Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Have you heard about Grunsday? (AKA my review of The Eighth Day)

I have been nervous about posting a review for Dianne K. Salerni's gem of a book The Eighth Day. In fact, I am still nervous given that I have yet to write a word.

Before I get down to the brass tacks of the review, I want you to know how this all happened. Dianne offered the opportunity on her blog for anyone who was interested to receive Arcs or Galleys (that copy printed by the publisher before the "real" book comes out) from her publisher, HarperCollins, for review. I immediately stuck up my hand and said, "Me. Send one to me."

That book looks like this:

I settled in to read *just a bit* of The Eighth Day and finished it in one sitting. It is one of those books I simply could not put down. The story begins with 12 year old Jax Aubrey attempting to settle into his new life with his guardian, Riley Pendare. The unfortunate truth is that Jax doesn't care much for Riley and would rather be living with his mother's cousin. The next day he turns 13, and life as he knew it will never be the same. He goes to bed Wednesday night and the next day everyone is gone. Jax is certain that the zombie apocalypse, or something equally bad, devastated the world while he slept. 24 hours later Thursday dawns and everything is back to normal.

One week later it happens again.

This time, he runs into his guardian, Riley Pendare, and finds out that he is a Transitioner who lives in an extra day of the week: Grunsday. There are also people like his neighbor, Evangeline, who only live on Grunsday.

All of the people who live on Grunsday are descendants of the legendary King Arthur, Merlin, and the knights of the round table. Powerful magic created Grunsday and powerful magic is at work now to free the people trapped in that Eighth Day. If they succeed, everyone who lives in the other seven days will be lost.

The Eighth Day is targeted to Middle Grade readers, but it easily crosses over for YA readers. This story is so engaging that I think people of all ages will enjoy it!

I give The Eighth Day 5 Stars and an "A" grade.


  1. Really interesting concept. I could use an extra day in the week.

  2. ROBIN ~
    Off-topic here but, thought you might like to know...

    Chris Fries be found.

    He turned up on my "Missing Persons" post and left a comment. You can check it out if ya want. He's OK, but apparently he'd been kidnapped, turned over to three diabolical scientists who turned him into a--- [SHHHhhhh!... It's a secret!]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I could use an extra day each week just to catch up on reading!

  4. I like the concept of an eighth day - clever, and it's a cool cover.
    Thanks for the review.
    I hope Dianne does well with this.

  5. I like books that incorporate a bit of history into the story. It sounds like a book worth recommending to the younger crowd. Thanks for the intro., Robin!

  6. Very cool, Robin. I'll have to pick up a copy!

  7. Kind of a reverse Groundhog Day. And an interesting conflict point.

  8. That looks like a good book. I really like the cover!

  9. Robin, thanks for the wonderful review! (Why were you nervous?) And thanks for posting it here today. It was a nerve-wracking day -- not "I gotta save the world from destruction" nerve-wracking. Just, you know, ordinary stuff hitting me like an avalanche. It was great to have something nice happen like your review!

  10. Alex ~ Yeah, I think most people could... of course if there were eight days in a week, would that extra day be a Work Day or another day off? And, tell me, can you have too many days off????

    StMc ~ Thanks!

    Myra ~ Excellent way to use an extra day!

    Robyn ~ I really think she will... it is a wonderful book!

    Rosie ~ Not only will your kids like it, but I bet you will too!

    Steven ~ It has just enough "paranormal aspects" to be up your alley.

    CW ~ I never thought of the Groundhog Day thing... but yeah.

    Sherry ~ I really liked it.... obviously.

    Dianne ~ Well, this is my first review and I wanted to get a good mix of my opinion along with some interesting plot points that tell enough, but not too much.

  11. A great review, Robin! Fantastic job breaking it down- just reading this makes me want to read it all over again! =)

  12. It's always nice when you can't put a book down. Sounds like you really enjoyed it, so I'm not sure why you were so nervous about writing the review. You nailed it, Robin :)

  13. Oh, I love the concept. And I love the cover. I'll have to read this one.

  14. Excellent review Robin! It sounds like a real page turner. Best of luck to Dianne!


  15. Leandra ~ Funny you say that because writing it made me want to read it again!

    M.J. ~ Thanks M.J. I think it was just because it was a "first."

    Lynda ~ :)

    Julie ~ It is. Once you reach a certain point, you have to finish it!

  16. The book sounds intriguing. I need an extra day this week, just kidding. Nice review of this book and thanks for the share. :)

  17. Ooh, this sounds like a great read!

  18. I read about this book somewhere else. It does sound exciting and I'm glad to see a MG book with a male protagonist. Boys need more good books at that age that aren't just sports books.

  19. GG ~ Since you are having issues with reviews and books, this is rather timely for you!

    Sandra ~ :D

    Susan ~ I have not done much MG reading, but I have read a lot of YA in the last couple of years. I really felt like this would appeal to that audience, too. Great writing. Great premise. And as you say, very nice to have a male protagonist!

  20. I am just reading this book so far it is one of the best books I have read


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