Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Peeps. I am tempted to just not post today. However, I am here. I read your blogs. Commented on most. I might try this bullet point style. That is new and different for me. Crazy Texas Mommy does it all the time on Wednesdays and it works for her. Not sure it will work for me. I am me. She is her. I will still try it.

*I woke up at 6:22am with a bone crushing migraine.
*I wish I could say that this is an unusual occurrence.
*I can't.
*However, this one was bone crushing to the max. I was thinking about axes and how much I would like to sever my head from the rest of my body. Yeah, it was that kind of bone crushing.
*This is not my favorite way to wake up. I used to think that the alarm clock was cruel and unusual punishment. Now, I think that the alarm clock is a freaking bowl of cherries with whip cream on top.
*After I registered the thought about the axe, and that I didn't know where one was, or how I could possibly use it on myself, I went for the pain medication. There was also the problem of lifting my head from the pillow. With bone crushers, that is a feat in itself. Next problem: try to figure out in the dark which medicine bottle contains pain medication.
*Since I can't read in the freaking dark, I tapped my light once, for minimal light, and found the medication. I then closed my eyes and tapped it three more times to turn it off. Then, I opened the top drawer of my nightstand for my stash of granola bars. Pain meds are never good on an empty stomach.
*Usually, it takes about twenty minutes and I can feel the teeth start to let go. I will probably still have the tap of the migraine, but it won't be a jackhammer.
*20 Minutes Later and I was still thinking about that axe. And I was starting to do that throw up thing in my mouth. That is always fun. Don't you like to start your day like that?
*Well, that meant getting up and going for the phenergan. I am not going to live with that sh*t any longer than necessary. Took my pill and went back to bed waiting on that sweet relief.
*What the fuck is up with that? You heard that right. When you live with a bone crushing migraine for six (count them six) hours before you can take more pain medication you are entitled to say fuck repeatedly.
*At noon, I realized I was out of Rx medication. What THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT? I took my over the counter pain meds, went into the kitchen and cried on my mother's shoulder, because I was on the cusp of a serious breakdown. I didn't literally cry because that would only give me a sinus headache on top of my migraine.
*She called the pharmacy. They said I had no refills left. What THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?
*I told mom that I dropped off the Rx the previous month and if they will check their computer they are just sitting there waiting to be accessed. CVS is so fucked up right now. I miss Walgreens, but there is not one anywhere close to where we live.
*She called them back. Sure enough. It was right there in their system if ANYONE HAD BOTHERED TO CHECK. What a bunch of dumbasses. It was a good thing mom was handling this, because I was still thinking about the axe that we don't have. Well, we might have one, but I don't do the yardwork. Finding out where it is probably isn't a good idea.
*But we do have steak knives and I might have used one on that CVS idiot on the other end of the phone. Dumbass.
*At 6pm, I got another round of pain medication, and started to feel human. That doesn't mean good. Just human. I have stopped thinking about ways to use an axe to separate my head from my body. So, we are making progress.
*And Misery sent me some pics of Marshall Mathers via the email that made me smile. However, she can't remember where she found the one where he was really smiling. And she noted after looking at LOTS of pics that I am right about his never smiling for pictures. It is totally true. He never smiles for pictures.
*However, I think I might have the email still where she told me she found the initial picture. When I feel better I will look for it.
*I don't know the status of my novel. Can't take that pain today.
*Whenever I read your blogs (all of you), I am amazed at how smart you are. Seriously smart. It makes me wonder why you read my rambling thoughts. I probably shouldn't have said that.
*Now you will be questioning your judgment about why you read my rambling thoughts, too.
*That can't be good.
*Some people just don't know when to shut up.

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  1. I love the Wednesday Rambles. It totally clears my head - well not totally but it helps. And I so get you on the migraine deal but mine won't go away UNTIL I throw up. Once I hurl, it's a wonderful release. Except if I've just taken the med. Then it just pisses me off.

  2. How could we not follow you? You might feel like forty miles of bad road, but your words are as pretty as a pair of tin slippers.

    Ramble on, lady.

  3. Have only had a couple of handfuls of migraines in my life. Oddly enough, the first one was right after my mother's best friend, who suffered horrendously from them had just died. Very weird...(don't think about the axe please!) I end up unable to speak, nauseous and can't handle any light at all. I once asked an ER doctor to cut my head off when I was 17 and had meningitis, but I cannot imagine having that feeling on a regular basis. You function beautifully on this blog even though you suffer so.

  4. I am always amazed at what you can accomplish despite the phenomenal forces against you! I, for one, love following your stream of consciousness. Imagine what a force you'll be when you feel well again!!!

  5. love this post. We read cause you are smart and interesting and think about things. It's a rarity.

  6. Oh Robin, I am so sorry about your migraine and wish you didn't have to suffer through them ever again. :( Take good care of yourself today, you are so good, you deserve to just rest and feel good.

    I agree with the others above, we read here because you are smart and funny and interesting and honest. Lots of times I check in here and leave feeling better. That's WHY!!:)

  7. I love you in any form you come even bullet points. I do not like this story with the migraines though... Surely surely surely something can be done!

    Are you sure you've tried everything? Homeopathy, meditation...everything?

    Have you pinpointed the source of these migraines?

    Take care of yourself sweet Robin. Of course we read you. Not just what you write but who you are.

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  9. I just discovered your blog; it looks so fun. That Barbie slogan is priceless.

  10. Am I glad you didn't look to hard for that ax! We'd miss all your brilliance. Just kidding of course. So sorry to hear about what you go through. It's amazing how positive you are and how much light you bring to so many of us, despite your pain! Hugs...

  11. I love that Barbie slogan and had to steal the picture might have to use it someday if thats OK!!! PUT DOWN THE AX!!! I hate you suffer from migrains they do suck and you can say fuck all you want I know they hurt that doctor just put me on high blood pressure meds "whats up with that?" but you know its working and I stay away from my triggers and I have not had one in a week..thats progress for me!!!..feel better and PUT DOWN THAT I love your rants and love reading them so rant away!!!


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