Sunday, May 30, 2010


I was going to just add this little bit to my previous blog, but decided to make it a stand-alone. So, if you didn't read COMPASSION VERSUS EMPATHY this makes no sense. Sorry, go back and read it first.

Well.... I more or less stopped posting on facebook for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that my ex has access to those posts, and I felt censored when I posted there. Of course, I felt censored because someone copied and pasted something I posted on my personal blog, and sent it to him in an email. It was the only thing I had written about him (indirectly) over a long period of time. And he only got a mention, because in order to tell my story I had to tell his. Anyway, it created LOTS OF DRAMA and made me seriously regret having created a fanpage on facebook (yeah, I did that), though I haven't posted on it now in quite a while. Anyone can read it, and it bugs me. The really bizarre thing is that I had no need to write about him until he told me that I couldn't. Yeah, he said that. And he threw around a lot of threats about not letting me see the kids and it really pissed me off and here we are.

Oh, I told him that I would write about him if I felt that I had to, and he would have to get over it. He didn't like that. And I still see the kids. I suppose I won that round, but it got ugly. He kept saying that it isn't who he is now, and he doesn't want people who didn't know him then, and who know him now, to know all of that stuff about him. He's changed. Yah. Whatever.

I read my last post (C Vs. E) for the umpteenth time and I can feel how important it is. Not just for me, but for everyone. It is bigger than me and it is bigger than his need not to be written about. So, I posted it on my facebook blog on my personal page. I did it with a queasy stomach, but I did it. And now I am going to go back and post the link to this song to it because it captures my feeling about THIS. If you are unclear about THIS at the end of the song, leave me a comment....

So, we are about to see if his spy is still keeping up with my page and reporting back to his "master." If so, I am sure that the fur will be flying soon. I mean the threats will be shooting like darts. Even though he is a changed man and not a verbally abusive person anymore..... We just disagree on what the definition of verbally abusive is, that's all. He's a lot like Clinton. He didn't inhale. If you don't inhale... well, that's not smoking. If you send the threat in an email, that isn't verbal. Get it? Got it? Good.


  1. I just wanted tosay that I can empathize on every level with your previous post.
    I would like to go one step beyond what you said and posit something.
    I think god allows us to go through things to grow us, to ready that we can be the kind of people we need to be when the time comes that the reason we were born materializes. So we can respond in exactly the right way. He is going to use that experience to move you forward.
    No doubt.
    Great couple of posts.

  2. We can only do what we feel is best in any given situation. To be perfectly honest, I was (very briefly) in a physically-abusive relationship and in a verbally-abusive one for much longer. Once someone deliberately harms someone else, I believe they have given up their right to anonymity of their 'crimes'.

  3. Ahhhh, the drama of life. Well at least you have a good sound track for it.

    Hope you're enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. Just poked my head in as a new follower from a few weeks back to say hi.


  4. You are absolutely right - that post was bigger than you, bigger than him and writing about this sort of stuff IS important. And, come on, of course he can't stop you from seeing kids, I mean, he's not above the law, right?


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