Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh How I Miss You

November 8, 2013 - hosted by Andrew Leon, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and Matthew MacNish

The bloggers we really miss…and the ones we would really miss! 

Do you have a couple blogger buddies who aren’t posting as often? Those who’ve pulled back and seem absent from the blogging world? Do you have blogger buddies you are grateful they are still around and would miss if they vanished? Now is your chance to show your appreciation and spotlight them!

On November 8, list one to three bloggers you really miss and one to three bloggers you would miss if they stopped blogging. Then go leave a comment on those blogs.

Our blogger friends are special – time to let them know! 

Do you see the rules?  1-3 friends you would miss or already miss.  I have been composing this blog piece in my head for weeks.  I was certain that the rules read differently until a few moments ago.  I thought it was 1-3 friends you already miss and 1-3 friends (who have already taken to blogging less) and you would miss if they quit altogether.  Imagine my surprise when I reread the *suggestions* and it was just 1-3 friends.  Period.


Friends who haven't blogged in a LONG time and that I already miss....(please, come back!):

Phoenix over at Res ipsa loquitor... This was among the first blogs I started reading back in 2010 when I started blogging.  I thought of Tracy aka Phoenix as the younger, smarter version of myself.  She was the person I wanted to be if I could start over and do it all again.  Has she made mistakes?  Heck yeah.  But, she is so fiery and passionate and insistent about learning from them and doing better NOW.  She makes me want to be the best version of myself.  So, please start blogging again... my best self needs you!

Christine over at A Deliberate Life... I never thought I would follow a weight loss blog.  Of course, it is and isn't a weight loss blog.  It's a Life Blog.  It's about living deliberately.  It's about all of the things that keep us from living deliberately.  I called my blog "therapy" and discovered that I wasn't the only one.  Christine likens getting your internal house in order to cleaning out a chicken coop.  It's messy and STINKY and it only gets worse when you start scratching away at the old crap to clean it up.  That is when things really start smelling.  But, if you never clean it up then you have to live in a chicken coop full of crap.

Friends Who Are Blogging Less (and I fear might quit altogether):

Liza over at Middle Passages... Liza was another lovely person I found back in 2010.  Our journeys are very different, but I always find something applicable to my life in her writing.  And she gives insightful comment.  So many people that I blogged with regularly back in 2010 have given it up.  Liza, I know that you are not writing as much as before, but please don't leave because I would miss you so!

Al Diaz over at Father Dragon Writes... I only discovered Al during April's A to Z Challenge.  As someone who suffers with chronic pain, I understand Al's journey better than most.  And he is such an inspiration.  When you find the right treatment to make you better, just DO IT.  Commit.  And Life will reach out big, generous arms and embrace you.  Life has come calling for Al since he has gotten better and he is heeding the call.  Should you scale back on the blogging?  Absolutely.  But your message is so relevant for *everyone* and inspires all who know you to live their best life.  So, please don't go forever.

Mark Means over at Left and Write... Mark is another blog that I discovered during the A to Z Challenge.  Mark knows about so many things that I don't.  For instance, he blogged on the relatively unknown comic book heroes during A to Z.  As someone who is constantly looking for new information to stimulate the learning center of my brain, I must take this moment to say that if you were to quit blogging.... think of all the things I would never know!!!!  So, you can slow down, but you must not quit.  Ever.

and one more just because he sprang this in his last post...

The Ninja Captain aka AKA Alex J. Cavanaugh... Alex, you announced in a recent post that you might have to cut back on blogging to return to the land of writing.  Another novel is playing in your head.  I totally support your heeding the call.  I also recognize that you won't be able to do all that you once did... i.e. you can't be The News, you won't be giving amazing comment on every post, and the entire blogging world will feel different for you and everyone that reads you.  And I am okay with that.  Just make sure that you come back to us when you have told your story.  I already miss you and you haven't even gone.  ::sigh::

Many of you participated in my most recent Battle of The Bands post.  I planned to announce the winner on my HERE'S TO YOU post.  BUT, due to computer problems I didn't have a HERE'S TO YOU post.  ((Drat my computer and all of the bad ripples that are stemming as a result!))   One parenthesis just wasn't enough... in case you were wondering.  Moving along... And the winner is Marvin Gaye.  Take that Berry Gordy (the owner of Motown) who took a pass on Marvin Gaye's version of I Heard It Through The Grapevine and recorded Gladys Knight and the Pips instead.  The only reason we heard Marvin's version is because he didn't care what Gordy said and put it on his album ANYWAY.  And then DJs got hold of it, fans loved it, and now it is the best selling record in Motown's history.  So... let that be a lesson to all of us.  Just because someone takes a Pass on your talent, it doesn't mean they were RIGHT.  Gordy missed that one by a country mile.  Be like Marvin Gaye: bet on yourself and record it anyway.  Write it anyway.  Paint it anyway.  Audition for it anyway.  Play it anyway.  Someone is going to love your *song.*

Final vote tally:
Marvin Gaye - 15 (including my vote)
Gladys Knight - 3

The fans called it.  Berry Gordy is still wrong.


  1. Thank you, Robin! I won't vanish and will return full force soon. And I'll still try to be the news...
    I've missed Mark as well.
    And Al's posts are so meaningful. I hope he realizes what a blessing he is to everyone.

  2. An absolutely winning collection of peeps you'd miss. It's time for me to get to know these people. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You follow some very high-quality blogs. I've seen others mention Al. Hopefully, he'll get the message and stay with us.

    Have a great weekend, Robin.

  4. I understand why people cut back and their blogging. Writing comes first. I do miss them, though, when they stay gone.

  5. Robin, you're a precious jewel in my treasure of friends. I won't be completely gone. We'll still be seeing each other. Not as often but you'll still see dragon fire and dwarves messing up the cave. I promise. Dragon Hugs!!!

  6. Not one but surprised by the Marvin Gaye win. It appears Barry Gordy was wrong on many counts. Some good advice about following your dreams and heart.

  7. You know, I've been to Phoenix's blog WAY back when she first started blogging. It's funny, because I was known as the Phoenix too when I started blogging in 2005. Weird!

  8. Robin, words can't express just how special your post made me feel and, to this day, I'm still surprised anytime someone even comments on my lil ole blog, much less says how much they'd miss me if I stopped.

    From the bottom of my heart, I can only say....Thank you! I may be slowing down, but I have no plans on stopping, just yet. :)

    I also agree on Al, there'd be a huge hole in the blogosphere if he were to stop. The same can be said for -you-, too, so keep on keepin' on (as they used to say) ,and thanks again!

  9. Alex ~ I know you won't disappear completely, but even ninjas can't be all things to all people all the time... and still write a novel!

    David ~ Maybe you'll make some new friends...

    Robyn ~ I think he got it!

    L.G. ~ Cutting back is one thing, but it often leads to quitting altogether. It always feel like a loss to me.

    Al ~ I love dragon hugs!

    farawayeyes ~ Yeah, we all get it wrong sometimes...

    Jay ~ Hahahaha. This blog world is a small place, no????

    Mark ~ I know that feeling Mark. The connectivity here is a strange and wondrous thing.

  10. Yes... Phoenix at 'Res Ipsa...'

    I always liked what she had to say about things...

    Bloggers are interesting... that is for sure...

    But, you are here... and that is cool!!


  11. aka west blog was great and she quit posting

    Mommy to 8 had a great blog, but disappeared one day never to return.

    And an older gentleman who had prostate surgery and then disappeared. His blog comments are off now, and I hope that's not a bad thing.

    I wish them all well. And your friends too. :)

  12. You had it right the first time:
    1-3 friends who are gone and
    1-3 friends you'd hate to have go.
    And good choices there.

  13. Robin, I thank you and am honored to be included here! I'm am still trying to blog regularly, but as you know, life has taken a turn that makes more than once a week pretty hard. I'm here still though, and so grateful for your kind thoughts. I am writing, every day. Just not as often on Middle Passages. Thanks for sticking with me.

  14. Oh how I've missed your comments, Gary :) Oops, humble apologies. I know there are various reasons that folks cut back or stop blogging. One of the main concerns and I know this because I get emails from folks who stopped, is that the pressure they put themselves under gets too much. Or the ones who are using an alter ego can do it no more. You might be amazed at the emails I get.

    Those that you fear might stop, will know that it's all about balance. Not easy, but we have to find what's best for us.

    Take care and here's to all who are or were involved within the blogging community.


  15. I really miss Tracy. I assume with her new marriage and career pressures she has temporarily altered her priorities, but I love to follow success stories. She is one! Hurry back, Tracy.

  16. Shoes ~ Yeah, I am still here and it was looking rather "iffy" there for a while (when I was feeling sooooo rotten.)

    mail4rosey ~ We all have blog friends we miss!

    Andrew ~ So I am NOT a rebel and a rule breaker???? Drats.

    Liza ~ Yes, I know. I just don't want you to ever flat-out quit. You would be missed.

    Gary ~ I am sure I would be amazed at those emails!!! Yes, it is all about balance. And I think it's the reason the ones I listed stopped.

    JJ ~ I am still hoping that she will be back!

  17. I'm only sorry I missed out on this. Boy are there people I miss reading, people I absolutely loved seeing their blog pop up with a new post for the day...
    Christine- what a gold mine. She literally changed my life and made me realize that losing weight was totally possible and that changing my life was really what it was all about. I credit her with a whole lot. I hope she is doing well.
    I'm so glad that after your time of not blogging much you made it back. Not many do that.

  18. I am trying so darn hard not to quit. Blogging saved me. I have an incredible loyalty. Knowing what I write matters touches me on a profound level. Thank you my dear.

  19. This absolutely made me cry, as did the very kind comments from your friends about my blog as well.

    You seriously made my week. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I can't express enough how much it means to me that you (and others) enjoyed my blog enough to miss it. Hugs, hugs, hugs. <3


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