Friday, February 12, 2010


When I was in junior high school, scholastic books sent home a flyer either monthly or quarterly for students to buy books and posters.  They don't do that anymore.  Now there is an annual book fair and books are brought to the school for a week.  I eagerly looked forward to that flyer and pored over it debating my purchases.  Tough decisions had to be made because anything I bought was with my allowance.  I vividly remember my first purchase.  It was a book on ESP.  I still have that book and recently found it while going through a box.  I made a mental note to reread it and set it aside.  I haven't done it yet, but the thing I remember most about that book is that it was filled with extraordinary accounts from ordinary people.  Basically, they were all average people who had one-time unusal experiences.  The one that stuck was this woman whose car had broken down, used a pay phone to call her husband, hung up, realized she forgot to tell him where she was, called back but got no answer because he'd already left, and fifteen minutes later he showed up right where she was.  She was astonished.  When he realized what had happened, so was he.  They went over and over that call and both realized she never did tell him where she was, but he knew.  It never happened before or again. 

I believe in psychics and mediums for three reasons.  1) Scientifically it makes sense.  I don't know how many times I have heard what a small percentage of our brains we actually use.  Is it really farfetched to think that there are some people out there who are using a greater percentage than the average population?  If so, it also makes sense that they would have access to perceptions that are mostly unavailabe to the rest of us.  2)  The fact that ordinary people have tapped into extraordinary senses, even briefly, says that it can be done.  How many people have known to the second when a loved one has died without being there?  How many people have actually seen the loved one at the time of their death?  It happens to normal, average, non-psychic people.  It proves capacity and capability.  3)  In the Bible, God sent prophets or psychics to help people because the world was hard and sometimes it was difficult to understand the whys and wherefores.  Of course, there was always the warning to beware of false prophets.  That is still true today.  Times are still hard and I think God is just as loving today as he was then, so He sends us gifted people to help make it easier but he cautions us to beware of false prophets.  So, if you are seeing a psychic and the first thing out of his/her mouth isn't a prayer of thanksgiving to the Almighty God, then you aren't in the right place.

As a nation we are fascinated with the supernatural.  The entire first season of GHOST WHISPERER I cried at the end of every episode.   All of that explaining to people that they're dead and helping them work out their issues and crossing them into the light takes an emotional toll.  MEDIUM is even tougher because it is based on the real life of Alison Dubois who works with the police department to solve murders.  It began with her dreaming about murders every night.  That is not awesome.  That is scary.  She wakes up just about every night in a cold sweat gasping because she just saw something that no one wants to ever see ~ ever.  It is an incredible show but I do not want that gift and I am really glad that God didn't give it to me.  If you missed JOAN OF ARCADIA, then you missed out.  It is available on DVD. Joan wasn't psychic.  She got to talk directly to God.... a direct pipeline.  Isn't that something we've all wished for at one time or another?  Get this... God doesn't answer questions.  God hands out assignments.  God is frustrating.  God tells you to do something and doesn't explain the whys.  The thing is if you do what God tells you to do the answer reveals itself in the end. 

I used to think it would be really cool to be psychic. How awesome would that be?   My junior year of college I went through a period, I honestly don't remember how long, of every night when I laid down at night to go to bed, I would grip the mattress with both hands, squeeze my eyes tightly closed and grit my teeth.  There was this taste in my mouth that I couldn't quite describe.  Blood, metal, rust.  I don't know.  It was very disturbing.  I became convinced I was going to die in a car accident.  It was every night.  It got to the point that I started telling my friends about it because it kept happening.  My cousin's daughter, Mindy, died that spring.  She was hit by a high school boy on his way to school while waiting for her school bus. She was seven.  There was a time that I wasn't sure that our family would ever recover.  You do, but things are never the same.

After Mindy died so did my disturbing nightly ritual.  I believed then and now that the two were interconnected, but I didn't have enough information to do anything.  If I was going to be a conduit then I wanted to get enough to be able to help or I wanted nothing at all.  And that is what I prayed and that is how it's been ever since.  I have had a couple of interesting dreams since then and maybe they'll make their way here someday.


  1. It's all I can do to digest what happens on the plane of existence that travels through my five senses. But the sixth sense bubbles up now and then. My mother was psychic and never ceased to amaze us. Very thought provoking post. I'm glad we've connected.

  2. I think souls continue....have you have heard of white noise voices..look it up it will freak you out.


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