Friday, March 12, 2010


Sharon sent me this award yesterday. Sharon is one of my favorite writers, who actually follows me, and leaves thoughtful and provocative comments. She recently was on hiatus and it is a relief to have her back. She likes to shake things up by sometimes writing poetry, sometimes it's commentary on the day, and, somehow, it's always lyrical. I don't know quite how she does that. Kudos though. Now, back to this award... It challenges the recipient to tell outrageous lies, I mean indulge in creative writing, and I shall do my best. However, this reminds me a bit of that game Balderdash. That is a game I was really good at in my head and really terrible at in real life. Moving on... I am supposed to nominate seven people after I produce my creative gems. Unfortunately, I don't think I have seven followers who are a) interested in this sort of thing, b) haven't already been nominated, or c) actually read my blog. It is a pickle. It doesn't say I have to choose people who follow me, so I can choose people who I think are wonderful writers, but who think my work is sucky. Okay, I can work with that. Fortunately, I do have a couple of people who actually like my writing, and leave lovely comments so all is not LOST. Sorry, had to go there. Moving on...

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself and at least one outrageous truth.
5. Nominate 7 creative writers who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

My outrageous answers:
1. When I lived in New York City, I used to get my hair done after hours for cheap at this fancy dancy hair salon. The trainees practiced on the poor folk like me. Anyway, while I was sitting there, I heard this voice next to me and realized that none other than Cher was in the chair next to mine. Who could mistake that voice? I almost fainted. I wanted to ask for an autograph but I knew my stylist would KILL me or hack my hair ~ whatever. I had to settle for stolen glances. It's my brush with fame story.
2. On my first date with my first college boyfriend, I was so nervous that I drank way too much alcohol and I ended up puking all over him and the interior of his car. He still went out with me after that. Can you believe it?
3. My favorite thing to do every summer was to go to camp. My favorite activity was riflery. By the time I graduated high school I was a sharpshooter. Bang!
4. In high school I was the most popular girl in school. Not only was I voted "Most Popular" in the yearbook, I was head cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and my boyfriend was the quarterback of the football team. Go Wildcats!
5. I have been to every state in the US except Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington State.
6. I love shoes. I really love high heeled shoes. The higher the heel, the more I love the shoes. I like feeling TALL.
7. I have had seven fender benders in my driving career.

I am nominating:

1. Purple Cow/Australian In Athens ~ She never fails to deliver a thought-provoking blog every day. Sometimes she makes me laugh. Just the other day she made me cry. She always makes me think. It's always one of my favorite reads of the day.

2. Patsy ~ I am a fairly new reader to Patsy's blog, as she is to mine. However, I find her to be very insightful as a commenter on my work and I have great admiration for her as a writer and a human being. She doesn't just talk about doing the right thing; she does it. Her moral compass points true north. As long as she keeps posting, I'll keep reading.

3. Phoenix ~ I feel a bit guilty even giving her this award. She is so busy right now AND she has probably gotten it about a million times. She is one of my favorite writers because she is so funny. I just love the way that she tells a story. I have bragged on her before when I was handing out compliments for help with my page. Anyway, do this IF you have time....

4. The Struggling Actress ~ I don't think the struggling actress is going to be struggling too much longer. She is funny and she has hustle. There is so much good going on for Miss Lira right now and no one deserves it more. I am nominating her because I can't wait to see what she puts down. I have no doubt that it will be hilarious!

5. EyeRytStuf ~ This will be interesting. He doesn't blog, just writes stuff with a slightly skewed view. It's usually very entertaining, so I encourage you to drop in. And when it's not, well I often like it better. But that's just me.

6. Juliana ~ This lady has a huge following and I've decided it's because she has such a huge heart. She doesn't follow me, but she did take the time to stop by my blog and post a comment after I left a comment on her blog. Keep in mind that my comment was like the 103rd comment she'd gotten on that blog, and they were still coming in. I am trying to give you some perspective. She gets bombarded with comments and she still took the time to respond to MINE. Big heart. If she followed everyone who followed her, she'd never spend any time with her husband and baby. I'm just sayin'.... In fact, I'm not sure when she'd sleep. So, Juliana, if you've got time, you've now got more material!

7. Linda ~ This is a lady that I discovered from another blog that I follow. I now look forward to each installment. She has a unique writing style that has me rolling on the floor. I read them to my mom whenever a new one comes out so that we can both enjoy them. I gauge it on our own "funny meter" just by the title before reading. I am looking forward to emerging from my personal blue period and pulling my own funny material back out of the box. Until then, you can enjoy Linda's stuff because she's great.


  1. Wonderful job. I love Number 1 and believe that it is true. Number 2 made me laugh out loud. I've been there and he and I are still friends 40 years later! Robin, thanks for providing the seven links. I'm looking forward to getting to know them all.

  2. Thanks, Robin! That is so nice of you! I love your creative lies! They sound like the kind of creative lies I'll have to come up with for myself! I'm glad we "met" (kind of) on Chris' blog! And I'll have to check on that following thing, because your blog shows up on my updates everyday. I'll have to make sure it's set to publicly follow.

  3. I think #1 is true--it's just written too vividly not to be true!
    Congrats on the Award, Robin!

  4. WOW thanks for all the great things you wrote about me! I'm tickled pink.

    No. 1 is written too vividly to be true...Plus you seem the type who wouldn't pay attention and go right up to Cher and strike up a nice conversation. You don't seem at all the gunhappy 3 or the 4 type...puke on your boyfriend? Hmmmm too crazy to be true. As for the shoes? If this were the case I think this shoe fetish would have come out in your blog.I think 5 is the most likely...But who knows? Come on tell us...don't leave us in suspense.

    PS I'll do mine as soon as I get round to it...It is 2.30am here and I just got out of bed cause I'm in pain (heartburn, stomach pains). According to the internet search I just did it's probably indigestion.

  5. Thank you so much honey!!!!! We have so much in common! I am NOW following you!!!!!

  6. Thanks for this! I'll get to it when things slow down a bit. I was camping over the weekend and now I'm catching up!


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