Sunday, February 28, 2010


When we lived in Florida, my mom and I spent many an evening, and lots of weekends on our screened, back porch playing a colored dot domino game. We always played the variation known as Mexican Train (or something like that). You'd think that living in Florida it would be too hot in the summer to sit out on the porch, but with a little fan it was very pleasant. I think it was because we lived just close enough to the beach to get a breeze.

The backyard was large and surrounded by chain link fence. The dogs ran the perimeter until they'd beaten the grass firmly into submission. Our neighbors on the right, Greg and Stephanie, babysat a steady stream of grandchildren. Their backyard was frenetic with kid activity at all times of day. They had a small four wheeler for the younger kids to ride around on, and ride they did. This was tantamount to a toreador waving a red flag at a bull. As soon as our dogs heard that engine crank, they leapt to their feet and ran for the door like someone jabbed them with a hot poker, barking all the way. On this particular occasion, mom and I were in the middle of our game of Mexican train, Tara was riding the four wheeler, the dogs were racing up and down the length of the fence barking their fool heads off, when mom and I stopped and listened because we noticed something peculiar going on here.

Tara was idling on her side of the fence, all of the dogs were braced for the run, and this small voice says, "Ready, set, go!" and off they all went. The race was on. Mom and I give each other this "Did you just hear what I just heard look?" and then we burst into laughter. At the other end of the yard, we got a repeat performance. And we kept on laughing. As I recall, we laughed until our sides hurt and we just couldn't laugh anymore. Ready. Set. Go.


  1. HA! Too cute. BTW we love playing Mexican train.

    Your blog is coming along Robin. Looks like you are getting the hang of all the techy stuff:)

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