Monday, February 15, 2010


Do you know how to make a long story short and still make it good?  I don't.  I try.  I tell myself that I am going to be concise and I still end up with a Dickens novel.  Seriously.  I promise to try.  Maybe I will just use key words and phrases instead of full sentences and abort punctuation altogether.   Wouldn't that make it more confusing rather than less?  I think I hear a clock ticking.

I moved to FL and in with my parents in 2006 because of bad migraines.  Really bad migraines.  Doctor said 2-3 years of no-stress/low stress along with meds and vitamins and I could be back in business.  I didn't believe her.  Kept doing and bringing stressful things into my life, wouldn't quit my job and didn't get better.  Hmmmmm.  Eventually it started to sink in.  So I traded one for the other.  And then back again.  I never could quite get the hang of it.  When my parents decided to move back to GA I was working a part-time no-stress/low stress job and doing okay with that.  It was four days on, three off.  The first three were good.  The last day I was dragging.  I never have been a morning person.  Never.  And that last day kicked my butt every week.  I got a call out of the blue from a sales company looking to hire an outside sales person in their GA territory, same business I was in before I moved.  I am thinking this is fate.  It is meant to be.  I am ready for a full-time sales job.  I am ready to reclaim my life.  I am ready to actually have money again.  Praise be to God.  The buy on the house fell through.  However, someone else bought the house a few months later.  When I got to GA the company had just hired someone else that morning.  But they were going to need more people soon.  All was not lost.

All of my belongings were still here in storage since I always planned on coming back to GA, so we pulled my mattress and box spring out and set me up.  A month and a half later and I was down.  Way down.  I was in migraine hell.  It was like I never left.  Any ground I gained in Florida was gone.  Any thoughts of full-time employment were gone.  Even part-time employment was out of the question.  Each day it was an effort just to get out of bed.  Never does the thought even occur to me that I am sleeping on dust and mold galore.  Fortunately someone in my house has their brain plugged in and suggests that maybe the bed is full of dust and mold (lightbulb).  I am highly allergic to dust and mold.  I guess that explains the previously unexplainable rash that has taken over my entire body, too.  I did see a doctor about that one and it went away until the medicine ran out.  Bye bye mattress and box spring.  New mattress, new box spring.  Mild improvement on migraines.  You heard me.  Mild improvement on migraines.  That mattress/box spring incident was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb to my immune system.

The thing you should be asking is this:  if you were so healthy how could you be compromised so easily?  That, ladies and gentlman, is the million dollar question.  I posted my resume on right after the job I thought I was going to get fell through.  I received a call four days ago requesting an interview.  I explained that I was ill and needed to remove my resume and apologized, but it got me to thinking.  Before I left Flordia, I sold myself on the idea that I could work a full-time sales job knowing full well what that meant (more than 40 hours a week) when I could barely work a 32 hour/wk no stress/low stress part time job.  Then I thought about the medications I was taking in FL at the time of the move... Rx anxiety meds, anti-depressants, pain killers, nausea meds, and I supplemented all of that regularly with over-the-counter Excedrin Tension Headache because it works better than Excedrin Migraine.  What was I thinking?  Not only did I sell I myself on this clearly delusional idea of a full-time sales job, but I sold both of my parents on it!  Is this how people become liars?  They just want something to be true so badly that they convince themselves that it is true and, therefore, it becomes true in their own mind?

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