Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is not a typical post. That means it has no real topic matter. However, it does mean that I actually made it out of bed, and got caught up on a lot of blog reading. I didn't comment on all of them, but I made lots of progress. Woohoo.

I am very unhappy about the virus that killed my laptop. Apparently it was big and bad and nuked everything. I always seem to get socked with the Big Bad of Whatever Comes Around. Anywhoozle. Near as I can tell, the guy who repaired my computer said that he saved everything salvageable into my c-drive, including stuff off of my favorites. Well, that was a lot of material people. The emphasis is on WAS. There is nothing that was in my favorites in my c-drive, so that leads me to believe that it was all destroyed. On top of weeks of miserable migraine, that was disheartening. I had some very cool stuff ~ as in my youtube crack cocaine footage ~ in that favorites and it is all gone now. That did nothing to ease my migraine.

Also, all of my pictures are gone. Yeah, that would be the pictures that I found as I tooled around on http://www.weheartit.com/ and thought they were cool, so I saved them. It would also be all of my crush photos of Marshall Mathers. Misery actually found one of him smiling (sort of) that I really liked and it is now in the wind. Dust. Smoke. Ash. Gone. I am totally kicking myself in the ass for not saving it into photobucket or someplace more safe than my computer. Really kicking myself hard.

Clearly, this is not the picture. See how sad Marshall looks. He shares my unhappiness over the lost photo....

Well, then there is my book. I do believe that most of it is on my flash drive. And when that got full a CD. I think I saved The End onto the CD. I just can't bring myself to look, because if it isn't there I know that I won't be able to bring myself to go back and write it again. I will trash can the whole project. Yeah, it is over 100,000 words and I will just trash can it. Because The End is like 25,000 words that I wrote a long time ago and I didn't print onto a hard copy (like the rest of the book) and I just don't have it in me to rewrite it. So, if it is truly gone. It is done. All of it. Done.

Besides, I have bigger fish to fry. Once I get this stupid migraine under control. I have to get onto a hosting site, my email out, and get my website working. I don't have time to cry about my novel. Or my pictures. Or my favorites. Or everything else that just got wiped off my computer. None of it. No time for crying.

On the positive side, I managed to read enough of your blogs to have HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY ready to go. It is only Tuesday. I am very proud of that. I have no pictures to post with this post. Yet. But, I have Thursday wrapped up with a freaking bow. It is 8:30 and I haven't eaten dinner. That isn't so great. I should probably take care of that. Pictures first. Then dinner. And tomorrow I will check on the status of The End of my book. I know that is procrastinating. I can only take so much bad news at one time. Right now I am hopeful that I saved it. I want to cling to that for one more day.

One last thing: last time I was out of the house with my friend Anthony, we went to the bookstore and I bought Marshall Mathers' autobiography. Read it in one night. Learned a lot. I am sure I will read it again. Watched 8 Mile. I was kind of disappointed. Marshall was good in it. I just didn't really like the ending. It felt authentic and all. I guess I wanted something more concrete for Rabbit at the end. It was too open. I don't know. I also have thoughts about that sex scene in the factory, but I should probably keep them to myself. Aw hell. I don't keep anything to myself. I sure hope that he lasts longer than a minute in real life or that is damn disappointing. I know that it has done horrible things to my fantasy life. I guess that is why I really didn't like 8 Mile. It has totally screwed up my fantasy life. One minute sex just doesn't do it for me. Like I said, very disappointing. On the plus side, if that was his real butt, he has the cutest bubble butt. Seriously. He totally hides it wearing those athletic pants that are three sizes too large. When a man has a fine behind, he really should make use of it. My ex had NO rear at all. He was flat back to knees. It was sad. When you have a nice round tush, work it. Although, I repeat, that one minute scene in the factory is competing hard against the cute butt. I am not sure which image is winning. Actually, I am. The one minute thing is something I would love to erase from my mind.

I never was a big watcher of The Nanny, but I do remember this one line where she said, "Just give me a minute to get that thought out of my head. (dramatic pause) Nope. I'm just gonna have to live with it." I thought that was hilarious. And I have been known to use it if the occasion warrants it in real life. And that pretty well sums up me and the factory scene. Are you bored with this yet? Me either. But, I will stop.

Okay, I am really needing to eat something. So, I am about to go on a picture hunt. Then I will spell check. Then I will post. You will know that I am not dead, but I am somewhat deranged. In other words, everything is pretty much same old, same old.

all images found at www.weheartit.com


  1. Oh Robin, I am so sorry you lost so much precious data. I do hope you have the end of your book somewhere. It would be awful to lose all of that material.

  2. Robin: Were you not deranged, I would blog with someone else. In any event, I thought I would just drop in to say hi. It only took me a minute.

  3. Mitzi ~ Thank you for the encouraging words.

    JJ ~ Was it as good for you as it was for me?

  4. Robin- So good to know your sense of humor remains, if not all of your computer goodies. I'm going to have faith that something like your book ending is saved, safely awaiting being found.

  5. Rambling thoughts -- first of all, my old computer died suddenly and took so many pictures, recipes, songs, writings, you name it ... I am still in mourning, probably 2 years later. So I know the dread and the sick feeling. But on an encouraging note, if your materials are truly lost then there's a greater purpose: you are meant to create something else, your vision, your idea. The rest might have been a distraction from that, so the universe cut to the chase.

    Beyond that, I have to admit that "The Nanny" is a guilty pleasure -- I feel right at home with the Yiddishims, the noshing, the whole schtick. And I've been told that I'm like "the lady in red, while everybody else is wearing tan" ....

  6. dude, having HAD one minute sex I have to say the foreplay makes all the difference, but if you are going to have sex in public...a one minuter is good amount of time. For me it depends...am I in a hair pulling mood or a soft candle light mood and then we take it from there. I like bubble buts. I am a butt gal. but you know this. I really really really hope you find the end of your book. I don't want you to trash can it.

  7. Ouch! I have lost just one article and felt awful so I can only imagine what it is like to lose so much...I pray you find it!
    Glad you're back to your usual self... you've been SERIOUSLY missed! Seems like 'deranged' sits well with us...or maybe we're all a little deranged at the end of the day.
    Love you.
    Take care!

  8. Oh, I will hope for you that you find all of your book...keep smiling Robin.

  9. Dear dear Robin - Sorry I've been so out of touch - my husband was hospitalised post an accident. All well now, thank God. So very sorry to hear about your material. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about your book. Do take care and get well soon. I admire how positive you are. Hugs....

  10. Hi Robin, thanks for your comments on my post. You are right, my dad is trying to find meaning with myself and my son. But just like the message on your top pic,he is caring so much for all of us, that he forgets himself and I am wondering if by doing so, he has started to regret how he has spent the most part of his life!!! blessings

  11. Oh Robin! I'm so sorry about your lost book! I'm always terrified the same thing will happen to me, so I email drafts to myself whenever I get to a major point in the writing/editing process.

    Maybe the NEXT book you start is the one you were meant to write after all. :)

  12. oh my God, now I wish I had saved that smiling Eminem photo! I usually never save photos on C-drive. Gosh, I'm not even sure where I found that photo...You know what? In case anything like this happened again (your comp killed by the nasty virus), you could consider starting a tumblr instead of saving photos on hard-drive. In any case, whatever happens, you'd still have your photos and also they wouldn't take the space on the C-drive. Think about it. Tumblr is actually EASIER than blogger :)

  13. Robin: Your words always leave me enraptured.

  14. I hate that for you I so hope you find the end of your book since I want to read it someday..


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