Monday, November 4, 2013

A Taste of Steampunk

It is time for another post related to All Things Writing.  My blogger buddy, Jay Noel, has experienced many ups and downs in his journey to getting published.  However, at long last, that moment of gratification has arrived.  I encourage you to visit him at his site for even more insight on the characters in his book Dragonfly Warrior.  Isn't this cover amazing????

Dragonfly Warrior Blurb:
The Mechanica Wars: Savage Machines Are Afoot...
At the age of twenty, Kanze Zenjiro's bloody footprints mark the bodies of those who stood in his way to protect the throne of Nihon. Now, the tyrannical Iberian Empire is bent on destroying his kingdom, and they send their steam-powered giants and iron spiders against him.
Zen embarks on a quest that takes him on the most dangerous journey of his life. To succeed, Zen must live up to his nickname, the Dragonfly Warrior, and kill all his enemies with only a sword and a pair of six-guns. He is called upon to somehow survive a test of faith and loyalty in a world so cruel and merciless, it borders on madness.

Book Information: Dragonfly Warrior is a steampunk adventure like no other. It's a dynamic mix of Asian and European mythology, the Wild West, martial arts, traditional fantasy, and high powered steam action that will keep you turning the pages.
Dragonfly Warrior is the first book of The Mechanica Wars, and will debut on January 6, 2014.

Author Bio:
After doing some freelance writing and editing for more than a dozen years, Jay decided to stop procrastinating and pursue his dream of being a novelist. He's been blogging for over eight years, and even had a comedy podcast syndicated all over the internet. All of that was fun, but all the steampunk-inspired stories in his head just wouldn't leave him alone. Jay spends his days working in medical sales, but he can be found toiling over his laptop late at night when all is quiet.
He draws inspiration from all over: H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, and Isaac Asimov.
And Jay loves cookies.

Jay Noel's website:


  1. Jay is coming to my blog tomorrow. Steam punk is something I like and want to spend more time reading.

  2. Congratulations to your friend Noel and I wish him much success with his book.

  3. I love the authors who inspire Jay. I am only familiar with Douglas Adams from Hitchhiker's Guide, but the others are some of my favorites, especially Isaac Asimov. The book must be fantastic. I'll check it out!

  4. Don't know what else I can say that I haven't said on other blogs. Cover cool. Best wishes Jay.

  5. fantastic cover! and i love the name, dragonfly warrior!!!

  6. Big congrats to your friend. Getting published is no small thing!


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