Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love Is In The Air ~ Crazy Stupid Love

Today I am choosing FUN romantic clips. Romance should be fun. Even funny. Bring on the fun, I say.

I am tagging all of these Love Is In The Air (even though the hop is over) and the following is a list of all the posts with links, so that you can watch any of your favorites that you missed.

Back at the beginning of this thing I asked YOU to share what you think are the most romantic moments on the big and small screen. Thank you to everyone who has commented with your favorite romantic scenes. I have enjoyed watching them on YouTube. I no longer have time to post them in this series, but I *might* include them on the HERE'S TO YOU post;)

Speaking of comments, some of your comments crack me up! Once I ran all movies and several of you indicated you'd never seen those TV shows. Hahahaha. I realize I must be more clear about what I am posting, since I am doing both.


The O.C. Did you watch it? No? Well, no matter. This scene is still fun. All you need to know is that the girl, Summer, is wildly popular and the guy, Seth, is NOT. However, I love love love him. He is geeky cute and gets the best dialogue of anyone on this TV Show. Who doesn't love it when the prom queen falls for the science geek? Or any geek really?

Cue the fun OC Footage....

"Acknowledge me now or lose me forever." Did your inner geek just stand up and burst into applause? Yeah, mine too.

This next clip is from The Movie Crazy Stupid Love. This is another scene that makes me laugh. When we step outside of our comfort zone and do Crazy Things sometimes the best things happen. Of course, sometimes you end up in jail next to a hooker who wants to educate you in the ways of people pleasing. But, that is another story movie. If you haven't seen this movie and you want something to make you smile... rent it, buy it, watch it online. Crazy Stupid Love. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day really.

Cue Crazy Stupid Love..

I am still chuckling. How about you?


  1. I don't watch movies very often at all, almost never, and I don't watch television so I can't join in very much but I do appreciate your posts. I did watch "Iron Lady" with Meryl Streep - that was the last one and it had been probably a year since I watched a movie before that. I also watched "Lincoln" so I maybe I am more of a movie buff than I thought! I spend my free time quilting and listening to the radio. Take care.

  2. Those are both silly! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I used to talk trash about the OC but loved watching it. It was fun to see that seen. He looks too cute for Summer to have had any reservations about going for him, though.

    Cheers, Robin.
    Be well.

  4. You gave me a good laugh to offset being angry about shoveling more snow.

  5. I see you've got Ghost listed. The best all time love story. By the way, love those stilettos :)

  6. Myra ~ Nothing wrong with that!

    Sherry ~ Who wants serious all the time???

    Robyn ~ The OC was another one of those shows that was really good until it wasn't. Seth and Summer were the only consistently good thing:)

    Susan ~ And that's why I'm here;)

    Sandra ~ Loved Ghost!

  7. It won't let me see the clip for Crazy, Stupid, Love, but I think that's Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, yes? If so, my daughter rented that one. It was cute.

    The clip in the first one is sweet. I've seen the daughter likes that too. ;)

    1. Yes, that is one of the clips featuring Ryan and Emma. Yes, I like that first one, too:)


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