Thursday, November 28, 2013

30 Things I Am Thankful For...

We get one day a year to focus on all of the blessings in our lives.  That also involves a HUGE meal with friends and/or family and lots of leftovers.  How many ways are there to make turkey?  Turkey sandwiches, soup, turkey salad, and I am sure some of you have some extremely creative concoctions.

I try to be grateful every day.  Every morning I open my eyes and say, "Thank you God for this day.  I have no idea what will come, but I am thankful for it."  I am alive.  I made it to see another tomorrow.

I like to (occasionally) make lists of all the things for which I am grateful.  Some of them are big things and some are very small.  Isn't the joy in the details?

1. Laughing.
2. My dog when she lies on her back and does "happy dog" after each meal.
3. The changing of the leaves.
4. Cooler temperatures.
5. We finally got some veggies from our garden.  Not remotely enough to live on, but it is still exciting to walk out and see a pepper or tomato holding on for dear life.
6. Learning something new.
7. Making new friends.
8. This blogging community.
9. Reconnecting with old friends.
10. Reading something so touching that it makes me cry.
11. All of the people who have hurt me.  Thank you.  You made me grow into a stronger person.
12. A bad date I recently had.  You have provided me with an opportunity to show that I value myself enough to not jump into something I know will not be good for me.  This is a chance to break bad habits.
13. My mother. She puts up with all of my moods.  Those would be the good and the bad.
14. My health is improving. It isn't happening in leaps and bounds.  It's more like baby steps.  But, it is wonderful.
15. My writing.
16. Leftover Halloween candy.
17. Music. "If there were no music, I could not get through.  I don't know why I know these things, but I do." ~ Alison Krauss
18. The ability to tell a good joke.
19. C-Man said at Homecoming that the most influential person in his life was ME.  Even though it felt like I lost everything by staying married to my ex, that is not so.  I changed a life.  I made a life better. Can we ask for more than that?
20. I look in the mirror and see Me again. I wasn't sure that would ever be true again.
21. In a couple of weeks my brother and sister-in-law will be here for a visit.
22. I am so thankful that I worked out my issues with my sister-in-law a few years ago.  It has taken time, but we are finally the good friends I always hoped we would be.
23. My computer is working.
24. Turns out there wasn't a gekko massacre in my AC unit.  It started acting up again and the motor and some other module needed replacing.
25. The AC unit broke down just before our policy with American Home Shield was set to expire (in two days).  Excellent timing.
26. It's sweater weather.
27. I like my new hair cut.  A lot.
28. I am not allergic to turkey.
29. C-Man and H-Girl are coming to stay for a week after Christmas.
30. YOU.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I love your list, but unlike you, I'm not a fan of cold weather.

  2. Hey Robin,

    I am grateful that you are grateful and I'm grateful for this post. YOU see YOU and that's a shared experience within the diverse magic that is the blogging community.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

    In kindness and gratitude,

    Gary :)

  3. I just love this. Happy Thanksgiving Robin!

  4. I love your list, Robin. Mostly the health improving. Baby steps is how it is done anyway. That is how I did it and keep doing it. Happy thanksgiving!

  5. There's lots to be grateful for when we take the time to sit and ponder. Thank you

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I'm grateful every day for everything I have, from the good to the bad.

  7. That is one hefty thankful list. I can relate to #11.... thankful for those who hurt you because it made you stronger. Just as I am thankful for the poor life I lived as a child of the depression. It has made me a survivor. You are a dear person and I am thankful for you being you.

  8. Something broke before the warranty expired???? Hold me up, I feel faint. :) You've got a great list here. I wake up thankful every day too. :) I love that song.

  9. Susan ~ I live in Florida. Cold is relative.

    Gary ~ Look at the gratitude spreading...

    Liza ~ :)

    Al ~ Yep. It is all about those baby steps.

    Helen ~ It's good to ponder those good things...

    Yvonne ~ I know the feeling!

    Manzanita ~ It takes a while to get to #11. When we can become thankful for the hard and difficult things... I think it means we are gaining spiritual ground. Woohoo.

    mail4rosey ~ I know! It's shocking!!!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Allergic to turkey - that would be horrible, wouldn't it?
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Your list is heartwarming.
    I'm also an Alison Kraus fan.
    Keep appreciating your blessings, Robin. I appreciate you.

  12. Alex ~ I am allergic to so many favorite foods, so turkey would be terrible!!!

    Robyn ~ I appreciate you, too!

    Misha ~ Thank you:D

  13. A much belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, Robin...

    Thirty things? I may be hard pressed, but maybe I could come close!!



  14. I can go along with most of those. It's a good list. Hope your Thanksgiving went wonderfully.

    Tossing It Out

  15. And another belated happy thanksgiving! Xx

  16. What a fabulous list! Yes, everything from the big to the small, just as it should be. I particularly like #s 19 and 20 - you did, indeed, influence a life and it was recognized and appreciated! And you are recovering from the sacrifices you made to do that. A good mom, giving her very life for her child ... :)

  17. Nice list. There's an awful lot of good in here.


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