Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving has come and gone, so we are now officially in the Christmas season. Ironically, many people find it difficult to work up the happy at this time of year. I think that forced happiness is difficult. Or maybe just being around chronic happiness can make an ordinary life unbearable. In other words, what is bearable at all other times of the year, becomes unbearable when surrounded by so much glee. I know that sounds a little crazy. But, I specialize in the crazy, and that is my opinion. I know that too much happiness when my head feels like it is about to split right off my body is flat-out annoying. Annoying isn't the right word, but you get the idea. Throw in all of the other aches and pains, the fact that my friends don't or won't make the time to fit me into their schedules, and I get downright Grinchy at Christmas. That is part of the allure of blogging. You people still visit. You don't have to drive across town to do it. And you leave nice comments.

The inspirational video for the day reminds me a little bit of PAY IT FORWARD. I love that concept. I think that the whole world would be nicer if we always paid it forward in large and small ways at every opportunity. Sometimes I think that people get hung up because they think that it has to be huge in order for it to "count." Not true. Small things matter. And what is small to you might be huge to someone else. You never know where someone else is living. That is the thing about kindness. We can never be too kind to another person. We don't know their circumstances or the pains from which they are suffering. Your kind word might be the only kind word they hear that day, that week, that month. Do not discount your kindness. And that is why I love this video. I hope that you love it, too. Maybe it will make Your Favorites.

I have always liked the number eight because it comes full circle. I suppose I could like the number zero for the same reason, but not so much. Eight has balance and comes full circle. I like it. I like things with symmetry. Things that come full circle. Stories that have an end that bring you full circle, but that you didn't see coming. It was one of the reasons I liked Seinfeld so much. They did that a lot with four crazy characters on seemingly different journeys that all intersected and impacted at the end. Bang. When I write something with a Bang ending, it means it came full circle somehow. It had symmetry, balance, and it finished with a flourish. I like that. If there is some heartburn in there, well then I knocked it out of the park. Doesn't happen often. Anyway, I like my TV, movies, songs, and people like that, too. Give me an onion. Not a real one. Don't really like those, but the metaphorical ones. Love those.

Well, this is Saturday and we are pressing the button and checking out what was playing on MTV back in the 80s. Turns out lots of good stuff was playing on MTV back in the 80s. LOL. I watch the videos now and think, "The 80s had fantastic music. But the clothes and the hair were just freakin' terrible." And that is the truth. I would love to burn all of the pictures of myself from junior high through high school, except my play pictures. Keep those. The rest can meet a fiery death. I think I had a "me" moment and digressed. Let's get back on topic.

We are going to feature Journey today. I really loved Journey. I think of Journey and think of the skating rink. Actually, I think of a lot of 80s music and think of the skating rink. Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner (which was a little harder), were are all awesome bands that when I start thinking about one of them, I think about all of them. But, we are sticking with Journey today. Steve Perry was the lead singer of Journey, and eventually left them and did a solo album. At least one. I don't know if he did more than one or not. And I am not looking it up. At least, not today. I can still remember the video for Oh Sherrie, though. Moving on...

Narrowing down the videos was fairly easy. I didn't want to go with concert footage, and I wanted to pick songs that I really liked. Yeah, have you noticed how much this blog really is all about me? I've learned you can't please other people, so I quit trying. I please me, so that I know one person will be happy. I figure that at least some of the rest of you will like my choices. So, here are the two Journey videos that I like (and remember best), and are non-concert vids (mostly). Every time I listen to Faithfully it makes me want to hold up a lit cigarette lighter. If I had one. Which I don't. But, I still have that feeling. It's a warm, gooey feeling. Geez, I love that song.

That was pretty darn awesome. I feel 20 years younger. Nope. That was a lie. I don't. I feel just as old now as I did twenty minutes ago. But, that was a lot of fun. And I am really glad that I am not in high school anymore. And there you have the silver lining. Happy Saturday peeps!


  1. You always put so much into your posts! They are great!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. Always reminds me of school dances and crying in the bathroom. Love that song faithfully. Have you seen thenew lead singer of journey? Or should I say 'heard'.
    He is incredibly good. NO joke. Sounds like steve perry's double. And it has a great story behind it.
    I think his last name is pinela...journey was on ellen, and you can youtube it.
    Great post.
    You should know you usually please at least 2 people.

  3. I love Faithfully. I love this cover done by Eric Himan... I could only find it in a medley, it's toward the end but I LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

  4. Robin- The more 'you', the better. Love the way you share your reality with all of us. Thanks for the vids. Good stuff, fun to remember. Good with the here & now myself, but also love the memories.

  5. God is speaking to me again today, though thankfully not by breaking my computer and denying me internet access! I had literally just finished reading a post about the death of someone's grandmother (, who had felt ignored and was suffering from depression. How much a quick phone call -- one more chore to the rest of us in our chaotic days, a lifesaver to someone else -- might have meant. Truly, you are right when you say that you can never be too kind ... and kindness is free. It's more about the thought than the material goods, after all ....

  6. Robin my dear, I hear you on the "forced happiness" bit. I have been thinking about this all day today actually...
    On another note altogether, I attended an all girl's boarding school for two years and they had something even more alluring...something that they honestly called mandatory fun. There would be announcements over the intercom every so often: "Girls, girls...would be please all meet in the gym for a half hour of mandatory fun." How great is that to totally turn people off who otherwise might love to participate and get to know people and have a little fun? :)

  7. Journey is what I lean back on when I need strength, conviction, and a song to belt the crap out of when I'm stuck on the 405 freeway.

    Love it.


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