Friday, March 5, 2010


Today I created my own fanpage on facebook. Right now, I am my only fan. I plan on sending out invitations to all of my existing facebook friends. Then I am going to ask them to put on their thinking caps and send out invitations (along with a little note explaining who I am so that their friends don't immediately press the Ignore button) to my fanpage. Right now would be the time to leave you the link via the cutesy techy method that all of you seem to know about. I am going to give it a whirly-go. I clicked on the link and pasted the link to my site and it just put it out there, never offering me the opportunity to type go here. And let you click on the cutesy here instead of the plain old link. So, here is the link.!/pages/YOUR-DAILY-DOSE/342053306233?ref=mf I am still a techy retard.

On the brighter side, my fanpage offers up one feature that a blogsite does not and I am looking forward to seeing whether it is a hit or miss. What is that you ask? Discussion boards. I am not sure if anyone can post a topic or if it has to be initiated by me, but I think the idea of a discussion is pretty c-o-o-l. Multiple discussions can be ongoing. I like the idea of conversation. Don't get me wrong. I love to blog and I LOVE comments. In fact, it is hard to keep writing without them. No feedback is really tough. The fanpage offers both. The daily blog with comments and the discussion board.

So.... I am going to continue blogging daily here and there. I am curious to see what happens. I am hoping that my ten followers plus a drop-in or two will decide to become a fan of my facebook fanpage. That sounds really cool to say. If you are worried about losing your anonymity, don't. Do I hear a cow mooing in the distance? I have tons of friends on facebook that I don't know (we are friends through game apps). I am hoping to gain friends on my fanpage through friends of friends. In other words, in a short period of time I am really hoping that my fanpage will be home to TONS of complete strangers.

I look forward to seeing you on facebook and knowing you... or not!

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