Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The dreams that I have in the morning just before I wake up are always the most vivid. Of course, any dream that I have just before I wake up will be vivid, particularly if it causes me to wake up.

I suppose it was about two years ago that I had THIS dream. I was with my father and we were in Athens, Ohio. I would say that we were walking, but we weren't. We were upright, about two feet above the ground, and moving very fast. Say 55-60mph. We were traveling along familiar roads where my father's family lived. I kinda sorta knew where we were. And we were talking to each other, but we were not using our mouths. Yeah, we were communicating via thoughts.

Me: Where are we going?

Him: To Nanny's house. (Nanny was his mother.)

We rounded a curve in the road and there it was, except it looked very different. There was no front porch. No built-on garage. My cousin's trailer was not there. There were no fields for gardening. It was just a little white house, but I recognized it. My dad didn't stop.

Me: (turning) You're passing it.

Him: That isn't the house that I'm talking about.

We continued on. Next thing I knew we were in an old house that I didn't recall seeing before. It was unfurnished with wood flooring. I turned around and there was Nanny. (Nanny is dead.) She is young. She is in her 30s, but I know it is her. She is dressed up and wearing bright red lipstick. Nanny loved red lipstick. Nanny also had a thing for fashion and accessories and all that stuff.

Nanny: I wanted you to see my house.

Me: Okay.

Nanny: Can I show you around?

Me: Sure.

We walked around the downstairs and looked at the empty living area and kitchen. We arrived at the stairs that take us upstairs.

Nanny: The stairs go upstairs to the bedrooms. I don't like the stairs.

Me: Oh. Do you want me to see the bedrooms?

Nanny: Yes. Let's go. I just don't like the stairs.

Me: Okay.

Nanny: Be careful on the stairs.

The rooms here were small and unfurnished. There wasn't much to see, but we looked around. Then we went back downstairs. Dad stayed downstairs and was waiting on us.

Nanny: I have something important to tell you. Something that no one knows. I had another child. A son and I want you to meet him.

I was stunned. I turned around and there he was. He had sandy hair. Nice white teeth. Nice smile. A hint of freckles. A nice looking young man. He was also around the age of 30. I knew that he was dead, though Nanny didn't say so.

The Man: I never understood why my mother didn't love me until I got here. Now it makes sense. She tried to love me, but she just couldn't quite do it. It wasn't that I had a terrible life. It just didn't make sense.

It was right about that time that I woke up and sat straight up in bed gasping for air. Whooosh. I told my mother about this dream start to finish and asked, "Is there something that you know that I don't know?" She didn't know anything. So, that meant I was calling my father, because this dream had me Freaked Out. I expected my dad to be a little bit more open to the possibility of my dream being at least possible, but he shot it down as sheer fantasy, and a wild imagination on my part.

Later that afternoon, I had an email from dad. I don't remember precisely how he worded it, but it read something like this: "I don't know if this means anything, but after we spoke, I noticed that sometime during the night your picture fell off the wall."


  1. I know someone, who for YEARS kept the fact that they had had another child secret from everyone...their husband and their would have NEVER suspected it.
    You nanny might have had a child out of wedlock. I wouldn't say that to your dad...but if you want to you could look into it.

  2. They say that dreams are messages sent by our subconsious minds to ourselves, but this is pretty freaky...makes you wonder how much there is that we don't know...

  3. I am a believer. There is something here for you.

    Robin, you have me hooked. Great writing. Great storytelling.

  4. Ooh! That is an increible dream. I'm not a fan of really vivid dreams; they always leave me feeling really disturbed.

  5. Please come to my blog. I have goodies for you!

  6. It is things like this that keep us guessing.

    After my 4:30 phone call I had a dream. My extended family aunts and uncle were living in my ex-wifes fathers house with Tink and her boyfriend. The rest of my family were visiting. I was there there was a lot of undercurrents going on as I spoke to people from room to room. We were all waiting for Tink and the t-Rex to come home. They never did.

  7. That gave me goosebumps! I've had dreams like that except there of things in the future. They are so vivid and they end up coming true years down the road.

  8. wow, that's really detailed dream! Stephenie Meyer has nothing on you (and she wrote a whole book from one dream, so probably you'd write much better book even if only partially based on your dreams)!

  9. That is super crazy... and kind of creepy that your picture fell off the wall. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  10. Wow..what a dream! Makes you wonder. I have some vivid dreams too but most of the time I'm so tired that I don't dream!

    Great blog post!

  11. Great post - I love things that make me think about something in a different way.

    Stopping by from Friday Follow - and so glad I found you! Now following, and looking forward to getting to know you better.

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