Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes various areas of my life bleed into other areas of my life. Or, in this case, one of my blogs bleeds into another. There is this voice in my head screaming, "You really shouldn't be typing this here. This is a blog that belongs in TV JUNCTION FUNCTION." That voice is kind of high pitched and whiny and is really annoying. So, I make waving motions at my ear with my right hand and hope it goes away. It doesn't, so I just keep typing and hope that the tapping of the keys is loud enough to drown it out.

I really would like to go on about LOST. If I did that, I might never come up for air. Or my fingers might fall off altogether. I will save it for the TV FUNCTION JUNCTION blog... maybe. I can't guarantee that pieces of it might not spring up over here occasionally.

Last night was the series finale of 24. I have been on pins and needles since the season started. From the get-go there has been talk that Jack might not make it out alive. Horror of horrors. Honestly, it wasn't looking good. My last couple of blogs on my TV blog have been devoted strictly to this subject.

Let me tell what I love most about 24. First, it is like watching a 24 hour movie. Seriously. I got hooked on this show when I started buying it on DVD. It was like the unending action suspense movie. My heart rate went up and I thought, "This is like a cardio workout without the working out part." The next thing I liked was that it was good every season. There wasn't a single season that I walked away and thought, "Well, that one the writers really tanked." I also liked that MOST of the time that our President was a person of moral integrity who wanted to do the right thing. I saw how hard that choice was to make at times. Running the country is just not a job I want.

As for Jack and his counter-intelligence skills... I liked the fact that at the beginning he was always just a little bit behind. Sometimes the results were bad. However, he never gave up, and he always caught up a little at a time every show. It was like watching a runner gain ground. And sometimes lose a bit of ground, too. However, he was relentless. At the end, in the final hours, there was the beauty of watching it all unravel for the bad guys, watching Jack pick up speed, get in front of them, and put the whole ugly mess "down." Catastrophe averted. Bad guys lose.

This season started off more or less the same, but it took a bad detour. Our President, who is a person of moral integrity, became blinded by the forest for the trees. She wanted something that was GOOD so badly that she turned a blind eye to a whole lot of UNSPEAKABLE BAD to get it. When you do that, you tarnish the good, and it isn't good anymore. A lot of people tried to tell her that ~ people that she trusted. But she couldn't see it. And then it got ugly. And that is when I got that sick feeling in my stomach that our government (aka our President) was going to be the one to kill My Jack. Because he is the good guy who can't just let it go, even if it means that he is now working against the President.

Let me tell you, folks, it all came down to the wire. I thought My Jack was a goner. Fortunately, the President had that moment of revelation at the eleventh hour and FINALLY saw the bigger truth. As I am sitting on the couch, holding my breath, clutching the armrest, because My Jack is about to be executed by the Secret Service, the President makes "the phone call" and it is over. She then talks to him and apologizes. She says something like, "I'd give anything to take back the time. If I had listened to you, none of us would be in this mess. Now, you have two governments trying to track you down, one of them being ours. I, of course, will have to answer for what I have done here today. There will be consequences." And then she tells him to run. No one can become a ghost faster than My Jack.

Naturally, I was crying like an idiot. Not sure why. They didn't kill him. The President came to her senses and moral integrity actually won the day. It was a win.

After I clicked off the TV I thought about what she said, "I'd give anything to take back the time." And then she said something about having to live with the consequences for her choices. I suppose that is something to which we can all relate.

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