Thursday, March 18, 2010


I apologize for double-posting you (particularly, after that long read), but I have to put something on my facebook blog and my other blog would not have gone over AT ALL.

Mom is getting a lot of blog time this week, and it isn't even Mother's Day. We were at the CVS Pharmacy today waiting on her prescription to be filled, and she says, "Let's meander around the store while we wait." She heads straight for the sales aisle. I was already mentally puzzling over my blog, because I got nothing from my time in the Think Tank, and was feeling a bit put out. As I watched her give each item such focused attention, my brain took a trip down memory lane.

I asked her, "Do you remember how mortified I was as a teenager every time you dragged me into Odd Lots (they are now Big Lots)?"

She laughed and nodded, "You would complain that someone from school might see you in there, and how would you ever live with the embarrassment? My response was 'if they saw you, they were in there, too!'" By now, I am laughing with her, knowing that she's right. Then she says, "Then you'd say, 'What if they see me from the STREET?'"

Egads. I really don't know how mothers don't kill their young when turn into teenagers.

So, do you have any teenagers at home that are driving you crazy? Has this reminded you of something that you did to your mom? Are you now thinking about an apology call to mom? Or do you now just want to go shopping at Big Lots? Whatever, just curious to hear your thoughts...

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  1. I'll be in my mid 50s when Twitchy becomes a teenager... No doubt I'll be a bit doolally by then!

    I can remember one time from my early teens that my mum REALLY embarrassed me... She had this really old car that she loved and we were driving past a boy in the year about me at school who I had the most massive crush on... As we drove past, her exhaust pipe fell off... :o( Everyone in the street turned around to stare, including the boy... I can remember the humiliation to this day! lol


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