Sunday, March 7, 2010


I just learned how to do something with links and there are two people who I owe big-time thanks. One is Becky over at Farmgirl Paints because without her I still would have the icky blog that blogspot sets up. She got me started on how to make things pretty and answered a lot of other techy questions later. Our styles are completely different and I LOVE THAT about her. She has tons of people following her and still took time to help me out. That says to me that she has a HUGE HEART. If you have time to drop in on her you won't be disappointed. I promise.

The other person is Tracy, or Phoenix as she has renamed herself. She is an onion. Tracy is a young woman with many layers. Just when I think I kind of have her figured out, she surprises me ~ in a good way. I stumbled across Tracy completely by accident. That's how I found Becky, now that you mention it. I LOVE the way that Tracy writes. I like to think that Tracy writes like me. Or that I write like Tracy. Except she's less crazy. She's very funny. And I like to think that I'm funny. In my head I'm very funny. But this is about Tracy. She wrote this great blog about Ash Wednesday that is worth digging through her archives to read. Anyway, she also helped me navigate the waters of the techy stuff. More importantly, when she isn't being torn apart at the seams by life, and actually has time to read other people's blogs (and write one of her own), she is the BEST COMMENTER. And I say that without disparaging any of my existing commenters, because I have since picked up some really EXCELLENT commenters while Tracy has been on a leave of absence. Suddenly I am feeling very blessed.

Very soon I am going to have to update my BlogRoll. And thanks to these ladies I know how to do that!


  1. So how do you do the links thing?

  2. Hi again! Just wanted to let you in on a little contest I just posted to my blog :)


You can now add YouTube videos in your comments by copy/pasting the link. AND/OR you can insert an image by surrounding the code with this: [im]code[/im]. In the case of images, make sure that your code is short and simple ending with something like .jpg. If you want to use a pic from someplace like Google Images, click on the image, then click on View Image. That is the code you want!

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