Monday, February 3, 2014

Love Is In The Air ~ I Could Get Used To This

Before I post more Love Is In The Air aka Romantic Clips to set you up for Valentine's Day, I want to take a moment and point you toward any posts that you missed (due to all of this back-to-back posting).

First, HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY did happen on Thursday. If you missed it, click the link.

Second, Battle of the Bands also posted. I won't post the results from the voting until February 6, so there is still time for you to listen and vote.

Third, The Insecure Writer's Support Group will happen this Wednesday. If you are not participating, but want to join, please follow the link and sign up on the Linky List. The group is extremely supportive - for published and non-published writers.

I am tagging all of these Love Is In The Air (even though the hop is over) and the following is a list of all the posts with links, so that you can watch any of your favorites that you missed.

Back at the beginning of this thing I asked YOU to share what you think are the most romantic moments on the big and small screen. I posted four of them over the weekend. I will still post them if you share in the comments!

Speaking of comments, some of your comments crack me up! Over the weekend I ran all movies and several of you indicated you'd never seen those TV shows. Hahahaha. I realize I must be more clear about what I am posting, since I am doing both.


Yesterday, I posted clips from J.J. Abrams first TV show, Felicity.  Today, we are going to move on to OTHER J.J. Abrams TV shows.

The action-adventure series Alias (2001-2006) was next up to bat for J.J. Abrams. For anyone who didn't watch that show, Jennifer Garner played the lead role of Sydney Bristow. Interestingly enough, she had a (very) recurring role on Felicity (as in 3 episodes). However, other Supporting Actors on Felicity also moved to Alias. Greg Grunberg was on 68 episodes of Alias (as Eric Weiss) and 68 episodes of Felicity (as Sean Blumberg). Grunberg would also go on to the J.J. Abrams show, Lost, but just for three episodes. Kevin Weisman appeared on Felicity for 2 episodes, but was a major character on Alias, as Marshall Flinkman, for 105 episodes. Amanda Foreman played Felicity's roommate, Meghan Rotundi, for 68 episodes on Felicity, but only showed up on 5 episodes of Alias.

What am I saying, by way of a long and circuitous route?  J.J. Abrams loves to reuse talent. 

To set up the action for this next clip it is important to know that Sydney and Michael are CIA operatives and they have been caught in a foreign country that does not look favorably upon Americans. This one is romantic for what's not said as much as is.

Roll the Alias footage:

Another show that J.J. Abrams worked on was Fringe (2008-2013). This show dealt with unexplainable phenomena... fringe science. This sort of subject matter lends itself to bizarre and kooky characters... so much fun... and Walter (John Noble) embraces it with enthusiasm. He is only a minor player in this romantic clip featuring Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson).

Roll the Fringe footage:

No kissing in that one. However, I love when they lie there just looking at each other and Olivia says, "I could get used to this." The romance is about the Happy. We could all use more Happy in our lives.


  1. Happy is good! I used to watch Fringe but it got weird in the second season. Everyone says its back on track now though.
    Thanks for mentioning the IWSG!

  2. I loved Alias, although Sydney was so hot and cold to Vaughn and her father that it got tiring...

    I share Alex's view on Fringe-I loved the first two seasons but it lost me during season three. Never saw season four.

    More examples of Abrams loyalty to his actor from Alias made his way onto Heroes, and of course Zach Quinto of Heroesmade his way onto Star Trek as Spock. Rachel Nichols (also from Alias) had a small role in the ST film as well.

    Not that you asked....


  3. I never saw more than 10 minutes of those shows. I liked the happy Fringe one, though. Great clip.

    I'm trying to finagle Sweetie into buying me JJ Abrams' new book for Valentine's Day. We're each creating a wish list and the other person then gets to pick things off of it to buy as a present (up to a certain dollar limit.) So I'm toying with making that the only thing on the list. Cheating is allowable when it comes to presents, right?

    (I first wrote that sentence as "Cheating is allowable when it comes to marriage, right?" but realized that meant something ENTIRELY different.)

  4. Not familiar with these shows, Robin. But then again, I haven't really been INVOLVED in television watching for YEARS. I just don't have that much spare time. I'd rather spend my extra time hanging out in the blogosphere with my blogging buddies.

  5. Hi Robin .. I don't know these shows - but happy romantic interesting tv shows or films are always able to transport me to a fun place for a while.

    Lots of info here in this post ... cheers Hilary

  6. Alex ~ I thought Fringe was good all way through. The last season totally departed from the original premise of the show - and I think it ultimately led to cancellation - but I know what JJ Abrams was going for with it.

    LC ~ No, you didn't ask, but that is FINE. In fact, I have more of them, but I didn't want to bore most people with who has worked on this and this and this project. I find it fascinating, but I don't think most do. For instance, Elizabeth Mitchell was on Lost and is now on Revolution. Amy Acker was on Alias and is now on Person of Interest. Sarah Shahi was on Alias and is now on Person Of Interest. It's actually fun. I can't wait to see who appears in the next Star Trek movie!

    Briane P ~ hahahaha. Yeah, that would have across NOT the way you meant it. If you really want that book, *I* think it is perfectly fine to make it it the only thing on the list, BUT there will be no surprise. And that is always a sad thing when it comes to presents... IMO.

    Michael ~ I get it. Time is a finite thing. We only have so much....

    Hilary ~ Yes... romance tends to evoke a feeling of happiness. Watching happy people makes you Happy.


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