then I can officially file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The course is $35 and I am dragging my heels. I did my first phone call to get my SSD stuff going yesterday. That was a place I never really wanted to go. I fought that for four years and my parents are paying the price. Pride can be a real bitch. Sometimes it's the thing that keeps you standing, and other times it's the thing that brings you to your knees.

Last, but not least, there is the case of the missing car key. I sold my van to my uncle, but I only had one of the two remote car keys. It turns out that Dodge has made their keys in such a way that getting a duplicate key will only allow you to open the door. A duplicate will not keep the car running. After 10 seconds the car shuts off. So, we have been searching high and low for the second key. My step-dad has been bringing boxes from the storage unit, my mom has sorted through them, and, for a good bit of it has made the decisions on where it goes from there. However, a lot of it has come back to me. Keep? Trash? Goodwill? This is every day. If you're thinking that this doesn't sound stressful, well it probably isn't to the average person. Just thinking about this, cranks my migraine up. You see, this is how the key went missing in the first place. What I decide is trash or Goodwill today, might become vitally important four years from now.

Pride. That is the problem here. I don't want to pay the bills because when I run out of money I will have to ask my dad for more. If I don't pay the bills, I still have money. I don't want to take the online course, because if I don't take it then I can't file for bankruptcy. Will I file eventually? Of course. I have to file. I have no other choice. I am just staving it off temporarily. SSD is already in motion and I need it. My pride is already taking its licks there, and I can't do anything about that. The key. Well, I hate that key. I hate that I can't remember that key. I have zero recollection of where that key last lived in my house, so I have no idea what box it might be in. I hate that it might have gotten pitched along with a bunch of other keys that I determined to be useless. I hate that I just DON'T KNOW. What I hate most of all is that most people would know because it is the key to the vehicle that they were currently driving. Most people stay on top of important things like keys. My mother knows where all of her important keys are. As do my father, brother, and the rest of my extended family, I am sure. I am the only whack job in the bunch who can't keep track of keys. Important keys.

And so, I needed a distraction from all of that pressure and stress. Frankly, I still do. So, please take a moment and look over my crushes from last week. You don't even need to watch the footage to get an idea of my patterns. You can pick up a lot just from READING the descriptions to play along. I need some fun. I keep thinking of Donny Osmond from the last season of Dancing with the Stars (that I watched) when they showed a clip of him and he said, "What can we do to make this fun?" He was having trouble learning the dance move. They then flashed to an interview with his family and they asked about him, and one of his kids said that one thing their dad was notorious for saying was, "What can we do to make this fun?" You gotta like someone who doesn't just want to get through life, but wants to make it fun for the people around him.

I am just trying to make this fun.

Now, I am going to pay those bills, which is not fun, but I have to do it.


  1. Robin...oh dear sweet Robin...I am extending the biggest hug imaginable to you through all of these fiber optics! Can you feel it?

    You are NOT a wack job! You have an extreme amount of stress and pressure on you, which is NEVER fun. Kind of makes you want to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world.

    Keep your head up, you WILL survive this and you will be even stronger than you thought possible in the end.

    Now, for my gift of distraction to you, I am off to my blog to make my second post of the day, since you were so sweet to honor me with that gawd awful award. (insert Big cheesy grin here) Prepare yourself to be surprised, shocked and amazed. :-)

  2. Ugh, I totally know how you feel... I haven't been through a divorce, but I let the mail pile up unopened because I can't face the debt. Mostly the debt I gained when I lived with my ex, so maybe it's related...

  3. Dang! It's depressing to pay bills if there isn't enough to pay them with. I;m sure most of us have been there at one time or another Robin. You gotta put you in charge kiddo and do the one step in front of the other. Give yourself 15 minutes today to do crappy stuff and then just go for broke during those 15 minutes. When the time is up (set a timer on the stove if you have to), then you can relax and take some deep breaths. Pretend it's a game and you gotta make sure you at least come out in a tied position or out front. Tomorrow you can do 30 minutes. YEAH for you Robin! Baby step it girl! Pam

  4. well, I lose keys all the time.
    Don't feel bad. My brain is running constantly and sometimes it lets go of facts I deeem irrelevant, only to find later that it wasn't irrelevant.
    Dark hair...that is the pattern.
    You like dark haired guys.
    short hair.
    you like guys with a sense of humor.
    the underdog.
    the least or less noticed.

  5. I hate that you are dealing with all of this. Pam has great advice. I believe that if you try to do what she suggests, you may actually find a way to make even a tiny bit of fun. I'm pulling for you.

  6. Robin - I want you to reach through my screen and give you a big hug. You are incredibly brave to write all of this down - I don't care what you say, you are. I really hope that things start to get better for you. Much love xx


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