Monday, May 31, 2010


I know that you guys all got behind on your blog reading over the holiday weekend. Now, you are playing catch up. Well.... this is my Memorial Day post. I wrote a rather important post called COMPASSION VERSUS EMPATHY that I hope you will take the time to go back and read. Second to that is SHIFTING YOUR REALITY. It kinda geared me up for the C Vs. E post. However, I know your time is limited, and you have 258 blog subscriptions to catch up on, so.... And then I wrote a follow-up NOW I'M IN FOR IT. Well, that one is short. You can read it or not. It depends on just how hooked you were by the COMPASSION VERSUS EMPATHY blog (the important one).

Now, I have gone and made it sound like Memorial Day isn't important. Not true. Very important day. In fact, so important that I don't feel equipped to do it justice. What I am going to do is post a video that makes me cry every time I watch it. Yep. Every time. I watched it again last night. I thought to myself, "Self, this might be the first time you make it through without needing a tissue." Nope. If you have time to watch it (considering you are playing blog catch up), let me know if you fare any better.

You can click here to watch it.


  1. Hi! Found you through one of the blog hops, and am now a groupie ... :)

  2. Happy late Memorial Day. I just wanted to let you know you won a little something on my blog today, so be sure to check it out if you get a chance. I hope you have a great day!!


  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement Robin! Hope you are doing well!


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