Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Is In The Air ~ Just Say Yes

Have you checked the date? It's February 14. Valentine's Day. It is FINALLY here. ::raucous whistle blowing::

Some of you have elaborate plans that I hope you share, simply because I have NO plans and I fully intend to live vicariously through you. You don't mind, right?
This is the LAST Love Is In The Air posting. I know that MANY of you are thinking, "Thank God. This is the worst series she has run on this blog. I was over it two weeks ago. Make that the second worst series. By far, the worst series was that debacle on fictional crushes. The only good thing about that atrocity was that it didn't last as long." (You can read about it here and here and here and here and here  and here if you missed it.) Here's the thing: I have noticed that you haven't been around. No reading. No commenting. And... I've missed you, too. Seriously. That wasn't my usual snarky sarcasm in play. I have missed you!

Some of you have faithfully clicked on most of these posts and commented (Hello Alex, you are the bomb) even if you didn't watch my clips.   Some of you have been Hit and Miss (Robyn, Dianne, Susan, Steven, Stephen, Julie, and that list goes on). I am now almost certain that Brianne P. and I are the only ones who will miss these posts when they're gone. Three cheers for my new blogging buddy Brianne! Sometimes we really do find one another at the BEST times.

Wherever you fall into this spectrum, I want to take this moment and tell you that I SEE YOU. I miss you when you're not here and I love it when you are. You are important to me. You are important. Period. Valentine's Day is about Romantic love, true, but I think it is also about just letting people know that you see them, hear them, appreciate them. Thank you for making my world a little bit brighter with your comments and posts.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

I am tagging all of these Love Is In The Air (even though the hop is over) and the following is a list of all the posts with links, so that you can watch any of your favorites that you missed.

Back at the beginning of this thing I asked YOU to share what you think are the most romantic moments on the big and small screen. Thank you to everyone who has commented with your favorite romantic scenes. I have enjoyed watching them on YouTube. I no longer have time to post them in this series, but I *might* include them on the HERE'S TO YOU post;)

Speaking of comments, some of your comments crack me up! Once I ran all movies and several of you indicated you'd never seen those TV shows. Hahahaha. I realize I must be more clear about what I am posting, since I am doing both.

This scene is from a TV Show. Actually, it is from one of my favorite TV shows. I am always astounded by the extreme lack of footage available on YouTube from this show. Ally McBeal is the show in question. I have written about this show on several occasions and the post Take Me To The Car Wash is actually one of my most-read posts of all time. Ironically, I think that this post is a better one.  That indicates that a significant portion of the rest of the world misses this show, too. Anyway, that show really hit its stride when they brought on Robert Downey, Jr. to play Larry Paul (Ally's love interest). And when RDJ relapsed with drugs and went to jail (and left the show, of course) it was devastating. Obviously for RDJ, but also for the show. Ally, as a character, never recovered and the show didn't recover either. Fortunatley, RDJ did recover and has gone on to bloom with his career.  But, getting back to Ally McBeal and Larry Paul...

Roll the footage...

Doesn't Robert Downey, Jr. look so young???? He was such a cutie. That isn't to say he isn't a handsome man now. Okay. I am stopping. I have rambled enough.

Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) went on to play Kitty in the TV Show Brothers and Sisters. In that show, she fell for Senator Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe). I love this clip for two reasons.... one is that it is hilarious and the other is that it actually takes place on Valentine's Day!

Roll the footage...

I love the repartee between these two. Just makes me smile.

My last clip to close this day (and series) out was going to be from The Movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. However, YouTube didn't have anything that I felt was "big" enough to be a finisher... even though that is an excellent romantic comedy... and you should watch it if you haven't.  Instead, I am leaving you with footage from This Movie...

Roll the footage...

I'll take that as a Yes.


  1. Loved the first video - so sweet!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. H Robin .. I too watched the first video - enjoyed Sting singing .. but great storyline for St Valentine's Day ...

    Enjoy your day and let's have some chocolate .. cheers Hilary


    I had never seen any of these clips before. Seeing Robert Downey look so young is like looking back at pictures from when I was younger. It's so weird.

    I watched a couple of Ally McBeal episodes when it came out. I was in law school then, or had just started practicing? Whatever. I remember the guy who started the firm talking about how he was doing it to make money. That was an ideal I could get behind.

  4. I'm not such an Ally McBeal fan (though my husband is...he likes "Sex in the City" and "Desperate Housewives" too. Go figure.), but I loved "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and anything Sandra Bullock is in is gold as far as I'm concerned! Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Sherry and Hilary ~ See? Everyone loves Ally McBeal!

    Brianne P ~ Yeah, you're famous if you consider a shout out on a blog read by twenty people makes you famous... hahahahaha. You are remembering Richard Fish as the lawyer who was in it to make money. I can't remember the actor's name who played him right now, but he is freakin' hilarious.

    Lexa ~ Hahahaha. I think your husband should read my blog!!!! LOLOLOL. I am glad that I had something for you today.... Posting that clip from The Proposal made think, "I need to watch that one again."

  6. Yes he did look young!
    I'll miss them. I tried not to miss any, but some days I can't keep up.

  7. I love that song and I loved that scene. Yah, he looked and was young. I like how he looks today. Distinguished and still has that spark of wicked humor and sex appeal.

    The last one was a great scene, too. I loved how she whispered, "aren't you suppose to be on your knees? I'll take that as a yes."

    I agree, it's important to let the people in your life know you value them. :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  8. Alex ~ No worries. I don't know how you do it quite honestly!

    Sia ~ Robert Downey, Jr. IMO is a walking miracle. He survived Hollywood. He survived drugs. He went through the worst and came out the other side. I suspect his views on fame and all the things that glitter in CA are very different than so many out there. And that is part of his appeal.

    The Proposal is a cute movie beginning to end. And the cast is great. Aside from the leads there is Mary Steenburgen, Betty White, and Craig T. Nelson.

    Yes :)

  9. Well if you were living vicariously through me, you had a pretty dull evening!

    I am still surprised that no clips from Schwarzenegger movies made it into your various many poignant scenes to choose from there...


  10. I'd like to be an actress just to dance with Robert Downey, Jr.
    Oh wait, no I wouldn't, I'm happily married and with a great bunch of kiddos...but he is a def a handsome sort!! :)

  11. You are a video genius! I may not make it here all the time, but I'm always glad when I do!

  12. Life has a way of taking us on detours sometimes. We get busy and when we get the chance, if we get the chance, we attempt to fall back into our regular routine. I always enjoy visiting your blog, Robin. Happy President's Day to you :)

  13. Yes, despite my love for your and your blog, I hate romantic movies, sappy music, corny stories and all that. I'm also sorry for lacking perfect attendance, which has nothing to do with this form of hate and everything to do with not having enough hours in a day.

    Be well,

  14. I forgot that Robert Downey Jr. was on Ally McBeal. I've always thought he was adorable, and still do. I also thought The Proposal was a great movie, and it really regenerated Betty White's career. I always enjoy coming here. Sorry when I fall behind. If only Alex could let us all borrow a few of his clones!



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