Monday, May 24, 2010


Ah.... my blogging friends, I am still on vacation. It is a mixture of intense fun and intense migraine. Go figure. I had two days of intense fun followed by a day of intense migraine (that was yesterday). Today is a day of mild migraine. The first round of family is now in the air and headed back for Ohio. The next wave arrives tomorrow. Today is a day of mild migraine. And here I sit. The upside is that it is not at McDonalds. The internet has been restored at the resort. Woohoo. I have been checking your blogs (catch as catch can over the past few days and commenting as time has allowed). I do fear that there will not be a HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY this week. The pissabilities are just not looking good. If you are still not familiar with this word. It is my contribution to the English language. I wrote a blog on it and explain its meaning in detail. I will come back and link it for you. You can read that blog (or not) for a vivid understanding of a word that I hope one day is recorded in Merriam Webster's Dictionary. Ideally, it would have my name beside it as the creator of said word, but I find that dubious at best.

During my blog reading today, I happened upon Carol's blog over at Carol's Prints. Carol is a wonderful writer, one of those writers that I feel really lucky to have found in this blogsphere. She has taught me a lot about the process of writing if you want to be published. She is trying to get published to the YA market. The way I see it, if you are that good, if all I have learned is the process, that means I have merely scratched the tip of a very large iceberg. Therefore, I always enjoy reading Carol's blogs because they are enjoyable, and I know that I will learn something as a writer. It is a two for one deal with Carol. Well... all that said, it is now a three for one deal with Carol, because she is doing a book give-away. She isn't giving away just one book. Nosireee. She is giving away LOTS of books. Carol tends to take an idea and say, "How big can we make this thing? And then takes it up a notch."

So, I have in my sidebar right now a little bit of information on Carol's book giveaway. I also have a link that you can click that will take you directly to the post of Carol's book giveaway. When you read her rules you will see all of the ways that you can get points for her giveaway. Well, one of those ways is this: when you post information about Carol's giveaway on your blog, and then they check it out and enter THEY NEED TO TELL YOU WHICH ONE OF HER FRIENDS REFERRED THEM TO HER BLOG, BECAUSE DESPITE HER IMPRESSIVE SKILLS SHE ISN'T A MIND READER. SO PLEASE TELL HER THAT ROBIN FROM YOUR DAILY DOSE SENT YOU WHEN YOU ENTER. Thanks guys, you are so awesome. Now, let's win some books!

Last of all, would you believe that NO ONE thought to remember to bring a camera to record this auspicious event???? However, my dad packed silverware. I was hatched from crazy people.


  1. I hope tomorrow is a non-migraine day!

  2. I am still laughing over the fact that no one packed a camera but your dad brought silverware.

    Awesomely hilarious.

    And while I'm a bit bummed that you aren't feeling well on your vacation, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a mild one and that tomorrow you'll feel better.

  3. Oh, how awful to be struggling with a migraine on your holiday. Hope it goes away soon!

    (Love that your dad brought silverware. Too funny!) :)

  4. silverware is handy...just sayin'
    feel better.

  5. Fun AND migraines? Sounds difficult! Take care of yourself and try to enjoy your vacation, Robin!

  6. I always get a really bad headache when I start my vacation - I think it's something to do with being able to relax and do nothing! Feel better soon.

  7. Hope those migraines go away soon. Maybe you could get one of those disposable cameras...Most people prefer using disposable plates and bringing the REAL camera but you can always do it the other way round, I guess!

    Take care of yourself. You are being missed even though you are doing a darned good job of filling in.


  8. omg, I've checked this 'pissabillities' entry and whoa, that's my new favourite word (the previous one was - serendipity, but I can't be that optimistic all the time, right?). I hope the rest of your vacation will go without any migraine! have fun, of course :)))


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