Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving love.

I know that I have gotten behind in my blog reading and posting. It isn't because of the holidays. It is just because I am not feeling well. Period. I don't know if it is lucky or "whatever" but I don't have a single thing on my HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY list. Turns out Thursday is Thanksgiving. I doubt many of you will be doing much blogging or reading tomorrow anyway. So... I am giving myself a HERE'S TO YOU break. I might throw up some of my favorite Thanksgiving videos and let you enjoy those if I have the time, inclination, etc. I am eating dinner with family. If I have anything left in me after that, well... there may be videos. That just sounds pitiful, doesn't it?

Some days are just better than others. Some weeks are better than others. This migraine is really kicking my.... head. I wanted to go with a different word, but head is more appropriate. Anyway, I hope that all of you have really wonderful holidays with your loved ones. And I am sure that we will all get back to our regular routine (whatever that is) all in good time.

Candance did her regular Bullet Point Wednesday and threw in a video, because she felt like her post was "lame." My response to that in the comments was that the video was so cute that she should have not spent her energy on the post at all, and just posted the video. Now I am wishing I had taken my own advice. So, without typing anymore.... Happy Thanksgiving (just in case you don't hear from me tomorrow), and enjoy the video!!!


  1. Hey hon, feel better and happy Thanksgiving. Get some rest.

  2. Thank you. I really like that video. I have always liked Martina.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving my dear. I used to get migraines ALL. THE. TIME!

    Found out I was allergic to dairy.

    Eat lots of yumminess tomorrow!!!

  4. Robin: Have you thought about alternative medicine? Checkout this chick: Cathy Wong. She treats Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Acupuncture.

    Nothing is impossible to the willing mind.

  5. @JJ ~ She is exactly the kind of person I want on my list. All medical people who are in keeping with the mission statement: assisting people in their journey from illness to wellness. My pcp is a DO and does acupuncture. Unfortunately, my medical visits are already financially THROUGH THE ROOF financially that my father is so in hock that I am not sure he will ever get out. That does severe damage to me mentally. I can't put more on him. So, I wait for the SSDI.

  6. Robin: Contact her, and be honest. What is she going to say, "No"? Doctors don't do that kind of thing? If I told you some of the things I have done in my life for no compensation, you wouldn't believe it. Maybe she will even suggest someone. I think some crazy people might call it hope for wellness.


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