Thursday, February 18, 2010


When I was in the fourth grade I remember soliciting my teacher, Mrs. Noone, to be the delivery person for all of our valentines.  Each student had a bag with their name on it hanging at the front of the classroom for a week before the holiday and Mrs. Noone had announced that she would select someone to be the "mailman" at recess on Valentine's Day.  I really wanted to be the mailman.  I started out with what I thought were subtle hints, which I am sure they were not.  I do remember the last one, though.  I came up to her desk, not mentioning Valentine's Day at all, and told her I was fairly certain that I was going to grow up and be a mailman when I got older.  I really wanted to deliver those valentines!  You have got to be wondering why. I didn't want to mix them up or read them or pocket someone's valentines (in other words there was nothing nefarious going on here) and I would be giving up recess for this task.  So why did I want to do it?  I really wanted to be the person who got to deliver the love and joy.  That's it.  I could see myself doing the job as soon as she announced it in class and I HAD to be picked and that was all there was to it.

I got my outside sales job working for Rotanium products by the skin of my teeth.  Don Baggett was on the verge of hiring someone else when he got my name via referral.  He wasn't even willing to drive from Atlanta to Augusta to meet me.  We met somewhere in the middle in a hotel lobby for our interview.  It all was going really well until he asked me what my dream job was and without thinking I said wistfully, "I would love to be paid to write."  He gets this funny look on his face and says, "You do know this is a sales job," which snaps me back into reality and I nod and we move on.  The thing is I was really good at sales and I did really well with the rest of the interview and I suppose he saw my potential because he didn't hire that other person and it all worked out well, at least until it didn't.  But that had nothing to do with the job and everything to do with my personal choices.  Moving on....

Here we are in the present and I am still living in migraine hell and trying to figure out how in the world am I going to survive this????  A friend of mine reminded me of something that I already knew.  It's always funny when it works like that.  She says  figure out what you want and then use the law of attraction to make it work for you.  None of this is easy but all of it does work.  It took me a while to reconnect with the writing.  Sometimes you tamp a dream down so far it can be hard to find.  Once you find it, then you have to commit to it daily, which is where we are now.  I have to write something every day no matter what.  Short. Long.  Good.  Bad.  That explains the what I want part of the equation and the doing part.  I am still working on the how to get paid part.  (Hint: I believe I am falling down at step 3 ~ this will make sense soon.)

Some of you are going to get this right away.  Others of you won't.  Either way, it is okay.  All I ask is this:  I am sharing with you a personal belief system.  Personal belief systems are important because they have become a part of who we are.  When you take a hammer to someone's personal belief system, you become a bully.  So before you lift your hammer to mine, please think about that.  Even people with good intentions can do terrible damage.  Enough said.  The law of attraction says that you get what you think about ~ good or bad ~ so that means that whatever comes into your life, you brought.  Every thought is two thoughts, so be careful of how you think/pray.  When you ask, make sure you do it positively, because praying to not have something in your life is still focusing on what you don't want instead of what you do.  For instance, there is a big difference between praying for good health and praying to not be sick.  One focuses on good health and the other on sickness.  They are worlds apart from each other even though it seems like the prayers are the same. 

I feel like I have an impossible task.  I am trying to explain in a few paragraphs what took Esther and Jerry Hicks an entire book to map out.  The book, by the way, is called ASK AND IT IS GIVEN and I bought it on CD because I do better listening to this kind of thing repeatedly.  So, if we get what we think about and I understand that every thought has the potential to be two thoughts and I want to be paid to write, why isn't the money flowing in?  I am praying about this, aren't I?  Well, yes.  Is God listening?  Yes.  Where's the glitch?  Okay, here's the deal.  It's a three step process. 1) We ask. 2) God says yes. You heard me.  He says yes.  He always says yes.  I am getting to the why....3) We get when we are in vibrational alignment for that which we ask.  You are probably having trouble with vibrational alignment.  Let me try and put this another way.  Jesus asked people to have faith.  Let's use that word instead because you have a reference point for it and understand it.  You pray for something and have absolute faith it will come to you.  No doubts.  Seriously.  No doubts.  If you can do that, then it will come.  It has to come because you are in vibrational alignment to receive it.

You're probably wondering why I told you my fourth grade Valentines Day story.  I wanted to show you the law of attraction in action.  I had to have been really annoying to Mrs. Noone, but I saw myself as the mailman.  I had absolute faith that I would be the mailman.  I was the mailman.   You can buy ASK AND IT IS GIVEN by Esther and Jerry Hicks on CD or in book form at  If you get the CD make sure to get Parts 1 and 2.  It will change your life.

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